Help trying to develop a personal diet. Not sure if I'm over thinking this.

Hi everyone! This is my first time posting in this group and I hope someone can provide some insight into my diet dilemma. I will give you some history about me as I always feel that the more info the better. Everything in our lives is connected in some after all, right?

I just turned 28 nov 1, and I weigh 113lb (~51kg), I'm 5ft 5in (1.65m) and I'm female of course :-)

So throughout most of my life I have eaten relatively healthy (compared to most Americans). My mother loves to cook and always made from scratch meals. When I was a child we didn't have much money so some of the foods we had were cheaper/processed foods, but our house was never full of chips cookies, sodas, or anything like that. As a result I grew up eating raw veggies as a snack, and even raw meat (i enjoy rare meat). This may because I am a blood type O. I've also never had any big health problems, I actually develop lean muscle very quickly- but I've seen things "issues" develop that I never noticed before I reached puberty. 

I was about 110lb in high school and during college I went up to 125lb, these last 3 years I've steadily lost weight and now seem to be stuck at 113lb. The left side of my body is definitely the weaker side as my left leg is short enough to give me mild scoliosis (I knew it since I was a child and no one believed me which is funny) , my left eye is -2.5 prescription and cross-eyed while my right is perfectly fine, I have what I believe is a small abscess by my left wisdom tooth and a cavity that a dentist supposedly fixed but now its really sensitive (also on the left side), my left nostril is always clogged too. I have mild periodontal disease, sinus issues that only began 6 years ago, and although I have great cholesterol levels my heart has back flow on the left ventricle (mitrial valve prolapse) and so i have a heart arrhythmia and i get palpitations. My doctor says I have nothing to worry about right now as I can live health like this forever or it may get worse as I age. I was born 2 months premature so maybe thats why my body is a little out of wack. i just find it odd that the majority of my issues are on the left side of my body.

Emotionally, I suffered from undiagnosed depression (with anxiety) as a teen, was put on antidepressants in college (i gave them up after 3 months because I didn't like the way they made me feel and didn't want to depend on any drug), and have the occasional relapse but my spiritual progress has led me to a point where I can bounce back to happiness pretty easily. 

Currently: I love good healthy food and cooking, but since i've begun losing weight I don't seem to have a big appetite. Everyone says I'm too skinny and blame it on me I trying too hard to watch what I eat although I honestly don't think I'm being so picky and i just can't eat a lot. As I mentioned I love raw meat but always eat any sort of animal product in small quantities.  Now I want to go on a borderline vegetarian diet, but since I am a blood type O I don't know if I will be hurting myself by doing this. I have 4-5 oz of free range meat/chicken a day, an egg or two on some days, and I have a glass of milk and a little cheese about 1-2x a week. The rest of my food is vegetables, rice, hemp seeds, almond milk, smoothies, sprouted wheat bread, etc. I still don't have an appetite and I don't think I'm getting enough calories, and even though I've moved to a drier climate I find that Im never thirsty. I have to force myself to drink water (which makes me believe my kidneys might be slowly getting hurt). Oh, I'm also an 8 yr (1-5 cigarettes a day) smoker. but Im working on kicking that habit.

What I really want is to gain a little more muscle, help rid myself of my ailments, and just feel balanced overall. I'm more sensitive now to dairy (gives me acne), cigarettes, alcohol, etc..and i get light headed somewhat often if i stand up too quickly. Oh and coffee, I drink coffee maybe 3 times a year (with milk) because even a small amount gets me so jittery. Although Ive never been a big coffee/alcohol drinker, This wasn't like me a few years back.

On a final note: I am a very active dreamer. Not consciously. I just have vivd dreams all the time, most of them strange. And for the last 10 years I've had recurrent sleep paralysis episodes, that are getting more and more prevalent and strange. i used to be by myself stuck in bed unable to move, but now I'm seeing/hearing people while Im paralyzed and I've begun talking to my fiancé as if he were there but he's not. Maybe it's someone else. I also try to get up. over the years i've also successfully managed to get my torso 2 inches off the bed haha, but can't get further than that. 

All these diet recommendations I've seen confuse me. I feel like we all have unique needs but does anyone know how to tap into the part of us that will guide us in the right direction? or maybe just from my history there are obvious clues that I don't know how to interpret. 

Have any of you worked through a similar dilemma? I'd love to her about it :-)

Anyway I will end my long post here. thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this. 

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Hi Saskia, nice post. Indeed there is much opinion on food while little is really known. Happy to share my experience. over the past 2 years I transitioned from standard diet to vegan and from there over to raw fruits and veggies, greens and small amounts of cultured nuts or spouted seeds. So far this works great and I feel brilliant. My body is functioning better when fed raw. Having said this a long transition was necessary..adaption needs some time

Following book may be an inspiration: return to the brain of Eden, tony wright.




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