Complete Internal Cleansing Kit

Complete Internal Cleansing Kit™(w/Colon Cleansing Kit™)

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Complete Internal Cleansing Kit
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Contents of the Kit

Colon & Digestive System

Liver & Gallbladder

Unwanted Para-Organisms

Probiotics & Antioxidants

Lungs, Kidneys & Bladder

Cautions & Safety


Benefits and Testimonials

Digestive Stimulator™

Cape Aloe leaf, Aloe Vera leaf , Cascara Sagrada bark, Triphala† (Amla fruit, Chebulic Myrobalan fruit, Belleric Myrobalan fruit), Chinese Rhubarb root†, Barberry root, Dandelion root†, Fringe Tree root bark, Meadowsweet aerial parts†, English Plantain aerial parts†, Ginger root†, Fennel seed†, Peppermint leaf†, Fenugreek seed† and Licorice root†

Toxin Absorber™

Psyllium seed husks†, Bentonite Clay, Apple pectin, Ginger root† or Peppermint leaf†

Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator™

Dandelion root†, Milk Thistle seed†, Milk Thistle seed extract 80% silymarin, Reishi mushroom extract 4:1, Artichoke leaf†, Schisandra berry, Lycium berry, Amla fruit†, Peppermint leaf†, Barberry root, Celandine aerial parts† and Licorice root†

Small Para Cleanser™

Green Black Walnut hulls, Olive leaf extract 6% Oleuropein, Pau d'Arco bark, Cat's Claw bark, Barberry root, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Shiitake mycelia LEM extract 6:1, Grapefruit seed extract, Shiitake mushroom extract 6:1, Southern Prickly Ash bark, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol† and glycerin

Large Para Cleanser 1™

Quisqualis fruit, Wormwood aerial parts†, Clove flower bud†, Ginger root† and Licorice root†

Large Para Cleanser 2™

Torreya Grandis nut, Butternut bark, Astragalus root†, Elecampane root†, Wild Yam root, Fennel seed†, Ginger root†, Licorice root†, distilled water, alcohol and glycerin

Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™

One billion live cells each of Lactobacillus helveticus Rosell-52, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium longum bacteria, Gum Arabic Tree resin and Acerola berry extract†

Lung Rejuvenator™

Mullein leaf and flowers, Pleurisy root, Lungwort lichen, Elecampane root†, Chlorella, Cordyceps mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1, Turkey Tails mushroom extract 8:1, Grindelia aerial parts, Wild American Ginseng root, Lobelia aerial parts, Long Pepper fruit, Black Peppercorns†, Ginger root†, Lobelia aerial parts, Sweet Violet leaf†, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and glycerin

Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator™

Birch bark, Corn silk stigma†, Canadian Goldenrod top aerial parts, Dandelion leaf†, Cordyceps mycelia CS-4 extract 2:1, Linden leaf and flowers†, Hydrangea root, Stoneroot root, Wild Yam root, Pipsissewa aerial parts, Yarrow aerial parts†, Red Clover blossoms†, Cleavers aerial parts, Parsley root†, Fragrant Waterlilly root, Marshmallow root†, Southern Prickly Ash bark, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and glycerin

Lymph Rejuvenator™

Ocotillo stem, Red root, Red Clover blossoms†, Cleavers aerial parts, Stillingia root, Astragalus root†, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Mullein leaf, Southern Prickly Ash bark, Licorice root†, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and glycerin

Blood & Skin Rejuvenator™

Oregon Grape root, Sarsaparilla (Jamaican) root, Stinging Nettle leaf†, Burdock root, Yellow Dock root, Hawthorn berries, Chlorella, Butcher's Broom root†, Bull Kelp thallus†, Bee Pollen, Southern Prickly Ash bark, distilled water, grain alcohol†, and glycerin. Organic Grain alcohol

Toxin Neutralizer™

Amla fruit†, Caffeine-free Green Tea leaf extract 90% Polyphenols & EGCg 30%, Spirulina†, Green Tea leaf†, Grape seed extract 95% proanthocyanidins and Amla fruit extract 20:1.

