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this is my first discussion post and not sure how many people have tried this, but About a year ago when listening to Santo Bonacci he mentioned something about abstaining from all stimulants for the month of your birthday, this is because astrologically everything is lined up in your favour and if you stay pure you can connect if you raise the oils in your body.

I waited about 11 months for my birthday to come round and do this. October was the month (Libra), I dont drink alcohol or have caffeine and sugar, but anyway I had no stimulants (including sexual) for 5 weeks , leading up to and during the whole month of october also, I have have cut out out stimulants in the past a few times for longer but this time was different. Ive had some anxiety and other issues in the past which has bled me onto the path im on now, leading up to this birthday I was strong  physically,mentally and spiritually, I was ready for anything but during and after this one month thing I was left unsettled, actually I was smashed to pieces, I had a break down 2 days before my birthday, it brought some things to my attention which I was un aware of and am working on now, I had a few other experiences when waking during the night but I dont want to elaborate on them at the moment. My girlfriend also tried this for her birthday and she had a similar experience with some emotional past problems come out again, it was a really hard time for her.

One thing me and my partner both agreed on is that it left us really unsettled during and after the month was over, we had some hard lessons but have both made some positive changes in out life which I think is taking us to the next learning level, within the relationship and in our own individual experiences also.

Still to today I am unsure weather this was an astrological occurrence or just by chance, I feel like im looking at my life through another set of eyes yet again. It could just be pure coincidence also about a third the way through the month I started some light sungazing again, maybe that contibuted.

Im just interested to see if anyone else has tried this as I cant find informations anywhere about it, I might actually email santo and find out. If i cant get any answers about this topic, I will have to wait until next year and try it again to see what happens.  Its strange as our society doesnt really allow for such experiments, when you think about what most people do on the night of there birthday, party hard and have sex. Most people I know think im strange for embarking on such endevaours.

Thanks for reading my experience



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HI again,

after a bit of searching I managed to find the video, you where right, its once a month, its when the moon is in your sun sign. thats when you abstain from sex and keep the oil pure without squandering it with bad lifestyle choices and an acidic lifestyle. He says  when the oil rises to the optic thalamus it activates brain cells. So I got it wrong, I was so sure he said it was for the month of your birthday and him saying something about the planets, it was a while back when I heard him talk about it though. So I guess I did abstain when the moon was in my sun sign, I may have gone longer than I needed, I did learn a lot of things about myself that month and had some strange things happen.

here is the link to the video, I would start watching from about 49:00 mins if you want to catch the whole jist of it, or you could watch it from the start all the way through.  Im curious to see what anyone else thinks of this practice hes talking about. I did enjoy keeping myself clean for the 5 weeks I did, it was nice to know I could do it.


Thanks again Ben for addressing it was every month, I probably wouldn't have been so motivated to find the video otherwise. I dont like to misinform anyone and hope anyone who did read this has a chance to see this correction.



Santos is the man, I forgot how great he is.  The quintessence... I'm no adept in the inner mysteries, but I'm pretty sure there is more to it than simply keeping alkaline and abstaining from sex during said time period.  The sad thing is that things are so degenerated here on this planet, that it's hard for people to do just do those two simple things, let alone the rest of the work required.

Thank you

Here's another one from Santos Titled: The Sacred Cerebrospinal Fluid



Thank you for your reply.

I've decided to abstain from pork because I see it as an unclean and devolving animal. A swine will consume anything, and also shares features that are very close to the human species. I bet if you cooked a human it would taste like a pig.

Yes, we do live because something has died for us. This does have religious undertones, for the word religion is Latin for 'religare', which means to unite. I, myself, am saved by consuming the essences of other life forms so that I may live. I do not simply live because I live, it's more intricate than just putting it like that. Yes, I agree they (animals) do mingle with us better while they're alive, however, their deaths are not completely in vain when they are consumed.

Yes, the feeling is different from pulling plants out of the ground and chopping them up compared to killing an animal. All things that are alive want to live, that goes for plants as well. How do you know the pain and fear that is caused to the plant? Just because you cannot hear or see the pain and suffering you've caused by its death for your consumption does not mean it is not there.

We are alive because other elements and beings have sacrificed themselves for us. Do you see?

I consume the life force and cause death so that I may live. You do too, we all do. The little death that comes from spilling of one's seed is a self-inflicted 'death'. The semen being the vital essence of a man's body which has more uses to the being than just procreation.


