This I quote from the website

"become emotionally disconnected from this 3D illusory plane, and watch at a distance as the troubles manifest all about. Just watch, … wait, … for it’s all an illusion. … and really, … ALL IS WELL."

what are all of your opinions on this?

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yes i do very much believe this is simply a three dimensional quasi matrix prison


and thx rev. kai for your insights, very smart !!!


What anybody wants is a fix all to their problems in this prison, i mean they want their needs to be taken care of they want a home with ultra modern stuff etc but these are only illusions of the system...a nice metallic shaped piece of art that you can marvel at how much time you spent working to pay off that beautiful piece of art.


Really the going fad is slavery, anybody not a slave or perpetuating slavery is seen as an enemy of not only the system but the greater role of the individual


an anomaly per se is the only thing going around setting others free


The role of the anomaly is only nature to where the divine guidance would like that resistance member to be present to voice a visible opposition to the reality taking place. but not only that has made a decision to be somwhat aware that their surroundings in the given moment are illusions...


with me personally i have addressed illusion to the fullest (way past 33rd) degree possible and stretched and expanded my inner awareness way past some of what the supreme pontificates of earth degrees are going through this very moment. people are taken aback when i confer the responsibilities of thinking universally rather than stuck in an earthbound awareness.


individual problems and the ethical obligations that come up when a person is seeking enlightenment far outshine the actual path to enlightenment but it can be done and with a smile too !!!


I LOVE illuminatimatrix btw lol

in my mind  tis guy is trained in cabbala very  well  knowing amny secrets. This blog is adding o  the problem not bringing any  solution.

If we would not sitt around and wait and watch in detachment --we would not have this problem on our necks NOW!

we would have done something like 50yrs ago--al least. FEELING that someting feels fishy  something is not right!!! we were  sitting in the detachment back  then and we do  it now...and gues what cabbal  is killing one by  one  right now??

Do  you really  want to  be the ONE to  be killed???

Ask  this guy who wrote that blog! 

and I have read that cover to  cover

Your in a 3D illusory plane when that is your primary state. So when a person is detached from actuality and operating on some program pretending to innerstand what spirituality is then they have trapped themselves in an illusion that there remains nothing outside of. After all the same people who make these statements have more than likely never left the "illusion" even though they pretend to instruct on it so well.


I myself have discussed innerstanding the difference between emotions and senses and to gravitate toward the later rather than the former, especially if you intend to keep a great deal of your energy to do something for our Plants and Seeds that we are all involved in caring for. In this tense it does not mean to detach yourself and begin behaving like some New Age Borg that feels Karma is effecting everyone and that is the reason for their troubles and to stay away from making the enviroment better, or more simply, just don't pay attention. What a cop-out.


Let us imagine if everyone just sits back and watches this happen with no emotion, which is like having no sense when you can't distuguish between the two. There would be no Resistance, no sharing of knowledge, even from the few that make it their task to do that everyday. Why do the genuine ones do it? Because they care about those around them. Do they then fall victim to emotion? That depends on the person.


It then matters how one channels their energy. Some can use all of what they see wrong as a force to do something right. This is like watching someone weak beaten and it strenthens you to not only defend that person but to also make yourself stronger so it may not happen to you and you may increase defense. Ignoring it is like running which it generally does not take long for it to catch up to the person who ran and it is often much more stronger than it was before they ran, hinting that if it was dealt with before then it could have possible been stopped. This is what happen to the victims of the holocaust, ghetto after ghetto. If it was not effecting ones particular ghetto, they did not care as long as it was not them, it was not long before they all fell victim.


There are those who react immediately the proper way with no delay as if on instinct. Now we are talking about the "senses", they sense they must do something. Others however become buried in the turmoil and only use it as a further excuse on why all is lost and why them doing anything will not work anyway, they have fell victim to the emotion itself.


"Emotions channel into sense, make that conversion as fast as possible. 7"


A word on true Alchemy


In conclusion the idea of Alchemy is to produce something of the greatest value with as close to nothing as possible. So one is to use "dirt" the most plentiful, to make "gold" something very rare. Now it is dicovered that Alchemy works in any setting, that was the secret, you just had to know how to cross it over. The Elite have used Alchemy mainly with the economy in which dead trees/paper or money is then converted to may things of great value, even others Time/Energy.


