I want to first say the Resistance and all affiliate groups are a Haven-Heaven for the seeker who runs into this type of conflict. In my opinion these drugs cause the mind a tremendous problem. I have been off them for almost a month and a half and will start the Etherium Black as soon as it arrives. Does anyone have any suggestions other than that on detox for the brain primarily of these toxins? I will keep you all informed. Wholeness and Thanks

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Roberta, I don't know about what products to take for detoxing, (I'm sure there are many products that will help, including Spirulina), I just wanted to let you know that I went through withdrawal symptoms when I went off the 7 different psych drugs I had been prescribed and had been taking for over 10 years, one of which I had taken over 30 years. They told me I would have to take them the rest of my life. That if I wanted to go off them, I would have to check into a hospital and be monitored throughout the "tapering off" period. I finally got tired of jumping through all of this "medical establishments" administrational hoops and quit all 7 drugs, one at a time. I quit one a month. Some withdrawal symptoms were harder to deal with than others. I found that taking kava kava, 5htp, and SAMe throughout seemed to help. I did not take all three at once and since I have a comprimised liver, I really couldn't handle it. Now that I know longer take those drugs, (almost 3 years) my body, that at one time could handle them all, cannot even tolerate one mild pain pill. I get nauseated and throw up when I try to take one. It just goes to show how I gradually became habituated and intoxicated by "their" drugs and how they nearly destroyed my liver. My opinion now is: Don't walk, RUN AWAY FROM THE AMA! I think doctors are okay for acute pains or in a crisis, but for anything long term or chronic, go natural and cleanse. my 2 cents....



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