One of the most electrifying days that i have ever had. this was a day when my sister and I experienced really powerful was spontaneous and so i think of it as a gift from the creator....our Chakras were awake and aligned and i can only describe it as when your in a really crystal clear body of water and you look down to the ground underneath you and you can see this DNA like light show....that's how we were feeling and flowing and interacting with people, lots of beautiful information was coming through us and i could only capture it in a few words in the notebook i had with me.....we happened to have a photographer friend of ours with us this day and so we captured an amazing amount of highly charged photographs... I wasn't sure what to do with them for years but knew they had their place and purpose and so they too are being expanded with light, color, and beautiful messages to share the love and positive energy with the world.

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