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  • Bella

    Together is the master Switchword 

    means to pull together your conscious -- sub conscious and super conscious mind to be the best u can be -- your God Goddess self 



    Divine-- to create miracles or the extraordinary


    Love- love puts a healing balm on anything it touches ;)

    Together Divine Love 

    I say it constantly to myself and it creates miracles

    James Mangans Switchwords u will likey

    I was reading some of your stuff


    thank you

    oh Reach is the Switchword to find anything lost

    and I also use Switchwords to look gorgeous 

    I will tell u those later if u likey.

    Weird thing I made my name Isis -- cause she is a Goddess

    and then saw your work on the word Isis 

    so sync ;) giggles

    I may change it soon

    will see

    it is all so creative and fun


  • Morad

    Greetings Zen Alchemist 

    hope all is well in life and quest.

    did you find the tadpoles auric field as a frog photo.?

    out of interest as would love to see it if you did

    please advise 

    wholeness & balance

  • Kanya Dawud Ntuli (slave

    ..................???? Stop givivee the abnimuls drugs