I am fresh to the idea of lucid dreaming, but last night i had a dream that i have had before and I'm trying to get a little insight if any on what it may mean. First off as the dream begins the first thing i see is the is myself still sleep apparently dreaming. I get this feeling someone is watching me so i look out the window but nothing is there so i begin to star gaze with a mini telescope and as i look up, there is what looks like a star following me slowly. It began to look bigger so as i moved my eye from the telescope a brief blackout happened, then i woke up on another planet. When i woke there was a alien who said he was my "TEACHER", and that i was brought to this planet so i can begin my process to take my place as a "GUARDIAN". He was here to show me how to harness my power. It felt like i was there for about a week, then suddenly i woke up.
What does this vivid dream mean. I have seen it twice now and each time it gets more detailed.

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Hi, wow what a dream! I personally wonder if you are an incarnated star person. Next time the dream occurs try and find out which planet you are on. This may then help you to do some more research on the matter. Good luck! Natasha

Interesting, thanks for the feedback and i will try to recover more info the next time.

It is amazing how similar my dreams are to some others on this site.  The night before i read this, i had a dream where I attempted to fly to specific star.  I have not figured out which star it was, or if it is a real star.  But in other dreams like it, i encountered strange beings after a similar attempt to fly to a star.  It could be pure fantasy and imagination.  Or it could be telepathic communication.  I wish i knew.  But i'm afraid no one really knows.  Check out Timothy leary, Terrance mckenna, and some guy last named Lilly.  Also Carl Jung.  The first three were pretty heavy into drugs, which i would not recommend except occasionally. Timothy leary experimented with telepathic alien contact while in prison.  Or It could be just a dream. But, I also know that some dreams ARE more than just dreams.  because I have had dreamed future events several times.  Ultimately, I think it is up to you to decipher and interpret your own dreams. IMHO.  No one knows you, like you. 

Cool dream.  Keep trying and improving. If anything lucid dreaming is fun, but it takes alot of discipline and work.

@crawl_born its pretty exciting to find out that there are others with very similar dreams and it only makes me want to find more details about this dream because when i was on the planet there were more people just like me undergoing specialized training from there own individual "Teacher/Keeper". The next time I am there I'm going to try to focus on names of teachers the planet and other beings in my class of learning.

Interesting dream.

If you continue to have the dream and, as you said, it becomes more detailed each time, over time you will surely have additional answers to its meaning.


I had another dream where I tried to fly to that same star again. I failed. I am hitting a block in my progress. I only succeeded once while trying to fly away from earth. It was pretty significant for me. So far I have been unable to reproduce the effect. I hope you have better luck. You say that others where with you. It is the same in my dream, I was in a huge hall filled with other people. We were seeking audience with a man seated on a golden throne. At his right hand was another man, smaller and less brilliant. They both emanated peace and kindness. At the left of the throne was a smaller empty throne. I understood somehow that I was like a witness in judgement. Giving testimony to crimes I had seen.

i 2 have been unable to return i think partially is because i have no idea in which direction its in bt ive been detoxing for a month now and my dream world has definitely expanded i feel as if i must first conquer the lower level of innerstanding before i can meet back with my "Teacher" on The Planet.

hey Jalen Haywood , I appreciate your sharing a description of these reoccurring themes in dreams and look forward to everyone's expansion in clarity. i recall in my dreams, a planet along with a guide or teacher type being, one who demonstrates either transformation or communication abilities. thanks again for offering your visions, wholeness :)

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