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What is your current spiritual level of innerstanding?
How did you find out about the Resistance?

My way... from around the net-

Are humans designed to eat meat?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Most people still mistakenly believe that humans are meat-eaters by design. However, an objective comparison between the

characteristics of naturally vegetarian animals and naturally carnivorous ones, as shown below, reveals that this belief

is false:

Why Humans are Natural Vegetarians
Characteristic Carnivore Vegetarian Human
Appendages Claws Hands/hoofs Hands
Intestines Short - to rapidly excrete putrefying flesh Long - to fully digest nutrients in plant foods Long - to fully

digest nutrients in plant foods; flesh foods cause constipation
To cool body Pants Sweats Sweats
Manual dexterity None Grasping hands capable of using tools or weapons Grasping hands capable of using tools or weapons
Vitamin C Manufactured internally Obtained solely from diet Obtained solely from diet
Water intake Laps water Sips water Sips water
Excrement Putrid Inoffensive Offensiveness depends on diet
Eating habits Large meals taken infrequently Snack feeder Varies widely
Diet Consumes flesh exclusively Exist largely on fruits and nuts Depends on environment; highly adaptable
Food preference Salty/fatty food Sweet-toothed Likes both sweet and salty/fatty food
Relationship with food Bolts food down Likes to combine flavours, savour food, experiment with variety Likes to combine

flavours, savour food, experiment with variety
Brain power Small brains, less capable of adaptive behaviour Large brains, able to rationalise Large brains, able to


Straight Talking from an Expert
In 1990, William Clifford Roberts, the distinguished editor in chief of The American Journal of Cardiology, wrote:

Although human beings eat meat we are not natural carnivores. We were intended to eat plants, fruits and starches! No

matter how much fat carnivores eat, they do not develop atheroschlerosis. It's virtually impossible, for example, to

produce atheroschlerosis in the dog even when 100 grams of cholesterol are added to its meat ration. (This amount of

cholesterol is approximately 200 times the average amount that human beings in the USA eat each day!) In contrast,

herbivores rapidly develop atheroschlerosis if they are fed foods, namely fat and cholesterol, intended for carnivores...

Thus, although we think we are one and we act as if we are one, human beings are not natural carnivores. When we kill

animals to eat them, they end up killing us because their flesh, which contains cholesterol and saturated fat, was never

intended for human beings, who are natural herbivores.

1.The chemical fungicide sprays used in modern farming kill fungus artificially and this means the plants and crops do not have to trigger their own defence - salvestrols. You only find them in any amount today in organically grown food.

2.The most widely-used fungicides are very powerful blockers of CYP1B1 and so if you eat enough chemically-produced food it wouldn't matter how many salvestrols you consumed they would not be activated into the cancer-destroying agent they are designed to be.

Cancer cells have a unique 'biomarker' that normal cells do not, an enzyme called CYP1B1 (pronounced sip-one-bee-one).

Enzymes are proteins that 'catalyse' (increase the rate of) chemical reactions.

The CYP1B1 alters the chemical structure of something called salvestrols that are found naturally in many fruit and vegetables. This chemical change turns the salvestrols into an agent that kills cancer cells, but does no harm to healthy cells.
Salvestrols are recently discovered nutrients from fruits, vegetables and herbs and may play a part in the health benefits provided by these food sources

The body uses these compounds as part of a natural physiological mechanism that probably developed in mammals 150 million years agoResearch suggests that salvestrols may behave like a cell's guardian, helping to keep it healthy and maintain its normal functions.


Radionics is a method of diagnosis and treatment at a distance which utilizes specially designed instruments practitioner

can determine the underlying causes of diseases within a living system, be it human, animal, plant, or the soil itself.

While Radionics is mainly used to diagnose and treat human ailments, is has also been used extensively in agriculture to

increase yields, control pests and enhance the health of livestock.

Radionics as a healing art originated from the research of the distinguished American physicians Dr. Albert Abrams. He was

born in San Francisco in 1863 and became one of the most highly qualified specialists of his day. A graduate of the

University of California, he wrote several medical text books and eventually won for himself a national reputation as a

specialist in diseases of the nervous system.

In the course of his research Abrams made the startling discovery that diseases could be measured in terms of energy, and

he devised and instrument which calibrated dials which enabled him to identify and measure disease reactions and

intensities. From this work, called E.R.A. of the Electronic Reaction of Abrams, came Radionics as we know it today.

Leading British physician Sir James Barr considered Abrams' discoveries to be among the most significant of the day.

Not surprisingly, certain elements of the medical and scientific community attacked Abrams' work and sought to discredit

him. In 1924, the year of Abram' death a committee of the Royal Society of Medicine under the Chairmanship of Sir Thomas

(later Lord) Horder investigated his claims. To the astonishment of medicine and science, the committee, after exhaustive

tests, has to admit that Abrams' claim was proven.

