Hi there,

this is my first discussion post and not sure how many people have tried this, but About a year ago when listening to Santo Bonacci he mentioned something about abstaining from all stimulants for the month of your birthday, this is because astrologically everything is lined up in your favour and if you stay pure you can connect if you raise the oils in your body.

I waited about 11 months for my birthday to come round and do this. October was the month (Libra), I dont drink alcohol or have caffeine and sugar, but anyway I had no stimulants (including sexual) for 5 weeks , leading up to and during the whole month of october also, I have have cut out out stimulants in the past a few times for longer but this time was different. Ive had some anxiety and other issues in the past which has bled me onto the path im on now, leading up to this birthday I was strong  physically,mentally and spiritually, I was ready for anything but during and after this one month thing I was left unsettled, actually I was smashed to pieces, I had a break down 2 days before my birthday, it brought some things to my attention which I was un aware of and am working on now, I had a few other experiences when waking during the night but I dont want to elaborate on them at the moment. My girlfriend also tried this for her birthday and she had a similar experience with some emotional past problems come out again, it was a really hard time for her.

One thing me and my partner both agreed on is that it left us really unsettled during and after the month was over, we had some hard lessons but have both made some positive changes in out life which I think is taking us to the next learning level, within the relationship and in our own individual experiences also.

Still to today I am unsure weather this was an astrological occurrence or just by chance, I feel like im looking at my life through another set of eyes yet again. It could just be pure coincidence also about a third the way through the month I started some light sungazing again, maybe that contibuted.

Im just interested to see if anyone else has tried this as I cant find informations anywhere about it, I might actually email santo and find out. If i cant get any answers about this topic, I will have to wait until next year and try it again to see what happens.  Its strange as our society doesnt really allow for such experiments, when you think about what most people do on the night of there birthday, party hard and have sex. Most people I know think im strange for embarking on such endevaours.

Thanks for reading my experience



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I concur as well; people come and go:  when we are walking our path there will be those who resonate with us and vice versa; only natural.  I look back sometimes and wonder where did that person go; or what happened to so and so. There were times that I found this very discouraging, but as I gained the understanding of how energy works; and that we are all vibrating at different frequency levels, subsequently being drawn to those that are a vibrational match to us:  then it all makes sense.

Sometimes we put up resistance to this known fact, trying to hold onto certain relationships, and then wonder why we are continuously being driven into circumstances that are detrimental to our own growth and insight.


I believe Sevan had mentioned somewhere in one of his lectures that this is the narrow path we take - the road less traveled; however, it still is ultimately the path that brings forth much fruit.

Not everyone will see things the way you do; and it is up to us to still use our discretion when it comes to approaching others about what we see as the way. In my opinion, it can be harmful to some people who have a limited scope lol.  

that's awesome that you have an understanding partner which makes a for a great support on your journey. You're very courageous and brave for trying this out and I commend you for that. Here are some links to help you on your way. Take care and good luck. 


Virtual Cleanse by Sevan

Hey there Bruxby,

thanks for the response and praise

Yes it is nice to have a relationship with someone who understands me, we are both on different pages sometimes but we understand each others traits and why we are the way we are and respect that of each other. Its on going work but so is life in general im finding. Thanks very much for the links, I will check them.

Cheers Anthony

Wholeness Bruxby!

"The Virtual Cleanse"  - Did you go this route; and what was your initial experience? Primarily the beginning side-effects; if any. For example; how were your energy levels; say the first week!  

I didn't go through that cleanse but I may try to attempt it one day. I am still apprehensive to rely on supplements as my main dietary regiment. My routine has fallen deeply off the balance beam since my last relationship ended so I am just focusing on rebuilding my aura stability lol. I feel kind of bad but I know it's a necessary process to go through as I try to rebuild myself and keep falling off the wagon back into old habits. At the end of the day from work (insert etymology of the root WAR) I am completely depleted both emotionally and intellectually and that just leaves me with my core at the solar plexus but since I am feeling so tired and hurt from going to work(war) I would just go and try and get instant gratification with junk food and other unhealthy habits that are in my shadow.

