Yahweh Demiurge Christ and the Grail-Stone Time-Wars..

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The Enemies of Awakening

Unfortunately there are antagonists who have greatly profited from our spiritual coma; the World Dream has afforded them an environment removed from greater Creation, an environment now populated by dim souls helpless as fish at low tide. Archonic powers reign as kings over an empire of dreams.

The prime antagonist against spiritual lucidity is the Corrupted Demiurge. Through its influence, the World Dream has become a World Nightmare unwilling to release its grip; the human race has become its prisoner. In the first Gnosis article, I explained how physicality imprinting upon the Demiurge gives rise to a predatory extension committed to ideals of materialism, just as the world imprinting upon our soul creates ego. To recap, imprinting means influencing, programming, shaping, or conditioning. While the Demiurge may create the physical universe, the physical universe, in turn, may influence the Demiurge. The law of the jungle, survivalism, determinism, looking out for yourself, survival of the fittest, eat or be eaten — these ideals rooted in the realm of matter can rub off on the Demiurge, creating a living “thoughtform” extension of the Demiurge that is dedicated to those same ideals. Likewise, through occult rituals, emotional energy, and demiurgic technology, negative beings can likewise condition the Demiurge. If they do it for anti-spiritual reasons, then what results is an anti-spiritual extension of the Demiurge. In both cases, the Demiurge is influenced or “imprinted” by the physical universe, by that which serves matter and opposes spirit.

The same can be explained in terms of waking/dreaming, where the World Dream has given power to an entity dedicated to the ideals of spiritual sleep.

While one might think the Etheric Tide shall put an end to all this, keep in mind that the Corrupt Demiurge’s agents — from negative alien deceivers to their human shadow military cohorts — have been preparing to endure and capitalize upon the coming changes instead of trying to stop them. They are aiming to maintain and secure their control in a Fourth Density environment. Or put another way, the Corrupted Demiurge seeks to expand its tyranny beyond the current spacetime bubble, beyond the current provisional timeline, into what comes after and beyond. It aims for transubstantiation from our current dream world into the Real World — Fourth Density and up — so that it may reign there as well.

Awakening of the World Soul does not by itself guarantee what will awaken and reign. Will the original and rightful Logos resume control, or will the Corrupted Demiurge extend its dominion?

To draw another metaphor, the Demiurge is like a computer, the Logos the operating system, Corrupted Demiurge the virus, Christ the antivirus program, and lesser thoughtforms are various executables. Our current Cosmic Sleep is equivalent to “Safe Mode,” whereby reality now runs at lower resolution with higher functions disabled. When we finally come out of Safe Mode through a reboot, what will be in control — the operating system or the virus? If the latter, awakening would simply result in a higher sleepwalker or zombie, fully animated but mentally and spiritually defunct. Then mankind would become nothing more than etherically enhanced instruments of ego, both their own and the World Ego, hence they would become superhuman vessels for the Corrupted Demiurge; after all, that is what higher negative forces are already.

The key danger we face is that our spiritual rebirth becomes a spiritual abortion, that instead of graduation to a higher positive environment there occurs transition to a higher negative environment. In other words, the key danger is that Earth becomes Fourth Density Service-to-Self planet; that is the ultimate goal of the negative alien agenda.

How can they achieve it? Since they cannot stop the Etheric Tide, they would need to secure control of the other two factors: human consciousness and demiurgic technology. The Etheric Tide energizes, human consciousness modulates, and demiurgic technology reconfigures. Sufficient reconfiguration would afford them total domination.

In context of the Lucifer Rebellion myth, this would amount to Lucifer reacquiring the jewel that fell from his crown and completing the rebellion to become King of the World. That is what the negative secret societies mean when they speak of the “return of the Sun King” and the other occult phrases tracked by synchromystics. They await the total triumph of their prime demiurgic benefactor.

