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Studio City, CA

United States

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  • Coresponse

    Thanks, I just dl the guide to power and healing by Michael Harner. will probably be in touch regarding that one down the road. 

  • Kellie

    Hi friend! I just returned from a Synchronicity Symposium out in Joshua Tree where I was blown away by the incredible people, speakers and powerful personal synchronous events that just keep calling me into my own descent within... It helps a lot to have a community to relate with, and I'm about to do a long cleanse as the need to purify and detox is overdue... Integration is the theme as work, play, and community are all sort of coming together in a beautiful natural way. I had a near death experience when I jumped out of a burning vehicle about a month ago that I intuitively sense was because I started diving into frequencies that I wasn't ready or stable enough to engage with. Humbled and committed, I'm focused on regeneration and clearing....
  • Morad

    greetings your new book sounds very interesting

    will you preview it.? i.e a few pages (paragraph) etcjust to show people whats its all about etc