This I quote from the website

"become emotionally disconnected from this 3D illusory plane, and watch at a distance as the troubles manifest all about. Just watch, … wait, … for it’s all an illusion. … and really, … ALL IS WELL."

what are all of your opinions on this?

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Just to clarify, I did not ever state that anyone should deny the info. All I said was that I would be wary of anyone who speaks in absolute terms. You wisely pointed out one of the many issues(gay/lesbian) that is flawed in Brian's absolute versions of truth. Remember anything given to you in absolute terms is based in ego and therefore, is unconscious thought

There has been extensive debate here in the past on the validity of Brian's information for quite some time. I have read literally every page on the site(at least what was there 3 months ago). A venture that took too much time that I'll never get back, but I am not one to comment on what I have not fully read first.Your post demonstrates my general point. You must become fully aware(not to confused with free) of ego before you can ever hope to "ascend". You took my words personally enough(the black/white statement) that you felt compelled to clarify that you are not thinking that way per se, when your thoughts were never the subject of any of my writing. My (perceived)opinion of your thinking is of no consequence.

 Who cares what anyone would say about the content of your blog? Would it change your Being? Does the thoughts of others define how you perceive yourself? Bring it forth. If someone feels the need to waste the energy to tell you how wrong, crazy, or misguided your thoughts are, then they have revealed to you the scope of their own awareness.

I learned long ago to let go of other's thoughts on me because they are just that, other's thoughts. Not truth, and not necessarily untruth, but simply external perceptions based on an incredibly narrow scope of the totality that is my being. Let "them" say what they will, but I hope it doesn't ever stifle you from speaking what you have found to be true on your path. That's the beauty of awakened thought, it is not absolute. It is relative to the one experiencing it. Facts are different from truth. Facts are tangible and truth is perception.  What Brian sells on that site is neither fact nor truth, but a distorted mish mash of the two mixed in with total fallacy, but this only my perception of this shadowy concept labeled as truth. 

Yes this is a 3D type of illusionary plane, it was taken over long ago by beings who feed on energy, specifically misery and fear type emotions, E_motion means Energy in motion and that's why we have wars, sports, soap opera's, hunger, corporations, profit for corporations to the detriment of environment and all except a few, banking and last but not least religion... religion that teaches you that you are a miserable sinner who should be grateful for whatever life dishes out albeit it slavery... the only books you should read are Carlos Castaneda and Robert Monroe and the ones I attached below to innerstand who these beings are, every person born on this planet has a guardian Archon or 2 attached to you from birth, some more nasty than others...their disease is everywhere, it has over run the whole earth and the sad thing is they just kill you off if you find out about them, they have subjugated all and sundry and they have killed me many times before, but I keep coming back, in fact the only way to piss them off is to smile every morning when you wake up and say Hi smucks... how are you gonna try make me fearful and miserable today ?


Neil Andna, those beings are granted permission by YOU to "feed."

Misery is but a word. There is only what you create.

I do wish for a certain level of destruction, but only to allow more creation.

I do wish to "rattle people's cages" so to speak BUT! They are my fellow students.

In the end, I wish to UNITE! TOGETHER WE ARE WHOLE


What is life? I believe it to be a game in a sense.

I am starting to lose interest in these specific article, detailing only a minor thing.

I want the whole. WHOLENESS.

I want to recognize the push. This fear of love.

FEAR - The second most (IMO) powerful "motivational tool".

The first? "Love" That is why we are here. I loved this stuff, so I became part of it.

I love the idea of fear.


IMO these so called "troubles" are merely a spark of change to your "comfort" zone perhaps...

I like the article. Thank you.

I'd love nothing more than for my associates to love what they do.

"Neil Andna, those beings are granted permission by YOU to "feed."Misery is but a word. There is only what you create."  So tell me how did "you" find that out ? Did your parents tell you ? Did your teachers tell you ? Or did your government tell you that ? How many other humans know that ?



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