During the 1930's in the United States, Chiropractor Dr. Ruth Drown added further dimensions to Radionics through the

discovery that diagnosis and treatment could be carried out from a distance. In the 1940's the main focus of Radionic

research switched to England and the De La Warr Laboratories in Oxford. Instruments and techniques were refined and

extensive work was done in the field of radionic photography originally initiated by Dr. Drown in California. The 1960's

saw completely new concepts emerge for Malcom Raes' research into Radionics instrumentation and homeopathic potency

simulation, and the introduction by Chiropractor Dr. David Tansley of a whole new basis for Radionic diagnosis and

treatment based on the subtle anatomy (energy fields) of man, which subsequently revolutionized the theory and practice of

Radionics throughout the world.


As the earth revolves between midday and midnight the current flows towards the sun, but during the other half of its

revolution between midnight and midday the current (also sweeping towards the sun) will flow in the opposite direction.

Man is a microcosm of the macrocosm and this process is similarly reflected in his system. Therefore his energy currents

also alternate between his polarities; north-south, east-west. These energy currents are in fact the breath.

This is the reason why the breath is of vital importance, and we deal with this in greater detail later in the book. At

various times the breath predominates through one nostril or the other.

The alternation of the breath in this way produces the change of direction in the flow of energy currents and the

revolution of the chakras.

We have seen that each level of consciousness is a basic vibration and these vibrations are called tattwas in Hindu

terminology. In western terms they may be called elements, temperaments or humours. As the currents flow in various ways,

different tattwas or elements manifest more or less strongly in the system.

Our systems, therefore, are subject to continuous change and a continuous flow of humours as one element runs its course

and gives place to another. The whole principle of this flow of changing vibrations is often known as the Tattwic Tides.

Tattwic Tides.
The flow of tattwic tides in the human system corresponds to the flow of tattwic tides in the universal system. This is

the basis of the hermetic adage 'As above so below'. The flow of tattwas in the universal system manifests as the

planetary influences, the signs of the zodiac and as the seasons. Within the human system too there are seasons, solar and

lunar cycles and zodiacal changes in a corresponding pattern. Thus the outer and the inner life reflect each other. The

tattwic tides are the working out of the periodic or cyclic law in manifestation. All manifestation is a vibration between

poles as we have seen in Chapter One. The actual rhythms, the detailed courses of the flow of the energies, and the

different levels at which they flow are the tattwic tides. It is a fascinating thought that with a knowledge of the forces

which are at work in both the universal and human systems and the directions in which they flow one is actually able to

calculate the course of future events.

The Caduceus.
There are several interesting features concerning this pattern of forces

Each chakra is a vortex of energy which revolves under the influence of a positive and negative current acting upon it in

just the same way as the rotor of an electric motor revolves when positive and negative electric currents are applied to it.

When the polarity of the current is reversed so that the positive and negative currents are each changed to the opposite

pole, the electric motor will of course change the direction of its revolution.

An identical process takes place at each chakra.

The current flowing on one side of the body is positive and on the other is negative. As these currents cross at the nodes

the positive one being dominant causes the chakra to revolve in its own direction. In effect, therefore, each chakra appears to revolve in the opposite direction to the one above and below it. These points lead to a further conclusion based upon the laws of electricity known to modern science. A conductor placed within an electric coil through which current is flowing will conduct a current along its length in one direction. When the flow is reversed in the coil so also s the flow revered in the conductor.

Likewise, the energy at the hub of the chakra will be outgoing or incoming according to the direction in which it is revolving. The direction of its revolution is itself determined by the influence of the positive and negative currents through the right and left sides of the body.

Alternating Currents.
However, these currents are not direct but are alternating ones. Here again the alternation of the currents is a similar process to that occurring when electricity is generated. As the rotor of the dynamo revolves between the poles of the

fixed magnet it cuts the lines of force first in one direction and then in the other so that a current is produced which

alternates in its direction of flow. This is the alternating current which we use in our present-day electric power system.

This process also relates to the flow of energy round the surface of the earth due to the diurnal rotation of the earth on its axis.

The Cross and The seven Chakras

Each Chakra relates to one of the Seven Sacraments.

The Middle Pillar.

There is another factor of enormous significance in the human system. This is the third force which is known as the

sushumna in Hindu terminology. The positive and negative currents are termed Pingala or Ida respectively.

three Energy Channels
Ida, Pingala, and the middle channel - sushumna

All manifestation gives rise to a polarity as we have seen in earlier chapters. It is when the positive and negative

forces of this polarity are balanced that manifestation ceases. This third force is called the middle pillar in Kabalistic
terminology. It is the channel in the center of the spine through which the energies flow only when the other two forces are balanced.