Refreshing Green Tea Herbal Blend™

West Indian Lemongrass aerial parts†, Lemon Balm leaf†, Green Tea leaf†, Oatstraw aerial parts†, Stinging Nettle leaf†, Dandelion root†, Burdock root†, Licorice root†, Jasmine Green Tea leaf, Irish Moss thallus, Grape seed extract 95% proanthocyanidins and Amla fruit extract 20:1

Shaker Jar

Mixing Glass

Daily Travel Vials

†Certified Organically Grown, All Others Wild Harvested with Care or High Quality Herbs.


For detailed cautions and safety guidelines Click Here.

Package Type: Box
Package Quantity: Each

What the Internal Cleansing Kit™ Does

Your body has eleven major systems (circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc.) and five are needed for continuous self-cleansing and elimination. You’re designed this way because your body continually generates large quantities of endo-toxins – the natural by-products of metabolism. In fact, scientists estimate that in the time it would take you to read this section, your body’s natural metabolism will have produced enough “endo-toxins” to kill a small animal.

Add to that the modern burdens of exo-toxins – environmental pollutants, food additives and other stress factors – and it’s clear that if your elimination system is over-burdened or weak, your health and vitality can suffer. The Center for Disease Control has done large-scale studies and found measurable amounts of more than 100 toxic chemicals in blood and urine of the general public.

While the Colon Cleansing Kit™ improves digestion and eliminates old waste, the Internal Cleansing Kit™ builds upon this by providing comprehensive herbal cleansing and support for your body’s extensive systems and organs of self-cleansing. In addition it rebalances intestinal organisms and provides antioxidant formulas to protect while body cleansing.*

Specifically the Internal Cleansing Kit™ is designed to:

1) Detoxify and Rejuvenate All of Your Body’s Organs of Cleansing

Over ninety different herbs in thirteen special formulas support the small and large intestines (colon), liver & gallbladder, kidneys & bladder, lungs, lymph, blood, and skin.*

2) Reduce Unwanted Para-Organisms in the Digestive Tract

Three powerful herbal formulas are used to rebalance unwanted para-organism populations.*

3) Provide Probiotics

Introduces 3 billion live strains of friendly bacteria per capsule to maintain a high level of good bacteria in our intestines.

4) Provide Support While Cleansing

Soothing teas and a special antioxidant formula provide comfort and support as your body detoxifies.

5) Release the Body’s Wisdom for Greater Health

Sequential Cleansing for Optimum Results

The Internal Cleansing Kit™: Step-by-Step


The Internal Cleansing Kit™ starts with a three-day pre-cleanse. During this time you will discover how many Digestive Stimulator™ capsules you need to take before bed to assure three daily bowel movements the following day. This number will vary depending on your current regularity. You will continue to take this number of Digestive Stimulator™ caps each day of your cleanse. In addition you will begin taking Toxin Absorber™ once per day. This bulk fiber will assist your body in removing toxins throughout your cleanse.*

Week One

The Internal Cleansing Kit™ begins with support and cleansing of your liver & gallbladder. The liver is your body’s primary organ of self-detoxification and plays a crucial role in a successful cleanse. You will continue supporting and cleansing your liver for the entire cleanse by taking Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator™. As with most of the formulas in the Internal Cleansing Kit™ you will be taking it three      times per day: before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Also in week one, you will take four formulas to rebalance populations of intestinal organisms. Three of these formulas, Large Para Cleanser 1 & 2™ and Small Para Cleanser™, will work to eliminate unwanted para-organisms and the fourth, Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™, will recolonize your intestinal tract with probiotics, the good bacteria that maintain your life.*

During week one, you will also begin taking Toxin Neutralizer™ once per day to protect your cells during cleansing and to reduce damage from free radicals.* This will be continued throughout the entire cleanse.

In addition, at any point during your cleanse you may have a cup of Refreshing Green Tea Blend™ to help you through any difficult spots that may arise.

Week Two

During the second week, you will focus on your Kidneys and Lungs. During this week you will be adding Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator™ and Lung Rejuvenator™ to the other formulas you are continuing from previous steps. These two formulas will only be taken during week two and will be taken three times per day.

