Wholeness to all!

I have been on the board for a few months now (which might I add is the best source of information I have ever come across in one place!), but I am not an "active" member per say, as I don't generally post anything.  I read and watch the content over and over, among other things I am studying, but I have to say that this website alone has taken me to places that probably would have taken me years upon years to get to!  So for that, I thank you all for everything everyone has contributed here!

I need some advice or help with attaining more lucidity when dreaming or even astral traveling.  I have never fully projected yet though, but I have been trying for over a year and I have studied and read so many books on the subject, that I am starting to feel that I may be missing something or perhaps doing something that is holding me back?  Over the past year that I have been trying to project, I have had two instances (very far apart from one another) where I think I may have been projecting, but the moment I realized what was going on, I got too excited and gained full consciousness and lost the sensations.  Both times though, I felt as if my entire body was vibrating in a way I've never experienced, and i felt a slight tug or pulling before I got too worked up and basically woke my self up. 

Now, since the end of January of 2013, I have taken matters to the next level.  I have completely stopped eating any meat (not that i really consumed a lot to begin with..) then stopped eating any animal products and "fake" foods such as anything from restaurants or fast food joints.  I limit my intake of processed or non organic foods as much as possible, but it's very hard to do living in Toronto, where winter doesn't allow for many locally grown foods, let alone organic.  Lately though for the last couple months, i have found that i cannot achieve lucidity, I haven't had an instance where I am lucid or even aware that I am dreaming and maybe not controlling the dream to a certain degree.  It's like something happened ever since I changed my diet. 

Here is a list of what i eat on a day to day basis.  It's pretty consistent for the most part, but the point with this "meal plan" is to show what types of processed or non organic foods I do eat. Most fruits and veggies, although organic, are imported from various places like USA, Mexico, Columbia and Chilli.  Very little is locally grown, especially in the winter months, especially for organic produce.


- Organic fair trade coffee beans, which i grind my self

- Organic almond milk (some ingredients in it sound non organic to me though with added vitamins and minerals, perhaps this may be the culprit as i use it in my coffee and smoothies daily. I go through 1 to 1.5 boxes a week (946ml each box)

- organic and no preservative toast/bread with all sorts of nuts and grains on the crust, 2 slices a day

- organic and vegan pomegranate jam

- Vegan  butter made from flax, soy and other nut oils (i may have a couple table spoons of this a week or less)

- Organic frozen berries and fruits for smoothies

- avocados (organic and non organic, depends on whats available) , 5 a week

- organic bananas, 8-10 a week

- organic oatmeal, a bowl a day


- Veggies and fruits (varies every day/week depending on what i can get, 50/50 is organic and non organic)

- Organic salad mix with lemon juice, dehydrated cranberries, unsweetened coconut shavings, sea salt and pepper and olive oil (all ingredients for the dressing are non organic)

- mixed nuts (non organic bulk type)

- Dehydrated fruits that I make myself weekly with organic fruits


- Most of my dinners are stir fry, pasta, rice, salad type dishes, of course all vegetarian and vegan

- I use a lot of non organic olive oil in recipes

- non organic pasta, once every week or two ill have a pasta dinner with an olive oil type sauce or organic pasta sauce

- jasmine rice, non organic, 2-3 cups of rice every week or two

- more organic salad mix

- Veggies and fruit juice i make using my juicer, 80% is organic produce, the celery, kale, romaine lettuce and spinach  are always non organic, they just don't carry it at the place i shop

- non organic spices and herbs that i use from my spice rack

- I do grown fresh herbs which are from an organic clone

- I grown my own organic potatoes, green onions and garlic, but the garlic is a seldom harvest, so otherwise a use a lot of garlic on a weekly basis, non organic


- bulk pop corn seeds

- my dehydrated fruits

- fresh fruits (mostly organic with the exception of Guavas, papaya, oranges)

- cherry tomatoes (non organic)

Aside from dried herbs, spices, almond milk, vegan butter, and the non organic produce listed above, there really is nothing else i consume that is processed or non organic.

