Do see the post related to this titled "LOSS OF FREE WILL - LOOKING DEEPER INTO CNN/CANAAN"

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Comment by whole on April 13, 2010 at 5:30pm
wow i use to tell people here in the U.S.A./US about burrundaga, wich is a rape drug used for theft and all sorts of things. and yes is everywhere in colombia (well the plant that is) i am colombian, i "know". well my uncle is a bum in colombia and drug addict. since he was 18, he is now 52. i believe he had dose of that and that's why he lost his way, his "will". this is no joke. i personally know how bad this drug is. my mother almost got robbed in Colombia with that. she started feeling dazed and she got scared and grabbed my little brother and held him tight and started screaming for help. cause she couldn't tell what was going on but something told her to grab on to my brother, well they took everything but him. well story goes she was at the air port coming into Colombia from the states and before coming out the doors of the airport where you get your luggage she noticed people surrounding her all over then she began to feel the daze affects it gives you.i think she was to far from where it got blown at her, because thats how they do it. so story goes that they took all the bags and purse from her. We always have armed men waiting for us at the airport, why? is not that you must have bodyguards but IS WILD IN COLOMBIA. ALOT of kidnapping from tourist not that we are and we speak the lingo also. but out there you stand out like a sore thump if you are coming from the states. but yes people is true. is deadly it can kill you if you take to much or leave you like my uncle lost. they mix it with cocaine if they are looking to kill you. when one boss wants to kill the other boss and knows he like to use it well he will spike his product ship it to him and get him to try it and that's it.. hes done and if he doesn't then the product goes out to the street and the kids that use it will overdose, you see it all the time in drug wars.. i lived the life all my life, most of it when i was young. i came from a drug trafficking family. sad but true. so that's why i took time to write this, because life wasn't easy for me growing up and now this... awaking!..wow.. i went from the wrong side of the fence to over the fence and above and beyond..lol i stay right beside you all where ever the most high is...i hope this helped a little i mean i dont know for what but hey the burundanga story is a fact.. and i am sure the elites knew this and is been used a lot over the years, inside other products in very small doses.. i use to ask people here in this country if they have heard of this and no one knew of it. and ive always spoken about it. now that i see this video i am like" wow" i cant believe i am hearing and seeing this. i thought this news would never travel this way.. well shows me and you they all been knowing things like this.. exotic plants that is...


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