Week Three

During the third week, you will concentrate on your Blood, Skin, and Lymph systems. You will be taking two formulas, Blood & Skin Rejuvenator™ and Lymph Rejuvenator™, three times per day during week three.

Beyond Week Three

You should continue taking any remaining Digestive Stimulator™ until you have completely used up your bottle (if you want, you may order more and continue for as long as you like).

Complete instructions are provided within the Users Guide and Dosage Calendar. Printed versions of both are included in each Internal Cleansing Kit™.
Download Users Guide (3.3 MB) | Download Dosage Calendar(.8 MB)

Dietary Considerations During the Internal Cleansing Kit™

As with the Colon Cleansing Kit™ you can control the strength of your cleanse by varying what and how much you eat. By eating less and/or easier to digest foods you will have a deeper cleanse. However, unlike the Colon Cleansing Kit™, there is no need to fast while doing the Internal Cleansing Kit™. That said, eating more raw foods and fresh fruits and vegetables will aid the cleansing process.

Specific Foods to Eliminate While Cleansing

Some foods are particularly difficult for the body to digest or process. Below is a list of foods that are beneficial to eliminate while cleansing.

  • Dairy products including cheese, ice cream, milk, and yogurt because they clog and congest, thus slowing down the elimination of toxins and old intestinal waste
  • Fried foods, especially pan-fried with oil or deep-fried because they also clog and congest
  • Processed sugar (white sugar, artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, etc.) in candy, soft drinks, or added to food, because they depress the immune system
  • Common Iodized Table Salt because it constricts and holds in toxins (you can use unrefined, unheated earth or sea salt lightly)
  • Meat because it takes the most energy to digest and slows cleansing

Controlling the Strength of Your Cleanse

The chart below gives a more in-depth look at the effects of different diets while taking the Internal Cleansing Kit™. To use this chart, locate your current diet type in each column. You can make your cleanse stronger and more effective by moving up in any column or in any combination of columns. Likewise, if your cleanse becomes too strong, you can move down in any column to soften the effects.

Note: Raw and organic juices are the best because they are packed with readily available nutrition which requires less energy for your body to digest. No pesticide residues means less toxic exposure for your body cells and less energy expenditure to process toxins.

Recommended Books on Different Diet Types

The following is a list of books that represent some of the different diet types mentioned above. They can all be found at any good bookstore.

Standard American Diet with Healthy Changes

Cooking the RealAge Way
-Michael F. Rosen, MD & John LaPuma, MD

The Golden Door Cooks
Light & Easy

-Chef Michael Stroot

The Professional Chef’s Techniques of Healthy Cooking
2nd Edition

-The Culinary Institute of America


Moosewood Restaurant Low-Fat Favorites
-The Moosewood Collective

The New Moosewood Cookbook
-Mollie Katzen


The Self-Healing Cookbook
-Kristina Turner


The Balanced Plate
-Renee Loux

The American Vegetarian Cookbook from the Fit for Life Kitchen
-Marilyn Diamond

Raw Food

Hooked on Raw

Living on Live Food
-Alissa Cohen

Raw Food Real Wood
-Matthew Kenney & Sarma Melngailis

Raw Juices

Juicing for Health
-Julie Stafford

The Juiceman's Power of Juicing
-Jay Kordich

Due to the amount of Herbs that must be included please allow a little extra time for delivery.

An Exclusive Visual Tour: Inside The Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse Kit

Eliminating toxins is foundational to our survival.     


Internal cleansing is a natural, everyday process of the body. However, in today’s highly polluted world, ournormal body processes can be easily overwhelmed. When this happens we begin to accumulate toxins.Our bodies try to protect us from these toxins by storing them in our cells, mucus and fat, waiting for a time when they can be eliminated. Unless we periodically help our bodies by internally cleansing, this accumulation can lead to a toxic overload.