So how would this apply to ascension and the body? I have found two things. One is Oxygen. It is everywhere and can be found in even greater qualities if you travel far enough or high enough. This air can then be used as Pranic force or Chi which can for sure manifest anything on this plane. One simply needs to learn the cultivation of the air itself, just as in alchemy one must learn the proper chemical procedure, then walla!


Even more interesting I have found yet another element even more plentiful than Oxygen. I call it "Placebo". What Placebo is about is using the mind in what I call "physicing oneself out" for benefit of energy and its cultivation. How this works is one can insist something is another way than what it really is string enough for it to even become what they are imagining, even if just for a moment long enough to gain the accompanying energy.


This can begin working so powerfuly it begins to make the mind/body/soul react to only what the mind is imagining. For example, if one tells themselves "I'm in a college" rather than "I'm in a prison", it then makes the time of use rather than useless. Now the fact may be one is really in a prison, but that will only remain as such until they break out. This is what I meant by I do feel sadness for everything that is happening in the world but I do not identify with that sadness all the time because it does not enable me to work.


So there you have it in full circle. Emotions have brought about true awakening in many, lonely nights, sad thoughts, and even overwhelming joy can all be added to the list of catalyst that make us who we are. When you gain levels it is clear the difference between the two. Emotions or Senses is your choice. Someone needs to encourage the people at illuminatrix to simply go back to school, The University of the World has only one tuition, Wholeness.

Look first for your Talent, the one you have been given, then invest that properly and more will follow. It is key to produce with what you have and work from there. Also it helps to work with a team, we have so many projects launched that benefit people on all levels, it simply takes them to know their Talent.

this is one aspect of this but i found it as most important hides in the LAW (low=lowering the mind the person)  i  juridic language REAL  ESTATE is a place on earth,it is real it it feeds you, is your home, should be  a natural place of joy...... the law IS MAN-MADE is illusion, the statues are illusins then divorcing from that life.

Your body  is REAL  ESTAE only mental  make up is changing and those are illusions inside.Anything that is IN mind IS ILLUSION, the result of planting the false idoelogi, sick behaviours, believing in religions...any belief not provved as facts is a belief. Facts are also defining the illusion they  were  constructed from and derived from the modell of building life AS such ..but the approach  on thinking on the subject is correct i  think.

many aswers can be found and  serve as decoders in the FREEMAN movement. And studying how the LAWS/statues run amock in our lifes as infused selfgoverning programs we follow daily. the debate on STRAW man phenomena gives a lot of answers and understanding on the personal  ground.


Before we go too far ,understand that ILLUSION doesn't mean "it's not real", but rather "it's not what it appears". With that in mind, the single biggest illusion in this plane of existence is EGO. Ego  is what tells the majority what is real and what is illusion. If you are thinking about past or future, you are being controlled by ego. If you think "you deserve more" or "why can't my life be better", you are being manipulated by ego.

I have spent an extensive (too much) amount of time on that site, and  at the end of the day, I think Brian(the claimed author of the content) is missing the bigger picture. As a human being,  more accurately, a Man(not to be confused with sex), we are the apex of creation. We exist on all planes of being simultaneously. The reason this fact escapes the majority of us is we lack the purity and speed of thought required to grasp the concept. So much energy is wasted on telling you to be a thoughtless, emotionless observer, or that you need to "ascend to escape this planned net", when really you already ARE. You are a BEING experiencing HUMAN currently. Once your human experience is up, you still ARE whether you sit idly by and actually experience nothing, or maximize your time on this plane. A fully aware/conscious Man has nothing/no one to fear period. Why else would so much effort have been put forth to keep this fact from you. Why else would a matrix be constructed to elaborately dumb you down, to convince you that ego should dominate your existence? souls reincarnate back into human form because they choose to, or they fail to grasp the above mentioned concept.

My opinion is that most of this quasi-asscention, new age, gobble g*** is b*******. It misses the bigger point and perpetuates the fear mongering that it claims to be saving us from. Become aware of ego, and learn how to curb it, and you will by default, live in the moment. You will quickly be able to discern what is illusion and what is "real" Your BEINGNESS si the only "real" thing you need to understand. Meditation, astral travel, and  all other higher consciousness adventures are nothing more than a small part of all that is your Being. They are not absolute truths, nor a means to escape this so-called prison, but rather trading one for another. I would suggest thinking for your self, take time to contemplate what is real and what is not. Let your intuition guide you, rather than someone else's take. Follow Kai's wise advice and form your own opinion. that's just my take.

