I am all that is and everything is a part of myself.

I will start by sharing my own experience on both planes phyzical and astral.

My feminine phyzical energy (my girlfriend) is being constantly attacked on the phyzical plane,and as new on the astral plane also.On the phyzical plane the attacks are manifested more as being taken by force without her will.As you all know only a foul is going to fix something on the phyzical plane so i have gone into the astral plane fully prepared,or so i touth.So i went in fearless,and found myself with my girlfriend in a very big luxurious room,after i have feelt her presence i ve looked at the door,and to my surprise two biped persons or entities a male and a female have comed in.Their faces looked non humanoid,more as reptilian,that s why my first reaction was to get infront of my girlfriend.As soon as i ve done that they freezed us like in slow motion.The next thing i ve seen was my girlfriend thru the window glass,as she somehow being pushed over the edge of the building.My reaction was to run down and see if she s ok,to just notice that i was into a green field,something like the country side.And then i understood that they have modified the dream plane.As i runned, i ve found my girlfriend downstairs in a bed minor injured but allright. Does anyone know how to astral protect someone you love ? Wholeness

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What's up my friend,

Sorry for the long ass response, but its some relevant info so read the whole thing.

I wouldn't comment on something like this unless I had gone through something quite similar in my own life.  Years ago when I was first starting to awaken on planes of existence other than the regular "consensus" physical matter reality that we are born into, I started noticing that so many people around me had problems bleeding over from their spiritual and mental planes into their waking material life.  The person I wanted to help the most, and who seemed to me to need more help than anyone else around me was my girlfriend (who is now my wife).  

When it comes to matters of "healing" or "helping" people from the spiritual plane you need to look at it from a couple of different perspectives in order to be effective and to avoid fooling yourself and wasting much time and effort.  The first perspective I would take would be the "3rd" person or "outside the situation" perspective.  What "role" does the person you are trying to help fall into playing over and over again?  Are they always playing the "victim" or  they always being taken advantage of?  Are they always "in the wrong place at the wrong time"?  There are many archetypal roles that we all play from time to time in order to learn different lessons that we literally "signed up for."  When it comes to helping some one spiritually, if you come in with some brute force and straight up "expel all demons" this might if it is a one time deal.  But what you'll come to realize (like I did after much frustration and expending of energy) is that the problem will pop right back up where you stomped it out.  And if that specific problem goes away another similar situation will arise shortly thereafter that needs the same type of attention again and again.  You could keep playing spiritual police or spiritual "whack-a-mole" for years but you'd just be fooling yourself.  

When you are in the situation were the person you are trying to help keeps getting "fixed" then winds up right back where they started you are actually not helping them, but interfering in a lesson that they signed up to learn.  This is where you need to switch gears and figure out what you can do to help them solve the problem for them self.  This doesn't mean telling them exactly what they need to do to fix it, even if it is just so obvious to everyone but them.  That would be like cheating on a test.  They would pass that one test, but they didn't "earn" it.  Therefore they would have to "repeat the course." 

In stead you should focus on what little "nudges" you could give them that will increase the probability that they will be able to fix the problem themselves.  If they're always the victim, try and provide an environment that will allow them to become more confident and less fearful.  Remember that the major weakness in the non-physical is fear.  Now I don't know you or your girl's situation and I don't want to play like I know exactly what you all are going through because I don't.  All I know is a general framework that works for just about any situation.  The more advanced you become in your skills as a "conscious being" that spans many dimensions, the less likely you are to want to use these skills overtly and with a display of force.  You realize that you literally cant "save" anybody because everybody is in the process of working out whatever "b*******" they signed up for that they know that they need to work on in order to become a more whole and aware being from the soul level.  You want to give them tools and guidance, but you can't solve their problems.  This literally goes for every type of healing from cancer all the way to spiritual bullies.  If the problem grows right back when you look away, it's "their" problem to grow and fix on their own.  Help them help themselves.  The hardest is when they're just not ready and you have to watch them in agony until they are ready to "take the wheel" and sort out their own s***.  Very hard to do when you love the person and can't bear to watch.

I would speak more on my own life experiences and how I overcame certain expectations and beliefs that I had worked out, but that wouldn't have any real help other than a story to relate to.  I also realized that the more you try and tell people about your non-physical experiences, the more other people try and have "your" experience instead of their own.  Everyone collects, notices, and then interprets the "non-physical" data in their own way that might not always translate into the same analogies into the psyches of different people.  Remember, we are working on subjective realms.  The entities that you and your girl encounter in your realm are projected by the system that is trying to teach lessons that "you all" signed up for. Like a computer it will literally scan your mind for what you associate with a scary monster, and then project that for you to face up against.  And even if you didn't sign up for this specific ordeal, you signed up for a process that had the probability of throwing you into situations like this because you are ready for it at the soul "being" level.  

The more you wake up, the harder it gets until you take on the perspective of "how can I grow from going through this."  You're on the right path. The more you wake up, the more you will realize how much help everyone around us actually needs all the damn time, but you can't save everyone.  Get yourself into the best state to where you can calmly and wisely help them without direct intervention.  Definitely in the right place to ask questions like this.  Don't get discouraged.  If your girl is getting mugged and beat up in real life and in the astral plane, think long and hard about what kind of skill set she needs to deal with these things when you're not around and help her to slowly develop these sills.  It's a long and hard journey sometimes but it's worth it because of what everyone learns about patience and intent.

I might have ran on a little long there and gotten off track but feel free to shoot back any more questions or thoughts you have and I'll see what other light I can shed for you.

I am grateful for your assistance TJ and to everyone that want to share their perspective about how we can assist the ones we care about.I have explained to her that these attacks are her own inner fears projected into physicality,and the only way is to heal then and let them go.It seems that some of us still wait for the right time,no matter how strongly we try to ignite their inner spark. Wholness to all self

Normally I would say that sometimes one needs to give the right answer for a specific context even if it's not the most correct and accurate answer in a bigger picture and therefore to everyone... but TJ's text is full of gems and spot on. There are indeed people who know how to give multi-dimensional knowledge. Now it's a case of the other person to take what he/she is ready to see... Well done.



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