Seat of the World Soul

The sleep metaphor continues when we consider how the pineal gland functions as a regulator of wake and sleep via its periodic release of melatonin and DMT. Melatonin establishes conditions conducive for sleep while DMT triggers the final projection into the dream state. What is the technological analogue to the pineal gland? None other than the Grail Stone. Melatonin and DMT are loosely analogous to the Etheric Tide and Etheric Tsunami; the first has a priming function, the second a decoupling function.

The pineal gland has traditionally been considered as the seat of the soul, while the Grail Stone is the seat of the World Soul or Demiurge. The Grail Stone can reconfigure physical reality via its “root access” to the Demiurge. Additionally, the Grail Stone is oracular, allowing communication from hyper-dimensional intelligences just as the third eye, associated with the pineal gland, allows visual perception of information from beyond spacetime. The jewel in Lucifer’s crown is represented in Indian mythology as a jewel embedded in the forehead and is equated with the third eye.

Hence there are symbolic connections and functional analogues between the Grail Stone, pineal gland, and the third eye. One can see this everywhere. Consider how the Great Pyramid with its vowel resonators and Ark Stone placement mimics the human vocal tract and pineal gland placement; operation of the Great Pyramid may have paralleled the process of stimulating the pineal gland through overtone chanting. Overtone chanting at skull-resonant frequencies produces spherical standing waves that converge upon the pineal gland, which is located at the skull’s precise geometric center. Just as stimulation of the pineal gland opens one up to other realms, so may operation of the Great Pyramid have opened access to other demiurgic intelligences such as the Yahweh entity. Other connections worth mentioning are the secret society obsession with pine cone symbolism and the mathematical fact that pine cone geometry is a type of vortex; vortex symbolism figures prominently into the Grail subject and will be discussed in the next article.

The most important parallel between the Grail Stone and pineal gland is that, just as the latter regulates wake and sleep, so may the Grail Stone have played an instrumental role in the transition between Cosmic Wake and Cosmic Sleep. Use or abuse of the Grail Stone is what may have knocked us into the World Dream in the first place. This is just another way of saying abuse of demiurgic technology corrupted the timeline.

It’s only a matter of interpretation whether we entered into Cosmic Sleep, underwent a Fall into this darkened realm, or were deviated onto a corrupted timeline. These are all different ways of framing the same problem. To better explain how demiurgic technology may have corrupted our timeline, a discussion on timeline dynamics is in order.


How do thoughtforms tie into timeline dynamics? Once created, they ceaselessly pursue their programming until the astral archetypes delineating their objectives are fully manifested in the physical. That is their demiurgic function, to take an archetypal template and realize it in the physical. Usually they do this by exerting pressure upon the timeline at quantum bifurcation points, bending it toward the probable futures where their objectives are fulfilled. Thoughtforms may be interpreted as strange attractors located in the future, pulling various timeline pathways toward them like magnets attracting iron particles along their magnetic field lines.

The prime objective of the Demiurge is to fashion the Universe, to generate and perpetuate physicality. This objective is met every second as the Demiurge or World Thoughtform collapses quantum wave functions into tangible configurations, like a sliding zipper meshing together separate strands into a single line. Hence linear time ticks on with or without our participation.

The Demiurge is responsible for time itself, just as an author is responsible for time within a novel’s plot, or the subconscious for time in a dream. Lesser thoughtforms, which are but extrusions of the Demiurge, respectively modulate the properties of time according to their archetypal impulse. Weaker thoughtforms merely have probabilistic influence, nudging the course of events toward one probable future instead of another, while stronger thoughtforms could conceivably reformulate the entire timeline. An author may feel a weak impulse and merely change the direction of the story, or a strong impulse and rewrite it from scratch.

Christ and Yahweh signify the diametrically opposed primary extensions of the Demiurge rooted in divergent probable futures. In one probable future, the Christ thoughtform has accomplished its objective of spiritualizing matter, restoring all fallen souls, and placing physicality back under the reign of the Logos. In the other probable future, Yahweh has fully matterized spirit, enchained higher souls into the darkest of conditions, and thereby secured for itself the most exquisite energy source.