Thanks for the response Allen

I am very intrigued as to how you see and choose to divide some things and equate others.

The thing that anyone is tasting when they consume any animal is the blood plasma.  Plants bleed green.  Animals bleed red.  There have been tests done where a cooked piece of meat was put in a centifuge and then had people taste it, only to find it tasted like nothing, then they went and poured the 'juices/blood plasma' back on the meat and people were delighted.

 The chlorophyll is the blood of the plant, just as the essential oil from a fruit would be its cerebral spinal fluid.  Whether the animal be devolving or evolving and 'unclean' seems to be of little regard if taken from the perspective of blood lust.

Why consume a fellow red blood 'brother/sister' if you can get a better grade food by consuming plant life that seems to have the function (as seem through food signatures) of upgrading your internal geometry? Thereby, increasing your own spin, while not vampirically removing it from another.  To imply that ingesting a plant or air is equivalent to murdering and consuming an animal seems to beyond outlandish.

When you speak of a Re-legion, what legion is that that one may be attracted to?  

I don't see that we are alive because of another's sacrifice.  We are not alive because our parents came together and killed energy, nor do parents die due to the birth of a child.  Quite the contrary.  Life is lived and energy is created during sex and the joy/spin/energy created that becomes that child is not 'taking' energy or life from the mother/father during birth.  The parents are often filled with MORE life and more energy due to the child.  

That is a very material world view that sees only matter and not the energy that produces the matter.  The spin is the factor, not the density of supposed caloric intake.  How could people possibly get 'stronger' after 'using' energy at the gym?  Just as most people are unaware that protein implies first source.  A blade of grass has all 200,000 identifiable proteins that feed many animals.  Why should we as conscious empathetic beings consider an animal 'food' when that same 'lower' being finds vegetables to be of such high regard.

I hope this doesn't come across as preachy at all, that is not my aim.  As well, hopefully this has some linearity to the thoughts...

Cheers WBV



Not at all preachy brother, thank you for giving me the opportunity to defend my bs system.

I'm intrigued as to how you see things as well.  Let me point out that I applaud you and anyone who chooses to live a vegetarian or vegan diet.  For myself, at this point in my life, it is not something I wish or see necessary in doing.  I believe in the ethical treatment and slaughter of animals, and do my best to purchase products as such.

As I said, I consume the essence of living organisms be they plant or animal.  This essence as you have put it we'll call the plasma.  That plasma wherein all the nutrients lie.  If you were to take a piece of vegetable and spin it around in that centrifuge in order to extract it's essence I bet it would taste just as bland as that cooked piece of meat that was spun in a centrifuge.  So I fail to see your logic there.

Call me a vampire then.  I'll call you one too, you just do it with strictly plants.  I would really like to see how an ardent vegetarian like you would behave in the wilderness where one would not have the ability to grow vegetables to survive in a readily manner, but have a more easily ability to kill an animal to stay alive.  Some of these animal brothers and sisters you speak so lightly of are mostly wild animals that would kill you without hesitation so that they might also stay alive if you were to find yourself in said wilderness.  True, the animals I eat are mostly herbivores... these herbivores have probably been so widely domesticated because of how easy it is for our ancestors to capture these animals.  Of which I am very thankful for.  Bonus points that they taste good too... with or without seasoning.

The legion I am most attracted to is my own, and it is the one I'm working with.  Re-legion, religare'... to unite or bring together.  I fail to see how my view is completely materialistic.  More realistic if anything, considering we live in a material world (not to be confused with rampant consumerism).

That energy that is created during sex came from the death of something else.  That energy that sustained that sex came from consuming and causing the dying and division of another living organism.  You cannot have life without death.  There is a transfmutational and transformative event that occurs in matter whereby one thing has to die so that something else may live.  Now, Einstein rightly said that energy is not created nor destroyed but merely changes its form.  To our limited perception when something dies it is no more, but really it is alive in a form that we can no longer see.

I use nature as my guide.  Nature destroys and kills so that new life may grow and live.  It's a beautiful cycle really.  Out with the old and in with the new.  It can be cruel and beautiful at the same time.



Cheers Allen

First off, I'm not a vegan nor an ardent vegetarian, I do consume fish occasionally, so when I say vampiric, I am certainly not implying you are a vampire, as we all have tendencies towards such actions.

