Archon's, Aliens and Gnostic, Hopi teachings..

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Comment by Neil Andna on April 30, 2013 at 7:41am


loss of a large block of interrelated memories; complete or partial loss of memory caused by brain injury, shock, etc.

1780–90;  /span> Neo-Latin  /span> Greek amnēsía,  variant of amnēstía  oblivion; perhaps learnedly formed from mnē-,  stem of mimnḗskesthai  to remember (cf. mnemonic) + -s-  + -ia -ia. See amnesty
a defect in memory, esp one resulting from pathological cause, such as brain damage or hysteria

[C19: via New Latin from Greek: forgetfulness, probably from amnēstia  oblivion; see amnesty ]

Hi Keith, thank u for bringing this back, yes we all having amnesia, r u willing to read war in heaven along with me so we can have a stimulating informative discussion, here is a small paragraph to wet your appetite :


{The Theocrats know a lot more about psychology than people do. In a crude analogy with computers, it is as though people can handle data input and output, and some have enough professional skills to modify some programs slightly, but the Theocrats not only know the software far more completely, but also have much easier access to the special "command mode" used to modify it. This command mode is the telepathic chain reaction used in religious mind control.

Of course, trained human psychics also have access to it, and so do spirits in the Invisible College, but it is still extremely difficult to free people from Theocratic control. The mind of the average person is run by software designed by the Theocrats to keep people from consciously finding out they exist. they simply can't understand or believe it, because the very mental programs they use for understanding and believing things, and drawing rational conclusions from certain kinds of information, were designed by the Theocrats.

In their explanation of the Theocrats' programming techniques, Griffith's guides note that memory storage and retrieval in the human mind is a cumulative rather than an absolute process. Data has to be received repeatedly, if details are to be recorded, and should be periodically retrieved. Otherwise it will be automatically forgotten.}

Comment by Neil Andna on August 18, 2011 at 9:21am
Are (humanity)not the Archons :

Gnostic teachings constantly emphasize that the Archons are imitators who cannot produce anything original, yet they arrogantly claim they can.

Overseen by Yaldabaoth, the Archons now proceed to fabricate the planetary system from the inorganic elements of which them themselves are composed. As they have no intentionality (ennoia) and no creative capacity (epinoia) of their own, they can only do this by imitation.

What has the human race actually created that nature hasn't already perfected ?

Bought anything Chinese lately ?

Mmm I know I will not get any comments on this because we are in denial...

No we are not the Archons Neil, they over there on the dark-side of the moon LOL


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