Has anyone here experimented with Fulvic, Humic or Selenium acid for cleansing?

Supplements can be found at the following link if you need to refer:


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There is fulvic acid in Shilijit, and and yes I have used that and it works amazingly.

I didn't know there was fulvic acid in Shilijit.
Which one did you say you tried or are you talking about the shilijit?

I have used shilijit and it works amazing, and Dr Cassar reccomends fulvic acid as well. So, add those two together = fulvic acid music work great as well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzVsxmrxF0U

Finding a legit Shilajit is pretty hard. There are really only a few brands maybe 3 or 4. One is PurBlack brand. Thats the most potent one I have tried. Best time to take is actually before bed time when the body is going through rejuvenation phase cycles. FYI if you get extra fulvic make sure it comes in a glass bottle and also request a chemical assay so you can look at the presence of metals in it so its not only clean but you can asses potency of the extract as compared to other brands. most fulvic brands out there are very watered down leached mineral compounds.

I've added c60 in olive oil and bamboo 9X salt.  That combo changed how I felt after a week, and how I look within days.


Check out Dr. Robert Cassar's educational info on his earthshift.com site and also all his youtube videos. He shows how to use fulvic in different cleansing drinks and food preparations. Also his products are fantastic price and quality. His fulvic is legit.



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