Awaken The Mother Mind (The Divine Feminine) By Credo Mutwa

Awaken The Mother Mind (The Divine Feminine) By Credo Mutwa (A Zulu Sangoma and High Sanusi)

Mother mind = The Divine Feminine
Warrior mind = The Divine Masculine

Credo's Script:
Awaken the mother mind within every one of you human beings.
Our people believe that every human being, male or female has got two minds:
1. The Mother mind
2. The Warrior mind.

The warrior mind (left- brain) looks at things logically. The warrior mind sees 2+2 =4

But the mother mind (right- brain) says nothing of that kind. The mother mind... I don't know how can I explain this. The mother mind does not think in a line way as warriors do. The Mother mind thinks sideways, sideways and upward and downward.

We must awaken the mother mind within us. We must feel what is going on in the world. We mustn't just listen to newspapers. We must ourselves, feel..

It is said by the Zulu people, that women think in their pelvic area where children grow and are born... we must think that way. We must no longer look at a tree, but must see a living entity like me in that tree. I must no longer look at a stone, but I must see the future lying dormant in that stone.What minerals are there?

That's all.

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Comment by luannalovell on January 7, 2012 at 7:57pm

i like this..balance

Comment by Paulo Dias on January 3, 2012 at 1:43pm

thank you for sharing! :)


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