Good afternoon big bro Seven,
I thought it would be a good time to let you know what I've been working on. I took the initiative to be about it and not talk about it, and put together a small project that I hope you like. We are Group of seven resistance members who are; Janet Myers, (artist) Roxanne Skidmore, (musician) Samuel Adam Adler, (narrator) Pablo, a.k.a. Spirit matter,(artist) Quest Mark , (graphic artist, editor) Carolyn Dorleon (record keeper , advisor) and myself, as funny as that still sounds to me "hahaha".

Okay! :)
First: we are working on a children's book in an attempt to make a space for children to connect with their parents. The language hopefully is modified to bring children closer to a new way of thinking in an attempt to help with deprogramming, and aiding our Star Children get closer to their parents, and guardians who are people of the resistance whom are ready to now be guardians for our children. This is a helping hand for parents who, for lack of better words enjoy studying; metaphysics, ancient philosophy, New Age theories, lucid dreaming, and etiology is ciphering etc. In other words parents like us at the Resistance.
Seconded: The book is going to be dedicated to your daughter, and all children of the Resistance. The proceeds from this book will be donated toward scholarships for the new activation center in Coaster Rica. I know that the future of our children is something close to your heart as it is of mine and our other brothers, and sisters working on this project.

This is our little story, mind you I’m still working on the fine tuning but it looks good now.
Once upon a time, there was a forest that was nestled deep in the center of the earth. In the center of the forest was a pond, and in that pond was a frog named Hope. Hope was surrounded by the beauty of the forest, and the fish. They all lived in the pond and they all lived under a great big open sky. Hope sat upon a lily pad in the pond, which was in the center of that great forest where he sang a very sad song; he sang it very loud.
His song disturbed the fish something awful. Hope could not sing very well, however in his heart he knew there was such wonderful music. He wanted others to hear it too, but the sound came out all wrong. It was as if no one understood him, and for that reason, he was very sad. There was a song that rested deep inside his heart, and it was beautiful. No one could hear it but Hope, and he thought no one ever would. When he opened up his mouth to sing, the melodies did not come out the way he felt and heard them deep in his heart. In fact - the song was so deep, it could not get out, even when he tried really hard. Regardless, he sang anyway…
One day, while Hope was sitting upon the lily pads preparing to sing, a beautiful bird came along named Karma. Karma flew from place to place within the great forest, talking to the creatures, and singing her song which had a beautiful melody. While passing through the center of the great forest, she heard Hope singing. She heard how passionate Hope’s song was, and felt the intent of his heart. His melodies where vast, good, and filled with pure love. She wanted very much to help him sing. Without invitation, Karma began to sing her melodic song next to Hope. As they sat together upon the lily pads, hope became even more unhappy, and Karma became sad also - for her own reasons.
Karma thought to herself, her song was such a wonderful song. She hit all the notes perfectly. Nevertheless, she still felt it was missing something pure and wonderful. It was missing what was important - Her music was missing the essence of soul, it only sounded pretty. This was upsetting to Karma because her song came easy, but it was lacked the soul that Hope’s song already had. Hope knew his song lacked the beauty, of the perfect notes, that Karma's song had because he could not carry a melody. As they sat looking at one another they confided that each had what the other needed. Space and time seemed to still as they waited for the evenings to approach.
With tears in their eyes they gazed into the open sky’s horizon that lit the great forest, and smiled a sad looking smile. They both thought of how horrible to have so much to give and no way to accomplish it. They sat quietly, and sighed very deeply as they enjoyed the evening’s approach.
Their despair awakened a Great Spirit sleeping inside the heart of a Weeping Willow. It saw what was happening and felt compassion for Hope and Karma. The Great Spirit inside the heart of the weeping willow had the ability to see inside the hearts of people, creatures, and all living things. It looked upon them saw a true song pure and absolute deep inside of their hearts waiting for an opportunity to be heard. Knowing this, the mighty spirit deemed them worthy enough to assist in changing their situation. Everyone, inside of the lovely pond watched to see what would happen next.
Just before sunset Weeping Willow filled the space around the pond with a magnificent aura full of love. The gathering of love and affection from the fish in the pound, the great forest, and all its creatures created a lot of energy. Suddenly, Karma’s song gained a spirit and had a soul while Hope’s sour notes turned into a thing of beauty that came from deep in his heart and it felt good. The Mighty Spirit used the music that had been locked inside Hope and Karma to help them sing the most beautiful song.
The mighty Spirit then mixed the musical notes from the song with the wind and made a rainbow ever so quickly. Weeping Willow told Hope and Karma to hurry and eat some of the rainbow that was formed. All the forest watched and waited in awe as they both ate of the rainbow. It was a wonderful sight. After they both ate they felt even better. All of creation in the great forest was happy as the watched a rainbow of vast colors never displayed in the world before presented itself over the pond.
That evening they sang the most beautifully enchanted melodies that any being on earth had ever heard. Then the Great Spirit said their music would forever be power by good intent, and together their song created the rainbow of new colors that now sat high above the pond where the lily pads shinned and glistened in the night under the big dark sky. Hope and Karma knew at that very moment their sadness was gone forever.
Hope and Karma had such a magnificent feeling of joy when they saw what was created. Their joy bubbled within them, and they burst into a thousand wonderful, beautiful stars that bloomed in the openness of the night sky and made new constellations. Pure intent had become so strong that Hope and Karma became a new sky. Stars fixed into the deep night that shined over the rainbow hovered over the pond. Their joy continued to grow making even more vivid, miraculous, colors that filled the night air with living musical notes.
It was known to all in the forest and around the pound that the wisdom, and kindness of The Great Spirit in Weeping Willow, the unselfish love of Karma, and Hope all birthed new beauty. The constellations were now in the sky fixed in time forevermore, and the music traveled forevermore beyond the pond of the great forest to where humans lived. A secret of the magic of love that now carried the vivid new colored notes into the night toward the great beyond, and out into the universe creating the most wonderful sounds and sights anyone, or any creature had seen, or heard. The musical notes filled the world with hope, changing hearts of man, which changed their karma because, they now had a deep joy, and in time it changed their world.
They never saw the Great Spirit Weeping Willow who had visited the pond that rested deep in the center of the forest. When the people heard their music they had no idea how it came about or where it came from. When they saw the new constellation of stars, or rainbows that glistened in the night it continued to give them a deep joy, they never saw Hope the frog or Karma the bird. They never knew that the love and compassion of strangers started it all, not long ago, once upon a time far away….
This is also an attempt to encourage other members to begin projects that help others as well as themselves develop their own abilities, and realize that the Resistance is the place to do so. We wanted to thank you for making a family learning environment possible with no strings attached. No words can really express our gratitude. The project is about midway through it consist of music, narration, artwork and, language hopefully modified to open portals in bring children closer to a new way of thinking. This is an attempt to get them closer to the parents.
Note: What are the biggest concepts of this project is to expand it to a webpage were children can build their own world instead of being told what their world should be. However, we'll save that for another day for now. There's Resistance members was great ideas, great stories, and materials, that I thought could eventually turn into a campaign to steal our children back from mainstream media, imposters, and major programmers like Disney.
Third: It's I thought it would be a good idea to set up a form where we can all get to know each other better. I set up the form were interviews will be done on random members in order to let people know they are part of something wonderful , and to show other people they are important plus apart of a vast beautiful, community, with no smoke and mirrors. We want to show them the reality and what that process looks like outside the glamor. I think this form would go good with the soul group’s platform. There's been some discussion about how you've been trying to get organized set up, so I thought I would contribute.
Note: I included a copy of the questions for the interviews. They will be done with Skype recorder. I thought it would be a good opportunity to also show people that they can use a number of the free tools, supplied on the web, and figure out creative ways to use them.
Questions for soul group’s interview

