Requesting a Spec Sheet of organic / wholefood super food / nuts / seeds sellers

Greetings I been getting a little iffy with organic suppliers in buying nuts/seeds and superfood,s  etc.

So now i request a spec sheet before i purchase, a spec sheet in what & how is the organic’s process, moved repacked in the factory, others contaminates what country of  origin/purchase etc etc etc even some do how they are transported and much much more deeper info enclosed.

I have attached 2 – this is a spec sheet and everyone has a right to request one, any decent clued up supplier in organics will understand what a spec sheet is, if asked for one. and we have that right.
if the seller / supplier’s does not have one.!? do not buy from them.? With this info you can ask even more deeper questions or get some of thoses questions answered

 as well as a spec sheet always go on your feelings

Hope this helps.

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