Hello I have been meditating almost everynight for four months trying to project multiple diffrent ways with no success exept once and the once i did it i never left my body i was just moving my  Other arms :/ was just wondering if anybody may have a good tip for me. Thankyou wholeness to all:)

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You are not alone, keep at it, and let go of any negativity from past attempts. My meditations are really coming along well, life is flowing smoothly, I can spiral with the third eye calmly.


Astral Travel though (from a waking state), still is proving a barrier, as my physical body still gets up before the astral, though the connection is more pronounced.

Two books that were recommended on the site:


Astral - http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/mastering-astral-projection

Third Eye - http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/awakening-the-third-eye-...


I have gone back to the third eye work first, to better sensitize myself to the movement of energy, they both cover similar but important ground so it might help you link everything up. Removing a block in the left ear is one of my next steps, it is either a block or an overactive energy center :), maybe you have a couple on your body showing signs of hindering you?


NB I don't consider any time lost, as there is no time, just the cycle of the sun and our physical bodies.


Wholeness and balanced vibes to you well I definitely think I can help you out. I've been recently having back to back Obe's/lucid dreams so far its been 3days in a row I've already had about 10 to 15 lucid experiences this year and a couple successful shared dreams.. you can hit me up on skype jamm5555 if u need a one on one, so far I've been able to successfully teach a couple of people how to lucid dream and they have had amazing results!..but here's a quick lucid dream technique try to go to sleep anytime between 11 and 12 sleep for about 5 to 6hours FIRST!(for whatever reason this absolutely works)..next try to stay up for at least 45min to an Hour.. Now while you're up only think about having a lucid dream and try reading material on lucid dreams if u have any books. Here's a good link that I like to refer to every now and again it really explain a lot..

Ok next choose a position to lay down., Ive been able to have O.B.E's on my Back and on both sides but never on my stomach, but for me when i lay on my back my body goes into automatic meditation mode and i can literally lay there for hours in Deep Meditations, so i like to lay on my side to do my obe's, but either way will work..Next do a couple Deep Breaths From the Diaphram aka the Stomach area Inhaling through the nose then out through the Mouth but dont over do it u dont want to be there all day just doing deep breaths lol. Next Focus on the Spot where your third eye is and basically just wait! everything will start happening on its on..First you'll see the Hypnogogic Images but just them pass without getting to caught up in them or you'll be put to sleep..Remember to say over and over that you're going to exit your body or that your going to have a lucid dream. It's all about you're intention, now after the images fade away you're pretty much there you'll start to feel your body going into Sleep paralysis and then if you're really tuned in you'll hear this Beeeeeeeeeeping noise thats long and steady and then next some strange sounds..Keep your heart rate normal because it really sounds weird if youre not used to it and you might throw yourself off by thinking something is wrong ..next the room should light up and you should be able to see your bedroom even though your eyes are closed.Now once this Happens all you gotta do is say to Yourself GET UP!..AND WITH OUT ANY THOUGHT BAM! YOUR ASTRAL BODY WILL SIT UP!. now all you gotta do is STAND UP, REMAIN CALM AND DONT GET OVER EXCITED OR ELSE EVERYTHING WILL GO BLACK!..but if that happens just remember to look at your palms up and then palms down keep doing that until your vision is clear..Now all u gotta do is Explore and Have FUN! hope this Helps...WBV 

Thanks KV I'll try that. I've had some lucid dreams in the past when I was younger but not on call as it were.

Do you think it'll still work as well, to cross the initial barrier to it, with the 4.30 charging that Sevan recommends we do? So 30 mins charging with the sunrise, then a few minutes prep work, moving into astral? I've been working on whole body breathing so I have some of the basics down on that (reverse stomach).

This way I give myself two tries every morning (5.00, and when I wake afterwards) and one at night. Been so close a few times, then I feel that i've raised my physical body as well, and you get the body juddering to realise its up :), shaking you back. Maybe I need more time relaxing before trying, to shut the physical body down?

I will try the technique :). thank you again.

Wow thabks for the info everyone actually last night i had another lucid dream and i met with a member if what i thinkay be the illuminati he seemed nice but told me not to follow him and gave me his card sont remember what was on the card tho lol wholeness and wellbeing to all:)

Anyone tried these techniques:




They seem informative on the physical side of things, the roll over signals were interesting, the jaw was something Sevan mention himself in full body breathing. Roll overs were mentioned in the 2nd video on the playlist, jaw in the 3rd.


I will investigate getting hold of the book and see what comes of it.


