Hey resistance family,

I was practicing being in the now when this message came to me.

We all have a song in our hearts a personal song that displays from deep within us. It holds a frequency. Our sound is exclusive to us, who are pure at hart. Positive energies can lock in, and hone in on us through an exclusive vibration. As individuals we give off this vibration as our own sound. Just as whales find there mates, families, and children. It is kind of like sonar for others that love us not of this dimension.    


The sounds we make from a place of empathy purity and, wellness, or wholeness can be used to guide our lost brethren or souls to a better a place into the positive universal energy. The place that is within us that also guides us in our unique, wholeness, balance and positive vibrations and it has a source. That source can hear this particular sound or frequency.

Your inner vibration can manifest itself as some kind of sound, noise, or, a tune that you have been tapping, humming, or singing but it is made by you. Even if it’s a signal syllable that you grunt as long as you push out from the depths of you most inner self. It belongs to you exclusively and is your personal vibration like a fingerprint.


It cannot be high jacked by deviant forces like the other energy that’s been stolen because this vibration cannot be tainted.  

As long as, AND especially when we are purposely focusing our vibrational frequency for positive intent that’s outside personal gain and it’s not a duplicated noise, but a sound from a source  deep inside of you. (It resembles original thought)


So in regards to something we can all do to help, on August, 4th it’s not necessary to get together or meet. e don’t even  have discuss it. A matter a fact it is probably better if you don’t. The intent is more pure if left alone. On August 4th in your own tone, in your own way when you have time send out your vibration through sound. Focus on who you in the here now and then our brethren. It’s possible that we can guide them home, like  we are  beckons. If we Share in the solace and channel our empathy using your frequency we have an opportunity to lead our people home outside the matrix’s energy and the stronghold.

Use it like a beacon not to be pulled to ourselves but to the safeness of, we can call it pure thought it if we need to label it. There is a safe space that rests outside this planetary system. So if we find it (our individual sound) whether it be a melody, syllable, beat or even humming, we can make it a bit easier for the travel of energy on that day. For those victims and would be hostages.


I do not know the details of these things. I do know that outside of the content  of the this message is I have been using my own inner sound, voice and playing around with the different vibrations that they seem to make in order to communicate. I use it to convey the emotion I and thoughts I cannot articulate. I also use this sound to feel a connection with what I define as a creator, or creators, and /or outer planetary friends.

It was in doing that I realized that my own sound or noise and not someone else’s, song could also help in soothing and healing me. Through the little research that I have done I see that certain cultures use music and dance as forms of meditation, healing and spiritual connection also even though I kind of stumbled on it. So keeping these things in mind, I’m willing to trust that the message was authentic and not a figment of my imagination. I will be focusing my vibration towards people who may be harmed on August 4th in an attempt to lead them to a place they can truly call home.


Family I just felt the importance of this. I do not truly know the depth of its significance or relevance however; Have a feeling if this could work, or does work, it would only work here with us. I hope you join me from wherever you are.

In the know, HBV


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We've got a lot of very switched on, high energy people here. Can we do something like this anytime they try to take a day/date as negative, we push out our own counterbalance and positivity?

Regardless of this next comment/theory I think the idea above is a sound one - By simply doing that much, the negativity they need to maintain velocity with the human race, would fall behind, and they wouldn't be able to catch up? 

Wonderful !!!!!

Thank you for sharing. I love all the pictures you put with what you wrote too.

Impeccable expression of love and respect.

Afterall, if we live in this way, we are connected and available if needed.

The focus must be on our using our own energy fields harmonically connected to source.

This is first !!!!
I totally agree.  If we qualify the future in fear, we are not connected to source, we are giving our power away, leaking energy. So, I agree, worrying about the outside agenda of others is not necessary as in organizing, unless there is something happening. Then we can join together to help by going withing and asking the Source to help.

Of ourselves, we can do nothing.

I love what you've said. Living is creative and interactive. Our fields ripple out into the cosmic sea of life. When we go withing to the source of harmonic cycles of living energy it harmonizes us and we reflect that Divine energy we have aligned and tuned to. To love ourselves as we truly are and others as they truly are ignites a fire of loving empowerment to all. As we Live our joyful expression of our Divine Self, individuized we also connect and ignite the fire of knowing all the potentiality available to us and every sentient being. We become the caretakes and gardener shining light and water, enriching the soil environment all around us. We are connected to everything. As more align with the Divine field of knowing, the garden expands.

Listen, feel, focus, become aware of all and it will lead you to help those in need. That will lead you to whatever is your next moment.

Of ourselves we can do everything! :), if only through the ripple effect, you and the person who posted this are doing it right now! - WBV, very positive post to start the morning (miracle on) thank you :)

Well, of course you are right. Here with you and the other beings who are

free to be our Selves are our absolute selves, our whole selves,

connected to the whole and living fully our Divine Potential.

We can do anything and everything.

Thanks for clarifyling that for me.



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