Of all money in circulation, it is estimated that less than 3% is what would be considered a tangible asset. The other 97% is digital money. The significant problem with digital money is that it is always accompanied by a debt. This is not true where the actual money represents the amount of wealth. Where there is no actual money, the numbers represent a credit and a debt. 

The debt is the major issue burdening all of our nations and Positive Money and other groups identify this debt-based money as the cause of much of our suffering. All of our nations struggle to pay the interest on the debt and this does not look likely to change anytime soon.

Until the system is reformed and money is created debt free, we will continue to be held back by the amount of debt, which will inevitably lead to lack of credit, unemployment, tax rises and damaging austerity. 

Please will you all watch this documentary and if you resonate with it then please send it on to your friends making sure to emphasize just how important this issue is. 


The money supply becomes over-inflated through the current method, especially since Glass Steagall was repealed. In times of boom there is too much credit with spiralling inflation and when the confidence wanes there is the consequential bust. Now less money than is needed is being created hence the term 'cruch'. People are paying off their debts and this leads to money being destroyed leaving insufficient funds in the economy to supply credit to small and medium enterprises. 

The whole system is flawed and overdue reform. Only through people power will this ever change because the establishment has far too much to gain from this easy way of creating money and making profit. 

Allowed to run freely, economy based on usury and debt will always consume itself. The debt will always increase beyond the level of actual money as is found in the UK at present where even if all money in the economy was used to pay off debt, we would still remain £306 billion in debt. This is purely unacceptable and one of the many examples why reform is desperately needed. 

Please help to spread the word. 

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