The how would you survive scenario is just that, a thought game, that has about as much reality to consider as how to build a car from scratch.  But to take the bait, there are plenty of people who source raw foods from nature who do this for the most part.  Having done a 40 day water fast in the past, I certainly don't see it as a dilemma to go without food for sometime, and the access to vegetation in the wilderness would seem to be flourishing.  I suspect I would be more interested in spending energy finding grass, herbs, veg, fruit than fashioning a weapon or chasing/hunting something that would need to be eaten almost immediately before it spoiled or a carnivorous animal found that it would like to challenge me for it.  

While some of these animals may kill me, I wonder under what circumstances this would occur. Wild animals don't equal carnivorous animals, nor would a carnivorous necessarily suppose I was dinner.  

As a side note, when I was eating meat, I much preferred nearly uncooked meat, as 99.9% of the carnivorous kingdom prefers, More life energy/plasma/essence as you say.  

Right on concerning the religare.  

Also, I agree with you on the limited perception...and things just changing form, yet I am unable to capture the idea of death = life from the explanation, but then again, we are probably saying th same thing, and our confused anglish lung-gauge is causing a slight riff in the communication.

I think the confusion I have with the way you are explaining it is that somehow I am not seeing how the energy during sex/6 comes from the death of something else.  I see the energy coming from the 'empty' 'dark' space that we can't rationally qualify, but I don't see how it is division that has caused the energy.  This goes in the face of most everything I have innerstood that Sevan has suggested.

Th(ankhs) for the conversation.



You're definitely more of a badass than I am bro.  I grew up eating cooked meat and prefer it that way.  I've had raw beef a few times at some Japanese restaurant, and would eat it raw if absolutely necessary.  Meat has to be heated to the right temp to cook out the bacteria.

So when you ate meat you also ate like an animal.  You animal you.  Hahahaha... 

The sex thing has mostly to do with a conversation I was trying to have with Anthony.  He touched upon some form of asceticism someone he knows had practiced, to which I wondered what he might know about White Tantra... Anthony did mention being a long-time vegetarian out of nowhere, to which I followed up in a couple sentences expressing my difference in belief.  Which in no way conflicted or harassed his lifestyle. To which you came into the conversation pushing something about how wrong you think it is to eat animals, leaving me to defend my chosen way of life.  So I think that's where your confusion on the topic of sex might be... see previous conversations.

Ummmm... I'm a little lost here too now...  I will hold to saying that I think all the energy you have flowing through your body right now is there because something is in the state of death/ transformation in your belly, giving you energy to do everything you do... including sex.

what an amazing exchange of ideas and energy we have flowing right now. I think it may be in accord with november which is a time of change. Wholeness and balanced vibrations, may you keep walking and moving forward on your respective path and reach your goal to now-here. 

I agree, ive been following this conversation for a while at work but havent been able to chime in, it was nice to sit back and get that flow. I definitely understand both sides, i knda feel bad I got us off subject with the vegetarian thing, I just wanted to give a little background on my weird regimented lifestyle.

Im reading the light of Egypt by thomas H Burgoyne book where he talks about the different states Mineral/Plant/Animal and from what I remember the ascension of consciousness. I love how this conversation tackles topics ive read about, thought about and spoke about to other people but with a more expanded view, its nice to read it with an intelligent format.

Yea, I have been vegetarian for 17 years, up until today I still cant confirm that its the most healthiest option, for me it works but there can be some nutritional deficiencies and its not iron like everyone thinks, its one of the hardest vitamins to absorb and if you have some digestive issues you will soon find out how important B12 is. The most reliable source of B12 comes from animal products, such as different types of meats, organs, fish , dairy products and eggs. This subject really rattles me, how can we be naturally vegan/vegetarian with these deficiencies? after doing a short course in gardening with permaculture principles(Permanent Agriculture) i found out how reliant we need to be on animals and insects if we want to get away from monoculture (modern mineral deficient farming). I do know meat eater who are B12 deficient  also and factory farmed animal raised on grains generally need to be injected with B12 as they are also deficient, so if its not free range there is a good chance its fortified with synthetic B12, we've really made a mess of things, in saying that I feel I need to continue with this choice.

I think maybe a long time ago we co existed with animals rather than take the hierarchy in the food chain.

In the past we used the animal manures for crops, we shared the dairy products, we gave them shelter and food, apparently in the winter months we even slept in the vicinity of cattle to keep us warm during the night, maybe even there was a time of celebrations when an animal would occasionally be slaughtered for feast, but there was an exchange.  I dont think that exchange really happens anymore, its a one way street now, the destruction of animal life when it comes to factory farming is something I couldn't consciously take  part in anymore, I dont think I will get to deep on this subject but as Zen Alchemist said its that blood lust, I think that took over and maybe we lost our way or maybe it got pushed on us. 