Hi all, 

I'm also trying to have OBE's, lucid dreams, and opening the third eye. I remember a blogtalkradio show where Sevan mentioned spiritual hygiene as in taking some sage and burning it letting the smoke get all over your body. Hope this info can help us out :)


YES! i Felt you were about to have one. So much energy and Information was coming your way. You really Dindt have A choice lol.. There's So many ways to To Have lucid Dreams and if you found a technique that works for you stick with it and dont forget to share the info with other non-members of the Resistance also if you can.We are Here for the world and it's all of of Jobs to Help the Rest of our Brothers and Sister's to Wake up!..Next Step is Shared dreaming, but just enjoy and Learn as much as you can from your journeys for now Remember My Skype is Listed if you need any further help.(SKYPE-jamm5555)  WBV

@Karrade you are very welcome.and Yes those Techniques work also but you definitely want to To do Some Whole body breathing before you go to bed at night and also if can Get yourself Some Gotu Cola. It definitely helps with the 3rd eye and Crown Chakra..But even if you dont have any of the Supplements Sheer will power and patience will get you the results you need...try to relax! dont be so technical if you can just let everything flow..shut off the dialog in your mind and only Say "Tonight I'm Going Leave my Body" or Tonight I will have a lucid Dream" at least 21 times. I like to say it while i'm doing my whole body breathing before Bed and it works everytime! Patience is Really the Key though Just Wait out The Vibrations Focus your intent while Looking into your 3rd eye (this is to be done when you wake up after the 5 or 6 hours) and then everything else will Just Happen. Remember Patience is the Key! hope this Helps WBV

Like that Kv 305.  Your wisdom has inspired me.  Need to get on that Kemetic teaching about meditation adn the lucid dream. Got any ideas?! Do I need to do physic protection to protect from any evil entites that I might draw? Oops did not what to go there but I just wanted to see where you might go with this one.

All this is a judgment of me, please moderator your perspective to suit your experience.

I found myself concentrating on when the timer should go off in the timed lucidity method I linked above :) which added in a factor that didn't help matters. Coincidentally my speakers were off anyway, thought i'd turned them on, so that could well of been a rather funny life lesson. Waiting for something I didn't need anyway perhaps? ;)

I do think there are things to some of the advice in that link, but i'll report more as I try more methods, there is several on the lucidity package. I think the method is second to being ready, so while he always refers to cheating, you're not cheating if you are ready, clear headed, able to get out of the grasp of the physical reality we find ourselves boxed in, free of fear etc anyway.

I almost induced getting past the grasping reality more fully (which I find it helpful to think of), from straight third eye mirror work, standing up or sitting down. Check the second book link I gave above, focusing on the mirror and blanking out the matrix was a very helpful third eye exercise, but I bent what was outside the mirror as well at one stage, like a ripple that I seem to remember having done before. For the mirror work - I found night time/Evening, no artificial lights, candles should be okay, but I tested with very little background light.

For energy movements in the smaller meridian and chakra methods, in a shower, again described in those books, was a good natural catalyst to feel the etheric.

I do think the lucidity.com methods research into the morning being a better time seems preferable, from my experience, from cross referencing other teachers/sources. Third eye work seems to work better the opposite way around however, darkness being the key to having a self made trigger. All of them suffer from artificial light though, t.v's etc, which makes the timer method less effective if you use a flash screen. Meditation before bed is now in the regime for me.

Anyway hope that helps someone. There is a lot to be said for Sevans last broadcast, you do feel the surge of energy if you are doing this for someone else. So if you astral travel, be sure to share how with others, if you are learning to teach, you'll find yourself empowering yourself. It is still on you to get out of the body though.

Hey I have been looking into this too.  Some tips I have studied was one, don't go to bed on a full stomach.  Two, when you get home light up some sage and move with the sage throughout the room, especially where you will sleep.  Three meditiate and clear the mind from all thoughts especially negative ones (Talk to the Creator (prayer) then meditate).  Fourth really second cutoff all energy draining resources such as Tv's, radios, cellphones, ipods, etc.   Lay down with hands by sides.  Breath-in through nose and out through mouth about three to five deep breaths.  Say "I will be awake while my body sleeps or rest".  The rest of the story is OBE or lucid dream.

Now I have heard that if you are negative you will get negative entities comming at you.  You only experience yourself - who you are.  A positive life person will draw positive experiences.  

Others go deeper by advising you to create a physic wall of protection around you before you do any astral work.  So study that too as all study of astral work is good.

Another issues is you need to have a good diet and good physical conditioning because this allows you to become more mentally aware.  Your chakras and astral, etheral, and spritual body will be clearer to allow an astral projection. AKA YOGA!!

If you study the bible, you see that the apostle Paul told people to refrain from certain worldly activites to experience higher states of consciencious with the Creator.  This is a true deep concept which goes deeper than western culture Christianity.

Now this just hit me while I was reveiwing this subject.  One must ask why do I need to have a lucid dream or astral project?  Do I need to find myself?  Can't I just get just as much content from charkra balancing and cleansing?  Would prayer and meditation bring answers?  What goal am I aimimg at here? What information am I looking to gather?  What  is it I need to know about myself?  Would God lead me to these avenue?  Will these work raise my vibrations and awareness?



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