Each exerts its influence upon the timeline, each represents a particular state, aspect, or extrusion of the World Thoughtform, and each sends its feedback flow into the present from our perceived future. In turn, we send our feedback flow into the future via the causal consequences of how we respond physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our response increases or diminishes the strength of either future/thoughtform via the past-future feedback loop.

While the Logos is beyond even the Demiurge and is an eternal intelligence beyond time, the Christ impulse appears to be a provisional thoughtform active within linear time as a probability current flowing toward the best of all possible outcomes. Meanwhile, Yahweh is one flowing toward the worst. None can deny that these worlds exist as probable futures; it follows from the simple fact that not all futures are equal, thus some are better than others, and there exists the best and worst among them.

Christ and Yahweh are completely goal oriented like any thoughtform, ceaselessly working to fulfill their objectives, one toward ultimate balance and the spiritualization of matter, the other toward ultimate imbalance and deadening of spirit. Consequently, our timeline is under competition by two primary opposing time loops, or equivalently, our world is the intersection between higher and lower realms. This dynamic is represented in the Gnostic Christian symbol of the vesica piscis, two circles intersecting.

The late Philip K. D***, science fiction author and modern Gnostic, speculated on the matter as follows:

The Logos is not a retrograde energetic life form, but the Holy Spirit, the Parakletos, is. If the Logos is outside time, imprinting, then the Holy Spirit stands at the right or far or completed end of time, toward which the field flow moves (the time flow). It receives time: the negative terminal, so to speak. Related to the Logos in terms of embodying world-directives and world-organizing powers, but at a very weak level, it can progressively to a greater degree overcome the time field and flow back against it, into it, impinging and penetrating. It moves in the opposite direction. It is the anti-time. So it is correct to distinguish it from the Logos, which so to speak reaches down into the time flow from outside, from eternity or the real universe. The H.S [Holy Spirit] is in time, and is moving: retrograde. Like tachyons, its motion is a temporal one; opposite to ours and the normal direction of the universal causal motion.

Equilibrium is achieved by the Logos operating in three directions: from behind us as causal-time-pressure, from above, then the final form, the very weak H.S. drawing toward perfection each form. But now equilibrium as we know it is being lost in favor of a growing ratio of the retrograde teleology. This implies we are entering, have entered, a unique time: nearing completion of the manifold forms. Last pieces are going into place in the over-all pattern. The task or mode of the H.S. is completing. Not beginning, not renewing or maintaining, but bringing to the end, to the close. An analogy would be the transit of a vehicle from one planet to another; first stage is the gravity of planet of origin; then equilibrium of both planets in terms of their pull; then the growing pull of the destination gravity-field as it gradually takes over and completes the journey. Beginning, middle, end. At last one senses the receiving field engage, and then correct. (Philip K. D***, In Pursuit of Valis, pp. 64-65)

Corruption of the timeline stems from the corruption of the Demiurge, for the Demiurge is time. Both the quality of time and the fabric of history were affected by this corruption. If the Demiurge is responsible for time in general, the Corrupted Demiurge is responsible for linear time in particular, for the limitations imposed by linear time are favorable to its agenda. Those who succumbed to the Corrupted Demiurge underwent a Fall into the limited spacetime bubble we are now accustomed to, a realm where time marches ceaselessly forward toward entropy, atrophy, and decay and the senses are confined to the domain of matter and electromagnetic energy. These conditions, which define the Cosmic Sleep, serve to increasingly isolate us from true reality. Were it not for the influence of Spirit/Logos, every last one of us would be matrix puppets.

Hence the influence of Logos, which intervened through the Christ or Holy Spirit thoughtforms as a direct counter-reaction to the threat of the Corrupted Demiurge, may be said to be working “over and against” linear time. It counters linear time not by creating a reversed linear time flow, but a nonlinear type of time harmonized with the Logos. (In mathspeak: imaginary time. Tachyons don’t move backwards in time, but propagate in imaginary time. The opposite of causality is not reverse causality, but acausality). It works through synchronistic, nondeterministic, critical point intervention instead of cold mechanistic calculation. It works through the butterfly effect. Many of the parables attributed to Jesus pertain to this.


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