Hey all,

Just wondering if any of you out there have tried drinking sun charged water.?

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Yes, several times. And thanks for the reminder I'll do that this morning.

Bonjour! I do it with scalar pendant under my glass of water, but how do you do with sun exactly? Thank you.

Sun Charging my water is the second stage of my curation process after distilling the water I collect from the creek in my area of town. Be sure to Sun Charge your water in glass bottle/container NOT Plastic.

Thank you iL G, I'll definitely try sun! Have a nice day, wherever you are in the World !

I built a homemade water ionizer with stainless steel electrodes. Water ph 9.0. I could feel the results instantly. I made it for under$50. I can send you the blueprint if you want.

oh, what a nice proposal! if it is not too difficult to build, it will be nice to try and succeed. Do you have a YouTube channel where you explain how to do it?

I would love to have a blueprint of a water Ionizer if you could share it would be really good :)



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