This recording was spontaneous and inspired by the herbal detox through the Resistance Virtual Cleanse. Apologies for the camera angle, it's just the way it happened at the time. Now- on to the lesson learned...

As your body becomes lighter your body gets in tune with your soul/higher self.
As this happens you become aware of subtle differences in your daily life and your mind becomes clearer too.

You start seeing events unfold around you and as you connect and interact in this reality - you'll find more and more that your reaction to it is but a simple choice.

As you move deeper into this new awareness you connect with your heart.
Raise your frequency through the detox and healthy diet changes. This along with other methods, like crystal meditation and working with higher frequencies (tones and music) helps too.

In that place of peace and bliss can you overcome the duality between positive and negative. The fear and clouded thinking about the external world starts to fall away. The simple TRUTH: there is really NOTHING to fear!

How incredible are these gifts!

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Comment by Elke on March 31, 2013 at 2:54pm
Beautiful. When we clear out inside, we clear out our perception of outside indeed. The trails are attempts to frighten with "light show" effects, like ghost stories at campfires. Our consciousness is more open at night time around the fire. Just like our consciousness is more open when we look "up" from our ever downwards focus, in our car box, our house box, our work box. We have an opportunity at those moments to be open without fear, and thus transcend the falling into the light show as a dramatic main character.


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