Right- and Left-Sidedness
A subject of interest which opens out from the study of these positive and negative currents is the incidence of right-
and left-sidedness in people. Most people have one hand, foot or eye stronger than the other. The reason for this, in effect, is that they have either the positive outgoing or negative receptive side of their nature more highly developed at

that level. It may he that in the very highly evolved person these positive and negative forces are equally balanced. It

is recounted, for example, of the great adept St Germain, that he could write equally well and at the same time, with both hands.

Attraction and Repulsion.
The well-known laws of attraction and repulsion in electricity and magnetism are that like repels like and opposites

attract each other. These laws apply to the positive and negative currents in the human system. Sensing and acting are

negative and positive. Therefore action in one person is always attracted to receptivity or sensing in another. We see this in the male-female relationship where the active outgoing male nature is paired with the receptive passive female nature. Through the balancing or mating of two opposite poles a third quality is always born. Each new element or tattwa
is formed from the interaction of the positive and negative phases of the preceding one.

One may compare this process to that of stirring two ingredients together to produce a third one from their combination.

Any new manifestation must always come from the interaction of a positive and negative force, as for example the

incarnation of a soul through the union of male and female. In this connection some light is thrown on the sex of children

born; the relative dominance of the positive and negative factors in both mother and father at the time of conception will

determine whether the incarnating soul comes in a male or female body.

Some Fundamental Principles of Radionics

Basic to Radionic theory and practice is the concept that man and all life forms share a common ground in that they are

immersed in the electro-magnetic field of the earth; and further that each life form has its own electro-magnetic field,

which is sufficiently distorted, will ultimately result in disease of the organism. Accepting that all is energy,

Radionics sees organs, diseases and remedies s having their own particular frequency or vibration. These factors can be

expressed in numerical values which are known as 'Rates' or in h form of Geometric Patterns. These provide the means by

which the practitioner identifies and treats disease at a distance. Radionics also takes cognizance that there are a

number of finely organized fields of energy which lie beyond those identified by science, and that these fields can be

utilized for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Thus it may be said that Radionics is a healing art where physics and

para-physics, science and religion, meet and merge.

On cancer
Cancer is a fungus For about 100 years, the fundamental theory behind cancer has been based on the hypothesis that it is a malfunctioning of the genes. This point of view implies that cancer is intracellular. My point of view however is that cancer is a fungal infection, and therefore an extra cellular phenomenon.
In the plant world, cancers are caused by a fungal invasion, and it is possible to argue that the same thing happens in human beings. Fungi are always involved in cancers: they are found both in vivo and in the post-mortem examination*.
However, scientists believe that they develop after the onset of the illness. My opinion is that they come before it: they produce the cancer, blunt the immune system and then invade the entire organism.
Each type of cancer is caused by fungi of the Candida species, as also referenced by other research*, and the histological configuration is a result of the defence reaction of a tissue against the invasion. In time, the tissue gets exhausted and produces only undifferentiated cells.
A cancer could be termed a ‘solid abscess,’ where the colonies form the centre, and host cellular reaction is all around.

Sodium bicarbonate
Traditional anti-fungal drugs are ineffective in treating tumours because the solid colonies can be attacked only on the surface of their volume, and after the first administrations they become resistant.
A solid infection is much more powerful than a bacterial one. That is why simple fungal infections can last forever.
I have identified the substances uniquely able to penetrate these volumetric infections: for cancer of the internal organs it is sodium bicarbonate; and the best substance to eliminate skin cancer is iodine tincture, particularly when it is spread onto the growth. There are many publications that describe the effectiveness of sodium bicarbonate on cancer*, but the conclusions drawn in them are invariably wrong because they assume intracellular, rather than antifungal action.

The treatment
My methods have cured people for 20 years. Many of my patients recovered completely from cancer, even in cases where official oncology had given up.
The best way to try to eliminate a tumour is to bring it into contact with sodium bicarbonate, as closely as possible, i.e. using oral administration for the digestive tract, enemas for the rectum, douching for the vagina and uterus, intravenous injection for the lung and the brain, and inhalation for the upper airways. Breasts, lymph nodes and subcutaneous lumps can be treated with local perfusions. The internal organs can be treated with sodium bicarbonate by locating suitable catheters in the arteries (of the liver, pancreas, prostate, and limbs) or in the cavities (of the pleura or peritoneum). It is important to treat each type of cancer with the right dosage. For a phleboclysis, 500 cc at 5% or 8,4% is required; for external administrations it is enough to taste if the solution is salty. Sometimes it is judicious to combine different administrations. For each treatment, take into consideration that tumour colonies regress between the third and fourth day and collapse between the fourth and fifth, so that a six day administration is sufficient.
A complete, effective cycle is made up of six treatment days on, and six days off, repeated four times. The most important side effects of this care system are thirst and weakness.
For skin cancer, a 7% iodine tincture should be spread on the affected area, 20-30 times once a day, with the aim of producing a number of layers of crusts. After this treatment, the cancer will be gone and stay away forever.

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