Vortex (Torus) Based Mathematics | Marko Rodin (circa 1993?)

Rewire your mind to pure symmetrical maths and the unfolding of the universe.

Within, you will be taken on a spiraling tour through the toroidal roller coaster of our deterministic universe. Dark Matter, the vibratory essence of all things.

This came from a discussion with TFR on time, my mind has wanted to drive the left brain a bit more and I hope it helps show you perfect time, and perfect maths. A model that will help reshape everything from the ground up when its principles are applied.

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Comment by Karrade on January 26, 2013 at 8:09am

The more I understand of this, the more I realise this is zero point energy or at least vast savings in efficiency of all mathmatics. The speed of computers for instance would be so much increased.


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