So, that being said after falling down another time again today after work, I will try to focus on the ajna chakra to develop better insight and strengthen myself so that I just have a bigger reservoir of being able to make a good connection and flow of balanced decisions right through work and onto the rest of the day after the battle is done.

Although, I would like to shed insight into previous attempts to purify this vehicle. It was very emotionally charged and made me confront my issues more intensely and intimately. There was much more doubts that I had to deal with and I had to be much more firm and resolved to follow through on my intentions to do the work that I feel was necessary to get rid of the previous bad habits and delusions that were weighing me down. 

If you've lived most of your adult life living in the way our degraded society has taught us (drugs, alcohol, fornication, gluttony, laziness) then over time these negative aspects become crystallized within the mind making it harder for us to change for the better and easier for us to fall back to these negative ways if we're trying to change. 

The whole thing about being "awake" is not about seeing what is going on in the world around us, or pretending to ourselves that we have a better grasp on things than most people do.  Being awake means being consciously aware of what is going on internally and externally, allowing ideas to show themselves, but not becoming identified or attached.  Simply being is what it's all about.

Regardless of whether it is your birthday or not there are things that are prevalent in this world that you should not be consuming at all.  Very little at the least, and if you do it is important to not become identified.  Santos Bonacci may say a great deal of things, but he is in no way a master.  Neither am I, but him saying that you should avoid certain substances during the month of your birthday and that they're ok during the rest of the year raises some suspicion.

The fact that you're working with yourself to improve your personal physical and psychological conditions shows that you have some awareness about what it is you're doing, and that you want to change.  Focus on that.  The path is not easy, but the rewards are great.  Always remember God and divinity.  You are never alone.

Awakening to Influences on Desire and Behavior:


Thanks for the response and link to the clip, Yes ive spent a few years now breaking down the dogma, not only education and social media indoctrination but also my own reactions to life from a young age, its amazing how you can tap into these memories that you had forgotten from a very young age to later be retrieved once again to address specific behavioural problems you may be experiencing. Just acknowledging them can make a difference in your own reactions to certain things.

I did have some bad habits as you mentioned but have addressed them in the last 4 years, ive been vegetarian for 17 years, im now vegan except for quality eggs (B12). No alcohol for 1.5 years, no drugs except occasional organic herb used in the proper format for what its intended, no coffee in 3 years, im almost off cacao as it over stimulates me, barely touch wheat or sugar and have embraced a whole food diet with some organic gardening, Ayurvedic herbs, superfoods and balancing body elements, My life has totally turned around. Everyone thinks im strange but I feel really good. I eat out occasionally and get caught with unfavourable food so im not super strict.

My mother had a friend some time ago who was a Brahma Kumari , they practice celibicy, about 2-3 years back I spoke to my mum about why they dont have sex, I did some research and was very intrigued, Since then ive tried short spells on and off doing this, when I do it I get off all stimulants completely, I started this when I was abusing myself with bad food and alcohol. the longest I went was 2 months, then 3 weeks and then some short 1 week spells. One thing I did notice every time was I would feel content and stronger physically and mentally, it may have been a placebo, but thats how I felt. I agree Bonacci is not a master but he is knowledgable with the texts, so when he mentioned abstaining and being pure for the month of your birthday I thought id never tried it over my birthday before, one month or so over my birthday wasnt to hard for me, it was only 2 things I had to give up, 2 things I dont abuse anymore so its not a bid deal. I always get something out of doing these things but this time was a little different, im still piecing it together as the weeks pass by, it may have had nothing to do with what I did but some strange thing happened, il just leave it at that.

Thanks for the response, you have given me some things to think about, I initially posted this as to see if anyone had read or heard anymore about this or even shine some light on this topic, maybe someone else out there may sync with this and try it out, I dunno, is it some ancient practice that has become taboo in the eyes of our society, everything seems to be based around abusing the body when it comes to the birthday. As a few special friends who understand me told me, you dont need a birthday present this year, your giving yourself once. I thought that was nice.