The Internal Cleansing Kit has over 90 herbs that are potent allies to release, absorb and eliminate these stored toxins.* Once cleansed, the energy previously used for toxin storage is now available for our bodies’ deep healing and rejuvenation.*


The Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse Kit actually targets and cleanses 7 of the body's systems, including: Your Entire Digestive System, Liver, Gallbladder, Lungs, Kidneys, Bladder, Lymph, Blood, and Skin.



Wow.  So, exactly WHAT is inside this kit?

  • Digestive Stimulator™ - Vegetarian Capsules
  • Toxin Absorber™ (Ginger or Peppermint) - Packets
  • Liver & Gallbladder Rejuvenator™ - Vegetarian Capsules
  • Large Para Cleanser 1™ - Vegetarian Capsules
  • Large Para Cleanser 2™ Liquid Extract
  • Small Para Cleanser™ Liquid Extract
  • Friendly Bacteria Replenisher™ - Vegetarian Capsules
  • Kidney & Bladder Rejuvenator™ - Liquid Extract
  • Lung Rejuvenator™ - Liquid Extract
  • Blood & Skin Rejuvenator™ - Liquid Extract
  • Lymph Rejuvenator™ - Liquid Extract
  • Toxin Neutralizer™ - Vegetarian Capsules
  • Refreshing Green Tea Blend™ - 16 Tea Bags 


  • Shaker Jar - 1 Glass Jar with Lid
  • Travel Vials - Set of 4
  • Mixing Glass - 1 (for taking liquid formulas)
  • Dosage Calendar & Users Guide -- Includes calendars and information to give you all the support you need through the entire cleanse process, day by day.


Whoa...There's a whole lot of stuff in there.  Do I need it all?!


All of the formulas in the Internal Cleansing Kit have been synergistically formulated to deliver the most powerful effect and support possible.  Taken together, the combination of these formulas does more than any one formula could do on its own...


Meet The Digestive Stimulator: A natural herbal stimulant that tones, cleanses, and purifies the entire digestive system.* It helps to eliminate the stored toxins released during this program as well as those that have been trapped in your body’s intestinal walls.*


Meet The Toxin Absorber: A gentle, bulk-forming stimulant that helps to draw mucoid plaque off the intestinal walls.* It also absorbs more than forty times its own weight in toxins, heavy metals, and excess fatty acids in your intestinal tract.*


Meet The Friendly Bacteria Replenisher: Establishes friendly bacteria in both the small and large intestines, thus enhancing the digestion and assimilation of food.*Helps produce B vitamins.* Helps alleviate overgrowth of fungi and yeast.*


Meet The Toxin Neutralizer: A powerful anti-oxidant formula that neutralizes and prevents toxins from binding to or damaging healthy cells.* It also helps the liver deactivate toxins.*


Meet The Kidney and Bladder Rejuvenator: Stimulates, decongests, soothes, and tones the kidneys and bladder in their daily task of cleansing.* It includes herbs that work to protect the body from the negative effects of toxins.*


 The Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse Kit is the Most Comprehensive, 24-Day, Internal Cleansing & Whole-Body Detoxification System

  • Premiere Ingredients -- This cleanse kit contains the absolute highest quality herbal ingredients, hand selected and sourced from our network of growers across the globe. Our raw ingredients are Certified Organic or Wild Harvested.
  • Expert Formulation -- Our Cleanse Kits have been expert-formulated by our resident master herbalist, and they are based on years of research, experience, and knowledge.  The formulations ensure the right potencies needed to achieve the best results.


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Comment by Sakiel on April 14, 2012 at 8:35pm

Peace White Knight, a recommendation for cleansing is seasonally. There are so many cleanses though that you can alternate as needed. Also raw is great but foods are not the only way we get toxins into the body. Air, water, stress from life ect. Blissings to your wellness.

Comment by White Knight on February 29, 2012 at 8:49am

@ Sevan or everyone reading this how often would you need to purchase this product to cleanse if you're already on a raw diet? I did the master cleanse beforehand but I'm suffering from acid reflux and years of bad diets and feel my body requires more of a thorough cleaning. Also I want to add Doug Graham Book 90/10/10 (90 carb, 10 protein, 10 fat) is very good for those of us who don't find time to find a balance meal in raw foods, there's also raw+grain version too.

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