From what I have gathered that has changed since i really have gone full tilt on this quest to actually project and be conscious of it, is perhaps the almond milk, butter, organic vegan jam or garlic that really has an effect on me? I haven't changed any of the products i use, (which i am consciously aware are bad) such as my hand lotions and shampoos and deodorant. I don't take any sort of medications or pills.  I haven't had a sore throat or cough or any "cold" symptoms in over a year and a half when i discovered affirmations.

Prior to the diet change, I used to eat 4-5 eggs whites per day for breakfast, with typical off the shelf white bread, real and non organic butter, cream for my coffee, and I did consume probably a 6 pack of beer and/or a bottle of red wine per month and i would have some fish or shrimp once every other week and on rare and isolated occasions, I would have chicken or beef.  I have had 2 glasses of red wine and 3 soda sized cans of beer since January until now, which were very spaced out instances, with no drunk or "buzzed" feeling at all.  In 2008 i was on a complete raw diet for 1.5 years and did it cold turkey.  At that time, I had no occult knowledge, except that I was drawn in by the idea of a healthy diet and going completely raw made a lot of sense to me, as was already a healthy minded individual.  I felt greater than i have ever felt in my life and when i decided to stop eating raw only, I still felt great, healthy and energetic, but eating meat just felt wrong, but I eventually got sucked back into it, mind you, it wasn't comparable to what i was raised on, but I still did it, especially with fish and sea food in moderation.

Anyways, what can I do here to help me get my lucidity back and get my self to project?  I have watched the astral quest videos, read numerous board postings and surfed the net or books and information on what to do and how to do it, but I just feel like I have lost connection since the diet change. 

I don't have any vampires or leaches or anyone sucking my energy while awake or asleep ( i remember my dreams 9/10 times) and i don't have any fears of death, as i know where am i going when i pass from this physical body, but i need to be able to fully unlock with full control so I can gather my experiences with me when i pass, which i think most of the members are also trying to do...I feel like i've just come to a complete stop for some reason! 

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated !! 


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Becomming more awake in the dream world is one of the first stages.. try taking some gotu kola

with your meal before bed time.  I've found it really helps with my dreaming, along with keeping

a dream journal first thing when I wake up.


Diet is a part of the puzzle, but energy work is also another one.  Exercise,

full body breathing, and meditation are also very important.  It's also in your best interest (if you're a male)

that you do not spill your seed.  The ego has to be put in it's place.  Why is it you want this for yourself?

To feed your ego, so you can brag to others?  Do you think  the higher beings want people as.. (for lack of better words)

sinful as us mucking up the 5th dimension? Always be mindful.  Your thoughts and actions in this lower density are also

taken with you to the higher planes.


Have patience.  :)

For the last couple nights, I have taken what has been said here and applied it and i've come back to the ability to slightly realize i am dreaming but then i still can't control my dreams, but I have been a lot more aware of surrounding and what it's going on.  My dreams are more "real life" type scenarios as where if it was as if i was actually awake, as opposed to a dream where i know it's a dream because it's unrealistic.  Does that make sense?  I remember this feeling as it was closer to the times when i would be lucid.  So it's encouraging!  I did however change a few things.  For one, I just "let go" and stopped trying so hard.  I am just going to sleep instead of trying to fall asleep with the idea that i would be lucid.  Secondly, i finally came across the full or most of what i needed to hear about the TV frequencies and such that are emitted and how you should cover the TV with a cloth and unplug it when not in use as the LCD TV is like a scrying mirror of the today's generation. I have heard of this a few times in some videos Seven made but i was never able to come across full explanation of it until a couple days ago. I still want to know more about it though. The audio i was listening to stoped working as Seven got more into it, and i couldn't get it to play again for some reason, but i heard what i needed to hear.  That night,and ever since, Ive unplugged all TV's and covered the one in the bedroom which ill be removing since i never actually use it anyways.  I'm getting a battery powered, glow in the dark, non digital clock for the wall instead of my digital one i have now.  I don't know much about frequencies yet, but i can only imagine anything plugged in emits something...I also got a sleep mask. that seems to work wonders on it's own! I sleep very deeply now for the last 2 nights!  My phone is now tucked away under my night table and covered with a magazine to longer awake me with the lights and such.

