Tiao Yan Gong (Regulate the Breath - Harmonize) , Collecting and Storing Chi

     This is a "taoist" breathing techinique that was taught to me.  It is an energy gathering and storing method.  It is relatively quite simple, can be utilized in small space, and is fairly quick.  I haven't found anything quite like this particular method  to source from on the net, but as I do I will be sure to post them.  This method should be practised in repititions of 9. Meaning each cycling breath is one repitition.  A vid is posted below to for the transmission to be more effective.

*The lower Kua (or gua) is the pelvis area.  It should be tilted forward in most body types to lengthen and straighten the spinal column. (tilt the butt in). Feet are about shoulder width apart.  Tongue is to the roof of the mouth (connect channel) and kept there for the whole practice.  The chin is slightly tilted inward toward the throat to lengthen and straighten the spine as well.

*relax shoulders

*Inhale and begin to lift at sides arms ^

*when arms are parallel to the ground turn them upward.^ simultaneously turn the head upward and begin to raise (straightening the knees) (continue inhaling same breath)

*As the arms continue upward (palms up), raise to the balls of your feet and naturally lengthen the knees to a stand raising the breath and energy circling toward the head. (continuing same breath)

*Hands create a daimond-like shape in their meeting above the head.  Feet return to being flat on the ground (while standing straight) Direct the energy cradled in the arms through the 1st eye and in to the upper dantien.  The Pauses here (inhale stops. not abrupt).

*(breath still paused) Hands (diamond) push the energy from the upper dantien to the middle dantien. head follows energy. (mind directs energy) all simeltaneously

*Begine to exhale as hands push energy from middle dantien to lower dantien. Knees bend and body sinks with breath as energy flows down.  Mind stores energy in lower dantien.

As hands begin to pass the lower dantien, head tilts straight, body rises to normal, and hands return back to sides.

This is one breath (one repitition).  I posted a vid below to make it easier to see.

Feet are a little too wide here (shoulder width is good).  Remeber, if you're storing energy, it must be used.  This post will become more refined.  This is a quick post to get this simple practice out for people to utilize.  Be well.

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excellent. thank you. what are your experiences with pushing all the way to the ground with a squat and then lifting into the next cycle. my personal experience is that i can feel the energy pushing into and raising up from the earth very dramatically to the point where the water content in the ground will begin to respond.

thanks Nima, 

Thank you Nima for taking time to post this for us.  It is aligned with the insights I have and makes them more physically tangible and integrated, balanced and whole, inviting me further into mySelf knowledge.

I don't see a video here. Could you send a link please? Thanks!



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