Wholeness everybody! Unfortunately a cousin of mine has been inflicted with a very... hard mental illness. He is currently 25 years old however he is considered to be mentally/consciously at the age of 9. The doctors say that this is what his life is going to have to be like however I personally couldn't fathom taking on something like that for the rest of life. So what I'm obviously trying to ask is if anybody may have a clue as to why this may happen and if there is a way to help heal this affliction?! Anything helps, thank you!

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This begs many questions. Can you give us some context regarding his lifestyle? Diet? Hydration? Meds? Recreational meds? Recent injuries? Did this affliction come on suddenly or over time? Not being a professional healer, however, it does seem that his physical body might need an overhaul and that would be a good starting point back to mental health. 

Start here.  http://www.infinitywalk.org/

Also.  https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1C1GPC...      The first link should be the free pdf

And, while I haven't read it, it was the first words that came to mind upon waking and seems to be the 'sister' text to the book above.  http://thehealingcodeinfo.com/EXCERPT-1.pdf

Interestingly, I had a dream about kobe bryant speaking to me about mental illness last night...

You'd have to share a bit more about the illness so we can direct you a bit better.  As far as the why it may happen and how to heal it is a bit of a long winded response.  The why can be many fold and may be better spoken about later.  

Healing chaos at an atomic level is essentially the goal of any healing modality.  The process to getting there again, can come from many directions.  Whether it is something as etherial as shamanism, or plant based medicine, even magnet therapy.  They all draw on the body's 'stickiness'.  That is to say that the physical, mentall and less dense light bodies 'trap' or 'hold' frequencies and/or dna in a 'locked' or 'stuck' position, that imbalance and wreck havoc on the human system.

Getting these out of conflict is at core of health.  

Let us know a bit more about 'what' the doctors call the condition or how it came to be and I think we can steer the ship  bit better.  

Also, I just reread your comment.  I notice you use the word 'hard'- and because things sometimes work this way, my mind said, it is almost certainly heavy metals from hard water that are the brains disruption.  



Wholeness If this is a person who has been diagnosed with Autism or Mental Retardation or a Brain Injury from an accident the injury can be repaired or helped by the use of supplements and Brain exercises. Healthyway Inc. www.mmsforhealth.com The supplements that I know of are MMS or WPS & Citric Acid Activator (known to work for Autism and Mental Retardaion)
Brain Exercises - I have worked with people with this diagnoses before and my suggestion is to think of scenarios that would "grow them up" in a sense. More responsibility- shopping, money handling, hygiene, academics (for that age and comprehensively build up). This is on an outward level on an inward level the breathing exercises and yoga listed on the website can also be very helpful for the brain to expand. The more stimulus the better.

There is a discussion at this link that may be helpful.  I have used "Voice Dialogue" with powerful results and it has been expanded since then.  Tim on this audio is very excited and enthusiastic as he shares his insights.  There is a course offered but you can find more into online.

Listen >> Transforming the Psyche with Tim Kelley

I have never heard of the affliction you cousin is dealing with but I just read a few days ago that vaccines can attack very specific parts of the body depending upon which part of the animal the antibodies came from. It is possible then that your cousin has had an attack on the part of his body that deals with bodily growth or brain growth or hormones of some kind. Such as the pituitary gland. Maybe a vaccine messed up his pituitary gland.

The only thing I have ever heard of that can give the pituitary gland proper stimulation is the Indium product at wateroz.com although it sounds as though you are going to need to start with Distilled Water and mineral source and also complete pant based proteins just to get a head start on anything the Indium is going to accomplish.

Just my thoughts. This is what I would be doing if I was going to try to help him myself. It sounds like it could be years of service to your cousin before you get to a better place so good luck I hope you find a wide range of things useful as I believe it is going to take many different angles to get there!

wow- how awesome is it to have a resource like this site. Thank you all! Happy to call this place home.

For Tayr- All of these are great, here is my contribution.

- If this is vaccine, or your believe it to be vaccine related - the suggestions below are great. I would also recommend also learning about the NVICP, and a book called Vaccine Injury by Conte & Lyons. http://www.hrsa.gov/vaccinecompensation/index.html . the book, has "Discovery" such as; https://www.generationrescue.org/assets/Documents/Hannah-Poling-cas...

- If this is something from birth, conscious 9 yr olds can lead better life's than "normal" adults. My belief is that we can do just as much or more harm by our expectations of what someone else s life experience should be about. Hes your fam, and with the right amount of attention and stimulation he can reach his potential. Because we have no additional information to go on, aside from your original post, I wont speculate. I would recommend him learning Tai Chi, specifically Qigong, or Falun dafa gong. These, just like yoga will help his body balance, and control his energies. Especially if he is "locked" in a pre- pubsec mentality. It will help with a philosophy about life he can fall in love with, hopefully.

I would also recommend pulling television from his environment, as well as microwaves etc... He shouldn't be eating heavily refined foods, or artificial sugars etc... please no sodas and chips, try and take corn-syrup and High Fructose corn syrup out for best results.

Below are some links, please think about discussing with your family a detox cleanse, and some of the supplements below.





Sorry for such a late reply everybody, I had hoped that I would be able to directly connect with his parents this week however they still need work too. I really appreciate the information that everybody posted, if it doesn't help him it has helped me just by reading and watching some of the stuff. Time will tell if I can reach out. Thank you again everybody, Wholeness to all! :)



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