Philosopher Gregory Sams on The Moore Show

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Comment by Neil Warren on June 16, 2013 at 12:33am
Chaos theory.. Order out of chaos..

Looking at this I was reminded of iron filings on a plate spread around willy nilly, once a frequency is introduced, the filings take on pacific shapes and patterns. If all life and all matter is energy vibrating at different frequencies, then chaos theory makes sense.

Something else I found interesting was the insight here about science not looking at spirituality. That it was the Church's sole domain. Therefore promoting a materialistic world view without questioning the authority of organised religion.

Also, if the sun did take a well aimed shot at us, knocking out our electrical grids, then it's true, there would be chaos, but out of that would be born a more natural way of life without the electro magnetic soup we are all swimming in.

Just a few thoughts, if anyone can help with my innerstanding, if I've missed something completely obvious, then please do speak-up!


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