One need not look to separate oneself from ego, but instead be aware of it's interjection within us. Our physical body reacts the same to negative reactions (fear, anger, frustration, hate, etc.) whether the source is from an external source or a perceived place (thought based in emotion) Emotion and thought are not something to attempt not to do/feel, but something one needs to be supremely aware of. The question(s) you need to ask is "Am I reacting to some conjured up emotional reaction or is my physical body in some kind or real danger to it's well-being?"

The truth is, the majority of our lives is lived through past/future events and the  feelings/expectations attached to them. This is unconscious existence. It is impossible to perceive higher states of being if you can not become aware of lower states first.

I say again that,  in my humble opinion, too much emphasis is put upon other entities(elites, reptilians, greasy, etc) being the cause or puppeteer behind all the problems we're experiencing. Certainly they exist, but they only have the power we freely grant them. A fully aware Man is no match for other being for we have a particle of the One creator in each of us. 

Remove the physical restrictions/parameters that the ego tries to impose to perpetuate the so-called illusion that we are nothing more than our physical bodies. Realize that most of what the matrix consists of is nothing more than an IMAGE. Image is how our ego's are fed and how we are truly controlled/manipulated. We seldom posses enough facts to truly know the difference between fact/fiction, reality/illusion, therefore it is perilous to think in any absolute terms other than the simple fact that YOU are more than your physical body.

I haven't heard anyone attempting to "throw out the baby with the bath water" regarding the Illuminati matrix site, but like ALL other sources of information it is merely a piece of truth woven into a pack of lies. Myself, I question the validity of any source that speaks in absolutes (i.e- you must ascend or else remain trapped in etc. etc. You must do  etc., etc. ) Mine is just another perspective of the same life that is experiencing physical reality through our  5 human senses.

thank you for this.  if you ever read my response.  I'm a few years late

i think in a way to distrust illuminatimatrix would be a let down 


I mean i feel he is one of us in some way addressing illusion no matter how fractalized he is 

He is still aiding our team to achieve enlightenment and offers one of only a few representations online that can aid in ending the trauma state 


everyone has their niche and while it is wise to achieve and garner your enlightenment from various avenues 

for example Here at the resistance is a community that addresses illusion and takes comfort in ascended states

illuminatimatrix serves as a conspiracy numerological enlightenment

intheknow's blog deals with monarch slavery

my blog, the church of techno deals with matrix universalism

so we all have a piece of the puzzle 


my captivation piece on the blog which names every being responsible for my trauma and torture has not been received well including death threats and etc but i still use it as a factual writ of the church providing a HUMAN being that is in resistance to the powerplay and names those responsible leading all the way up to the monarchy 

yes it is based in truth and not delusions lol 

but some info may not be received well 

rightfully so, what is an ex criminal ex monarch slave and ex sex worker doing counselling others on enlightenment 

well, my path is obviously different but also many of the people that are aiding your enlightenment in the moment may also shift their allegiances to something more relaxing or beneficial to them as time goes on 


so it is best to tune out the negativity regarding the rumors of those that are helping you garner some level of enlightenment and allow the ascension to enter your mind where you too can come to your own conclusions or as the oracle said so eloquently "make up your own damn mind" hehehe


Indeed it may be a letdown to distrust, but brother, thus far you would be doing yourself a dis-service by NOT questioning someone else's stated absolute version of what's real and what's not. As you continue forward in your spiritual development many things  once held as truths will reveal themselves to be something other than. Your perceptions will change. Don't pigeon hole yourself into thinking in any absolute black and white terms.


i have to be honest, to completely deny yourself the information presented is not wise

there are some degrees of that site that i dont agree with, like me personally i have found some comments attacking gay and lesbian people, and i find this alot in ascension circles and i find it ironic that people seeeking an enlightened state could be so closed minded toward gay and lesbian people.


Now mind you it is wise to look at the site with an objective nature.

I think it is easy to attack things we dont understand

most people would just look at the art on the site and wander away so is all relative


i take some bits of information and move on in my path and leave some bits of information where it belongs (out of my perception) hardly black and white per se


i can only imagine what people would say about my blog at this point lol

-shaun Delage



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