I truly Commend anyone who researchers the factory farming, even if they still continue eating meat or go free range, I think everyone should know the process before it hits the dinner table, that goes for veggies also, If your happy with the process then continue with your ways.

We are living in a time of question and we can no longer turn a blind eye and live in ignorance, animals need to be treated a little more humanly if they are to be slaughtered, the adrenaline in the blood alone can be enough to create boundaries within the body as with other stimulants if you dont have control of them. This is why I like to have breaks from certain things in my life, I dont like to be ruled by the physical body and need to show my body whos the boss sometimes even if  I have been well behaved, hehe! sounds strange I know.

Just a quick question for Zen Alchemist, How did you feel on the 40 day water fast,  how where you feeling in the mind during and after? I think that would have been an eye opener, I seen something a while back, studies have been done that show that I think brain activity increases when you get hungry, you body goes into survival mode and wants to think a way out of the situation and find food, from memory I think they may have said brain neurons can grow. Did you experience or do you believe you can tap into higher states of consciousness Its amazing the body can endure something like that. Also I like the analogy about the chlorophyll being blood and fruit oil being cerebral spinal fluid, makes sense to me. 

Hi Allen, Big 30 soon EH! you sound like a very balance 29 year old, I was the complete opposite, I had a lot of new information like this flowing through me, I didnt know how to channel it properly and I was a mess, the only thing that made me feel good was drinking a lot of alcohol, it was a viscous cycle. I had a lot of people worried about me, its only now that i look back and realise how much cleaning up my lifestyle  balanced me out. You seem to know a bit about abstaining or have a keen interest, 3 weeks is a good run, how did you feel during and after? Its not something I think everyone needs to do, but like you I think I get a little overactive with that side of things, as mentioned above I find I need to stop whatever im doing to much of as it can hinder me. I believe anything that has a hold on me creates boundaries in my life, even relying on certain foods, people, caffeine, alcohol, drugs and sex. If im doing these things for the wrong reason I tend to ask why, sometimes taking a break can gets the real answers, some things I go back to and other things I part ways with, I do think il give my birthday another go next year to see if I get the same results.  I agree with you that the procreating fluid we lose is a vital life force, Some animal will mate only in a certain time of year, a deciduous fruit tree will wake from its winter slumber, create chlorophyl (leaves) and absorb water, nutrients and sun to expel all of its energy to produce a fruit with a seed to procreate and go back to sleep, the evergreen trees tend to keep their leaves but go in a dormant growth cycle after this. Its a part of our life that we abuse and take for granted, we relate to nature so much.  Ive only read a little bit about tantra but its something id like to look into, ive heard good things. 

Yea Bruxby could be right with November influencing us at the moment. Theres so much more I wanted to write but I think ive ranted enough, sorry I got us on the vegetarian topic

Thanks for your kind words Anthony. I've been reflecting on the ascension of consciousness through the various kingdoms as well, of which I seem to agree with.

I recently returned from a trip to the Appalachian mountain region of West Virginia. An area that is incredibly beautiful with an abundance of life... Plant, animal, mineral... It's all there. Which is why at one time there was a heavy presence of Native Americans who made use of these lands for (I can only assume) thousands of years. We all now how that story goes. There are mound burial sites everywhere, and local farm fields are the best places to find old arrowheads or various tools... If you're lucky. Reflecting on how these old native people might have lived, and taking into mind the conditions of the surrounding area I doubted that they were once a vegetarian society. Hunter gatherers I'm sure.
I think vegetarianism in its various forms is a great lifestyle choice. We're all working with our own karma...

To return to the thing about being clean around one's birthday... I actually do recall Bonacci saying something to the effect that once a year, or maybe a few times in one's life something special happens in an individuals body to which they can grow and ascend in a better way or something?? Idk, but if you ever find out what he was referring to please share the info, or private message if you'd like.

Thanks again for the lively discussion guys.

I think that this is an interesting experience. What would be your chances of having an emotional break down near your birthday and the same happening to your girlfriend. 

I would like to try this out. 

So to be clear, 1 month before your birthday, you abstained from any stimulants? 

I feel that when we want to make things move in this universe, it is better to do it stimulant free so you know its real! ( in my RickRoss voice*)



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