Ponder this thought...(imo)
Ancient civilizations were gifted with technologies to build monuments that still stand today, existing beyond all tests of time, monolithic structures..Those ancient civilizations were more grounded and "Spiritual", there were obviously gifted by none other than ancient astronauts.
Its more clear to me now as to WHY our civilization hasn't been "...gifted" yet. We have been functioning out of balance..Spirituality is key, to our grounding, and reconnection! Realize WHO you are. A Spiritual being, having a human experience. An advance consciousness will not infringe on our "Free Will", we must WANT IT, the more for ourselves spiritually, in a physical form called Humanity. Therefore, we are easier to work with. ONENESS Is the Key to our evolution and spirituality. Understand that duality in this dimension is a necessary catalyst for us to WAKE UP! We are not to be sucked into the negative aspects of duality, unless of course, it is a FREE WILL choice.
WE HAVE A CHOICE! We wouldnt be here, if that didnt exist in 3D

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Comment by Denise La Roche on August 26, 2010 at 6:10pm
this series is one of my favorites. thanks 4 sharing!


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