Thanks Anthony for sharing that bit about yourself. 


I tried the vegetarian thing myself, but have found that it is not for me and is possibly not even really necessary.  All things of conscoiusness die so that we may live... be it air, water, plants, minerals, and animals.  It is my opinion that we even help the monads of those entities to grow by consuming them and allowing them to mingle with our evolved make-up.  We live because something has died for us, and one day we will probably give back to that cycle in some way.  I do spend more days not eating meat than before, and I avoid pork.


The longest I've gone without spilling my seed has been about 3 weeks.  So you've got me beat there man.  My goal being 3 months (if at all).  My personal problem is that I've created so many fantasies that it makes it hard for me at times (lustful passion I think).  I think what I need to do is be more chaste in my celibacy.. or something.  It is unusual in our times to want to not spill the seed.  The majority of society seems to be identified with the negative aspects of sex.  I'm pretty sure back in the days people weren't consumed with sex like we are now (thanks to media propaganda).  Retaining one's essence was probably once just a normal part of life.  Whereas now, releasing it is the norm.  I believe the french call the spasm/ orgasm the, "little death".


I will also look into the Brahma Kumari idealogy you have shared.  Any thoughts on white tantra and sex magic, rather than completely abstaining from intercourse?


Our society is degenerated, and is continuing on that path so long as the mechanations of power continue to create this dystopia in which we live.  It's no wonder that we have this seed planted in our minds that the thing to do is get trashed on our birthdays.  I don't think most people I know can associate the word party without alcohol.  I'm turning 30 soon... I hear they call it the, "dirty 30".


Once again I thank you, and wish you the best on your path.  :)

Hey Allen WBV

I'm not really following your logic/feeling here.

Why stay away from consuming pork if it may be helpful to them?  

We don't live 'because' something died for us.  That seems to have quite religious undertones about someone/something dying so we could be 'saved' and live.  We live because we live.  Consciousness has nothing to do with consuming anything.  Wouldn't animals better 'mingle' with us while alive?  

There seems to be quite a different feeling if you were walk up to a plant that was sitting there and doesn't run from you and you consume it. Just as water is our base make up, so we take it in.  Even the life force and geometry is aligned with your best interest with fruits vegetable and water.  Then consider running after an animal that is participating in its life with its family and then violently slaughtering it, and then consuming its death.  Die/dead De-add Di-vision/split.  

If you try not to drop you seed (life force) because it is the little death, then why consume death?



Hi Anthony,

I read through your thread and there are a lot of responses!  I love to listen to Santos as well.  I think I'm aware of what you are talking about.  Santos talks about the "sacred" or "secret" fluids in the body from the pineal gland.  The fluids descend to the sacrum and then need to be raised up again.  Abstaining from poisons and to many pleasures keeps the fluid rising.  Does that sound about right?  I think he said that when the Sun is in your Zodiac on a weekly basis AND a monthly basis you can practice abstinence.  I'm not an expert, but I think it happens weekly and monthly.  Listen through some of his broadcasts and I'm sure you will stumble back upon it.  Anyway, you sound pretty legit with your dedications, kudos to you!  Hope that helps a smidge,



Hi ben, 

thanks for the response, sounds right what you said, I think he did say the fluids descend and raise again to the pineal gland. Im glad someone else has heard him speak of it, I feel a little crazy HEHE! because I cant find the video and I cant find any information on it anywhere on the net to show anyone, im just searching through his material now and trying to find where I heard this, hes got so many videos its hard to find. Il post the details when i find it, 


Hi Anthony,

  I have heard the interviews you are talking about with Santos and I am definitely intrigued as well.  As Ben indicated, and as far as i innerstand,Santos was talking about a sacred fluid being released from the pineal gland when the moon is in your sun sign.  I am not sure if it is monthly or not.  Anyways, you are able to raise it back up again if  you are celibate.  Unfortunately, that is all I have heard about the subject as I am also unable to find any other further info relating to this theory.  Please keep me in the loop if either of you try it out yourself or find further info relating to this topic.  Wholeness and balance for us all.




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