Bruce Lipton's Latest Training - Genes and Biology.

Why Genes don't control biology, and why instead we control genes.

Environment effects DNA, it sends the signal which chooses which part of DNA to activate or build upon. The signals go through the perception of the individual, the skin, nerves etc - generating the conditions in the body, which the protein then uses to create what is created. If the protein doesn't exist, the environment sends the signal to the cell - gene to create or change the shape of the protein needed.

About 1 hour in he goes into how love indicates growth on a biological level and how fear/fight/flight indicates the proteins moving into a protection mode, where no growth occurs. Proteins have two types of signals they respond to love(growth)or fear (protection).

Quote - The hormones squeeze the blood vessels and push the blood vessels to the fight/flight reflex or the logic area of growth. In the former you are less intelligent in the latter you have your higher reasoning centers.

So if everyone is stressed ALL the time, you are contracting and becoming less intelligent, he goes into the detail of this.

Overall how movement/action and life relates, where life comes from biologically/energetically, and how we develop.

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