1) If you could choose your own introduction to the world what would you say?
2) What inspired you to start your spiritual journey?
3) Let's do this different of you are being interviewed what would you want someone to ask you ?
4) Do you think you've suffered much throughout your life time?
5) What journey brought you here to the resistance?
6) What is the one lesson you want people to know?
7) What is your interpretation of what's going in the matrix?
8) In your opinion is it advisable to embrace your shadow self? If so to what degree?"
9) What do you think about the need to incorporate the shadow self with love and light as a whole being as opposed to denying the dark part of self?
10) If you had to tell others in 3D about us how would you interpret our family at the Resistance?
11) What do you think about the concept of a hero?
12) What is being your greatest challenge toward Ascension, enlightenment, expansion?
13) What is your greatest tool in your journey toward enlightenment, expansion, or ascension?
14) What brings you joy?
15) What’s your favorite food of all time?
Questions for A New Song group members
With your approval these questions will be set up like a collage of bibliographies during the dedication of the book or just prior to. This group will be the pilot for soul groups, consisting of the resistance members who volunteered, their talent, time and, skills on this project. They will be the first to be interviewed by Skype recorder.
1) What's special about this book and the project?
2) Do the characters in the book speak to you?
3) Whose you favorite character?
4) What is your favorite part in the book?
5) If you could say something to the world with your last words, what would it be?
I apologize for bombarding you with so much at once, but I discovered I’m not one for social protocols,“hahaha” but I am unusually real, and forthcoming. Please let me know if you like any of the ideas, and do tell your own brother. We are glad to be able to do things like this. You don’t have to stick your name on anything, or indorse anything if you don’t want, but you are welcome to if ya chose to do so. We just want you to know we got your back bro, and it feels good to do something for you as you have made this place for all of us.
From all of us, thank you,

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and thank you too regina, 4 being present, pre-sent? sentient... ya kn0w waddeye mean ;)


Sounds awesome! Very exciting concept :)

U All are Truly Appreciated. Thank U 4 the Encouragement and Compassion.

Thank U as well Sevan 4 Eye would not be on this path with out this forum th@ U have Built.




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