While I do have a lot of plans and Things on my mind for this group,

I thought it would also be nice to just compile and post music that makes you feel the most,

alive and... drives you to rise.

so here, let me begin posting some Musicians and pieces. 

(for some reason embedding does not seem to currently work, I will investigate why)


Nujabes : Soul Full Hip Hop, speaking of dimensions, transcending space time, 

seeing beauty and the divine.


Grotote, not sure if this is the artists name but GREAT, rythmic, acoustic guitar with inspiring lyrics.


"Tycho", I discovered this artist through the playlists on our site, a truly wonderful musician.


"Emancipator", Melancholic Electro Jazz, with spirit infusing melodies... 

Whatever your block is you can work it out and through with music, immerse yourself and 

let your soul speak to you as you shift your reason / logic / emotions / flow.


"General Fuzz" 

Put together all of his music FREE, download here, 

Amazing work, www.generalfuzz.net



i think it's good to remember all music is a portal! :D

Some other artists, from different genres:

The Crystal Method, Modest Mouse,

Gustav Holst (Classical: Wrote the piece "The planets", great also) 

What music moves you? Stirs your spirit? 

Did you know that Spirit is an annagram of Pi-Stir?

The interconnection of geometry which the german philosopher goethe

remarked was "Frozen Music", can set in motion the ocean of emotion...

Stir the Pi, flare up the PHI! :D 

Thank you for your participation in "reality"

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These definitely stir my emotions and spirits;




And this... Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TgunF7KbgmY

Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6LY11kV444&feature=relmfu

I like a lot of dubstep too. If I play it loud enough it almost has the same effect as the gong has, and by that I mean it almost penetrates to the cellular level.

I like Melodic Dubstep, Chillstep and Raggastep.

Go listen to MrMoMMusic : http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMoMMusic?feature=watch everything here is good and mood uplifting!

Wow, thanks for all the replies :)

What a wealth we are amassing here. 

A Bun Dance as kitty would say.

I discovered this musician today, and below are some other favourites of mine:




I really love this song, here you try it : }


This is my favorite song! 

Everyone that hears it , loves it.


Electronic Sound at 528hz

432hz Fast Paced - Space Ambient

wow mark, that 2nd video lead me on such a journey, fantastic! thanks for posting it. 

thanks guys, i have enjoyed the music links. here's 1 of my favorites

Brian Eno for a slow tempo vibe



I recently created and posted some of my own musical creations and so many things tried to keep me from doing it, but once I pushed through all the barriers, it flowed like the water of a river rushing to the sea!  I found the expierience brought me to a whole new level of vibration and has alowed me to dream more lucidly and brought a new level of sight to my third eye. Thank you all on this site for sharing this beautiful library of diverse music and comments. Good vibration and harmony to you all!



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