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-Iridium 77 is referenced in the Bible quite a bit as "bread".

Bread as in spiritual food, or the "bread of presence" as it says in Samuel 21:6. The symbolic giving of the bread of Melchizedek.

The fact that 'Bethlehem' (birthplace of Jesus) actually translates as "House of Bread". The Lord's prayer asks for our daily 'bread'. It was known as "show bread" in Exodus 25:30 through 35:13 and 39:36, Numbers 4:7, and Samuel 21:1-7. Exodus 25:29-31 says that the "show bread" was made by Bezaleel at Mt. Horeb.

Bezaleel was not a baker- he was a mystic goldsmith (chosen by Yah to spearhead the building of the Ark).  "Show bread" was to be taken with frankincense.

In Leviticus 24:5-7, Bezaleel wipes the show bread with frankincense. In the historical use of manna, it's taught that frankincense amplified the use of manna.

The Kahunas from Hawaii, by the way, talk about the mannahuna, keepers of the manna. Their mountain names such as Mauna Lua and Mauna Kea were associated with the manna from Lemuria where it was used for things like teleportation.

In Exodus 16:15 the Hebrews ask what manna is and Moses answers that it's "the bread which the Lord hath given you to eat." The manna is described as white, resembling seed, and with a taste like that of honey (Exodus 16:31).

In Mesopotamia they called it "shem-an-na" which is similar to manna in the Torah. And just like in Samuel 21:6, the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead talks about "the bread of presence" and how the pharaohs seeking enlightenment would eat the manna before crossing over into the Spirit World (when they 'died').

There are lots of accounts of pharaohs taking the manna from as far back as 2180 BC. It was also known as the "powder of projection" making it possible to move from ignorance to the highest vibration

 Manna is mentioned as spiritual food in Corinthians 10:3 and as the blood of the Eucharist in John 16:31-41. Revelations 2:17 says that "him that overcometh i will give to eat a certain manna and will give him a white stone and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saveth that he might receiveth it.

Potential Benefits of White Powdered Iridium-(tibetangoldalchemy)

  • Promotes improved cellular metabolism. Iridium is what makes your metabolism run faster, which in turn allows your cells to be corrected and to divide faster.
  • Said to Promote enhanced mental acuity.
  • Said to Support healthy tissue regeneration.
  • May help encourage normal cell functioning.
  • Feeling lighter, more energetic, needing less sleep, so on and so forth.
  • Better ability to heal, knit tissue in case of injury.
  • Better enhancement of all sensory apparatus in the body.
  • More, overtime, psychic sensitivity and sensitivity to other higher frequency energies expect.
  • -(www.blueemeraldalchemy. )
  • Iridium seems to be more associated with the central nervous system below the brain stem, and itself functions in the photosynthetic capacity of rhodium in using sunlight. Iridium also tends to neutralize and/or eliminate hereditary programming for the predisposition of health conditions. Iridium in these higher-spin conditions has been shown to have antigravity capabilities, having been used in levitation experiments. Rhodium has the effect of grounding the body through the nervous system, giving an energetic circuit of completion. So, while rhodium serves as the downflow of energy around the spinal column, iridium serves us the upflow. When these two are in balance, there is maximum coherence of these two energy currents, which are represented by the two serpents coiled around a staff and surmounted by wings as the caduceus, the symbol of medicine since ancient times and still used today. As with all of these metals, we could go on and on, but a simple search will yield hours worth of reading.

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whats your experience with this?

One of the richest sources I have found for these two elements and other synergistic in monoatomic and diatomic forms is: http://www.vitalityherbsandclay.com/complete-clay-herbal-formula-pr...

also in the ormalite and vitalite but the sacred clay is the base fundamental. You will feel it within the first dose or first week. The other main food source rich in those very trace elements are Grapes and grape leaves because that plant has some of the deepest roots of any known.

Iridium is also the main element used in industrial applications for the satellite system that orbits in our atmosfear. There are further out satellites not visible during day light hours and cloaked if looking through a telescope (one has to use nightvision hooked up through a telescope)  but that are part of the Nibrurian Electrostatic Transduction grid which holds the D-4 Frequency fence in place on this NET Earth band. Google Iridium and telecommunications. This is one reason satellites are such effective scalar weapons for mind control and creation of the matrix. Hijacking superconductivity of the brain where Iridium and Rhodium, gold, platinum, iodine, hydrogen are essential elements for the ionic plasmatics of how the body's nervous system really works to hold consciousness in form.



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