Wholeness everyone.

I hope that someone will be able to answer my question, or will be able to assist. I have done a lot of research and everyone has their own opinion. My first order is finally arriving of Monatomic gold, Iridium etc. 

I have been told that before taking this journey, a total body cleanse / detox or fasting will have a much bigger outcome if I do this before taking anything.

I am hoping to find some more answers, especially of those that have experience with monatomic gold etc. Thank you, and I hope to hear from someone soon :-)

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Hey Cecilia,

Im going to source a couple links that should help. The first link is a handbook to the root chakra which is super helpful. The second is a link to Astral Quest on Itunes. If you have the time listen to episode #18 and you should get a good picture of what you need to do. But I have heard that you should start with the Ayurvdics, then go to the ertheriums, then the colloids, then the monotomics. But your on the right path with cleansing first, because you want to make sure your body is able to cultivate what you put into it. Your also going to want to replenish your enzymes after the cleanse and make sure you have the good bacteria in your intestines. I'm sure someone else here can help you more but this should give you some good information. Hope this helps, wholeness!



Wholeness Craig!

Thank you so much for the links and the information, I want to do this right of course, and you have already been a great help. I will definitely start going through them today :-)

Juhu Cecilia! :) I hope I can be of service here :)

I do have experiences with monotomic gold, black etc. These are great products - but to be honest a small piece in the big puzzle. Detoxification is one of the major requirements for the journey and an essential starting point. To do things in the right order is key. It will of course not hurt or do any bad if you take the monotomics without any detoxification, change of diet, food and drug addictions, but most likely you will not notice much if you body is full of toxins. I would say the best would be to begin with the colon cleansing kit (blessed herbs) and if you are not on a budget I would recommend to do the internal cleansing kit as well. After the cleanse it obviously makes sense to alter your diet to reduce toxin intake and support the process of detoxification. To be clear the first cleanses will not clean out all the toxins that have accumulated in your system so far - especially the heavy metals are deep in the tissues and detox is certainly an ongoing long term project. Be patient with yourself and take your time - if you try to change everything overnight your body will have troubles and most importantly the chances of fall-backs are very high. Make a transitioning plan. If you are on hamburgers, pizza and pasta, dont go raw over night. Start slowly, make a detox and i.e. become vegetarian. Then after 3-6 month when your new diet has a foundation go into the next cleanse and transition to i.e. vegan, settle this diet and again after 3-6 month do another cleanse and continue climbing up the ladder.  Re fasting, be careful - juice fasting is great but make sure your are well informed and medically tested if you consider waterfasting. A balanced sports regimen will also help you to get the physical in shape but it also builds will and discipline which is an important element to avoid fallbacks. Needles to mention other tools such as meditation, yoga, chiqong, etc. Check out what resonates within. It is important to replace old lifestyles and counterproductive activities that you cut out with activities that support your journey. Re food & cleaning, check out the liferegenerator on youtube - there is tons of advice on detox, recipes, juicing, transitional videos etc. If you have specific questions, allways happy to share experiences :) 


Wholeness Sucram! Wow, thank you for all the information, so much appreciated! This is what I wanted to know. I would love to know more yes haha ;) Thank you so much again

Thank you hun :) Good vibrations, wholeness and unity forever 

Hi again, here is a good guidebook from One of the forgotton pioneers. Arnold Ehret: Rational Fasting

This is The Book on Diet and Fasting.


Thank you Sucram :) Will do some research. wbv



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