I read a book a few years ago called on Taoist practice and there was a huge section on retaining your seed and channeling that energy else where to creative outlets or other means,  I was very intrigued by it, and ever since i've been very conscious and cautious and practiced retaining it.  It's amazing how retaining your seed makes a difference on your daily life!

I'm working on having more control of my dreams as well.  I am in the dream more often now knowing

that I am watching myself (if that makes sense).  The self watching the self.  haha.. lately it's just me there and no one is really at the steering wheel.  Which is no fun, but I reckon there' s quite a lot to be learned from that.  I have my room blacked out when I go to sleep.. like a vampire.. haha it's great.

I have my router in my room currently, and might give a try putting it somewhere else in the house.

Okay this really bugs me, its not you, its obviously me. So please take no offense, its come up multiple times.

'Do you think  the higher beings want people as.. (for lack of better words)

sinful as us mucking up the 5th dimension? Always be mindful.  Your thoughts and actions in this lower density are also taken with you to the higher planes.'


Why should any being dictate to another being where they can or cannot go? Now if you come to my house, an area i've invested time and effort into making somewhere unique, you would be respectful of where you are, the same with me going to yours, and we wouldn't come in if we couldn't abide those rules. But for any one universe to say to another, sorry but your not ascending or expanding because you have a personality trait that we don't find desirable, just makes my head spin as victim programming.

^This has grated on me for a long time, but that is as succinctly as I can put it. You are a universe think about that, if any one or anything is pressing down on us to that degree, that pressure needs to be removed. Again I fully agree that if you can't work in harmony with an aspect of creation, then it is unwise to go there, but to rule out ascension of an individual seems a very limited way of thinking. - Yet many people say the same thing.

Sorry, sin is a strong word.  Who should say what anyone can't do?  Refer to the thread about the universal laws bro.  There's more to it then going to someone's house and abiding by rules, it's important that an individual abides by moral rules when they're in their own house as well.  One's own house must be in order.  I don't think those whose lives are consumed with vice can see the path as clearly as you or I might be able to see it, let alone have an understanding of it.


Certain personality traits are the reason why things are so messed up in this world.  I wouldnt want people with bad personality traits turning a place of divinity into something like what you see going on with this beautiful planet today, would you?  Are we on someone else's house right now?  This planet Earth.. We can't even take care of this house, just as most people can't take care of their bodies.. which is the house you occupy that came from this Earth.  You speak of victim programming, well certain traits are a result of that, but some people are also shown the light but are blinded with it's brightness and continue to live a "sinful" life having been shown the truth.  No being is dictating to anyone where they can or can't go per se.


If our time here on this planet is to learn and grow our spirit would it not follow that all our actions including our thoughts go into that spirit, so if it's time for the next phase we'll be able to have an understanding and the correct perception to part the veil?


I'm not ruling out ascension for anyone, some just might not find it during this go around.  Which is fine, there's descension too.  There's so much to learn bro.

I was speaking separation when I used the term house, let me correct that.
Language is limited but I'll use the term negative.

There is only one cause of all of this, everything, and I am starting to feel even physical birth after having watched a video I'll link at the bottom. What negative or inverted/sinful traits could possibly be left if everyone realised they were the universe. I don't mean think it, I mean realise it. - None.

People wouldn't be going around stealing things from themselves.
They wouldn't be going around abusing themselves.
They would be going around doing anything to take from themselves.

Sin as one enlightened video I just watched puts it, is to slow yourself down from getting back to being whole. We can complicate it more than that if you like if we chat about it, but i'll be able to reduce it all to that one concept above, guaranteed.

