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 Seven , mentioned how he needed egg in his diet due to his blood type diet, so i went ahead and did some research and found that there is a BLOOD TYPE DIET. We have adifferent blood type which is traced back to our ancestors. These ancestors of ours had some foods available to them, so we've come to adapt to them, in some sense. What are your thoughts, beliefs, experiences on this? 



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I am type O. Being vegetarian I eat a lot of nuts, seeds, mixed greens and green vegetables for the most part.

awesome im also type O and have noticed muscles becoming leaner and i feel very energetic.

this due to eating eggs your saying?

where do you get your B-12? how do you feel?

Gabriel Cousens rebuts the blood type diet idea in his book, Rainbow-green Live Food Cuisine, pages 52–55. This book is 50% recipes and 50% general info, the highlight being the bacteria-related stuff. The non-recipe part is available for free on Google Books: http://books.google.com/books?id=AyZAlWgaCekC&pg=PA52, but on the subject of free vs. pay walled information, I know of a website that sells tons of ebooks at a 95% discount...are we cool with piracy here?

haha no comment lol. ill check it out. How do you feel about this? i mean it's one thing reading it from someone else than to actually try it out.



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