I still use some animal products & was wondering if anyone else has tried using skate liver oil? I have added it as a supplement to my diet as it has properties to cleanse the pineal and support some pretty amazing other functions. I would love to hear some other esperiences. 

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<@arawra: "it has properties to cleanse the pineal and support some pretty amazing other functions". 

I used 1500mg of Blue Ice Fermented Skate Liver Oil daily or nearly two (2) years, based upon some remarks made by Pete Peterson during an interview on Project Camelot .... used it until I ran out of patience and gullibility and product. Now I will be quite honest to admit that I don't know precisely what it feels like to have an "opened" pineal gland, but my prolonged use of the Skate Liver Oil produced absolutely nothing that I experienced as being beneficial, including any of what you mentioned about "pretty amazing other functions". All the literature that I have read goes to great length to describe how important it is to open the pineal gland (third eye), but no where have I discovered a benchmark to describe what THAT feels like ... so that the partaker can know if they have "arrived" or not. But then, I have been attempting for nearly 80 years to gain what some call "Enlightenment" and still consider myself a rather dim bulb due to low wattage. I look forward with great anticipation to hearing the experience of others.

EFAs especially DHA are what is used by the cell's membrane to turn light into sound and electrical frequency in the body.  See the research at jackruse.com

The fermented oil products spoken of are the only real EFA animal oils to consume. I would not recommend any other fish oils as they are not real oil. The fermentation process of the fats provides this fuel in even more bioavailable form to the body basically. As far as pineal activation being tied to this product in particular one could say EFA's are essential for the brain to work. If one wants to activate brain and nervous system more fully having good vegetarian along with EFA animal sourced could be very helpful. Specifically the pineal related to this product that is sheer marketing balogne that who ever spread this is just using to sell more of that product. It's balogne from the standpoint that those comments come with no explanation of the biophysical nature of those compounds in correlation with opening that region of the brain. Reading jack ruse's material one can probably figure out more of how this would support the process.

Ultimately pineal activation must come from a higher or deeper informational field that instructs the pineal and brain to start a certain process of activation. Ask yourself for a moment...what creates the pineal? What instructs the pineal in what to do? This brings you now to the deeper levels beyond light body and what forms the light body of which the physical body is just a lower dimensional form of it. The Dark Matter templates, spirit body templates, and plasma body templates of the body is where to look for true pineal activation.



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