Here is the link on birth, it makes sense to me.

so it was the word sin that got you going..  ;)

you're exactly right,

  "People wouldn't be going around stealing things from themselves.
  They wouldn't be going around abusing themselves.
  They would be going around doing anything to take from themselves."

people wouldnt be doing any of that stuff to themselves if they're not awake and living

in depravity and being baaaad. haha  I know people who do some of those things to

themselves knowing and unknowingly.. I also know because I've been there, but atleast I can see it now.


"Thoughts which are not good are evil wild beasts."



Not a word no, its not even a word I understand really - other than since receiving that link I left :). Sin makes more sense now, its a slowing down of momentum or spin.

One of my triggers is the feeling of oppression, as I see it everywhere. When someone said something can't be done, because you are X, in the past I always felt somewhat triggered to go out and do it. It isn't quite like that now, but there is no being out there who can stop me reaching me ultimately, as i am already am me (there is no distance). So oppression, attacks, doesn't matter, I observe it all.

The trap itself is actually illusion, you are the trap as well as the feelings it generates. I am unsure why i am still here, I don't think my spirit excepts it yet, my body does, my mind certainly does, but my spirit I don't get the sense it has yet accepted its completeness. I also am aware of the pressure of external forces, which I am tempted right now to just push through whether they like it or not at present - hardly a lofty goal but its time.

Thanks for the link listening now - stopping base thoughts is extremely difficult when you are tired, as your higher centers shut down. Which is most people after the working week, its a real battle but I am working it out as i go :)

*Have you ever noticed how the entire world seems backwards, I mean running backwards. From language/spirituality through to just how you go about your working day ;)

I agree with you.  Someone recently asked me if I was in a state of bliss, to which I replied no because I find myself identifying with suffering all too often.  When I can identify with the suffering, but become attached in a different and same sort of way,  I think I'll have reached bliss.  What sin refers to in my opinion is suffering.  You can sin unto others and you can sin unto yourself, or basically you can cause others suffering and you can cause suffering unto yourself.  There's alot to think about there, and perception is everything.


I understand the illusionary traps you face because I also face them.  It seems the traps are created by ourselves, and we allow ourselves to fall into them.  Just as you say there is no being who can keep you from reaching you, the external forces you are facing may really be internal.  The **** is pretty deep, so it's best we have some good boots to wade through it and figure it out.


Thank you for your youtube post as well. Birth is a very interesting subject.  I like how the guru touches on the idea of a conscious birth.  The video actually brought a good bit home to me on stuff I've been thinking about surrounding birth and karma and why we're here.  In relation to the theme of this thread, I've heard on a podcast recently that even if you're eating right, meditating, and exercising but still aren't having any "experiences" is because either your energy level is still low or you have a lot of karma that still needs to be sorted out.  Thanks for sharing that..


Yep, it seems backwards because we live in bizarro world.  It's obvious it's been designed this way, and our lack of knowledge on how and why things operate makes it even more unclear.  I believe as we continue further into novelty things will seem more chaotic, but will inherently remain the same... it's just our duty to enlighten ourselves...

Wholeness "You are what you eat, drink and breath" I know many of us have seen the segment that Sevan has so kindly shown of "Dr. Robert Casar" & the snakes, his earth shift products website is truly amazing with many foods that can be ordered online. Another thing is the benefits of liquids such as "Sole water" and many more, he is truly an amazing individual & extremely recommend watching many of his videos & see what he consumes on a day to day basis. He has really opened my eyes this last month. I wish you the best on your journey.

I have checked out his website and watched his videos.  He is really doing some great work!  I have been inspired but him!  His online store has some great product that I will get soon, one being the dechlorinating shower head and his magnets to attach to my blender. 

That is great to hear I to am moving forward with my expansion as well & look to become lucid, it is difficult especially with the constant challenges of everyday life & individuals around me who are very much still distracted in the illusion. However I look towards Growth & expansion!:)& wish you the best



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