Hello, Resistance members,

I'm relatively new to this site (have only been a member for 2 or 3 months), and have been using it mostly for personal research purposes, but I've recently decided to start a whole-body cleanse, inspired by the virtual cleanse videos, and I thought it would be a good idea to get more active in the community to build a support structure for that decision. 

I'm saving up to purchase the Blessed Herbs cleansing kit (only about a third of the way there so far), and while I'm doing that I'm also going to make gradual changes to my current diet, so I'm ready for the cleanse when I'm able to purchase and receive the kit. I've been watching the virtual cleanse videos and reading posts about diet and supplements on the site, but what I'm also going to do is make regular posts on my progress here: about what dietary changes I make, what supplements I try, any movement techniques to try, like breathing or yoga, etc. I only have $60 of disposable income per week to work with, so this is definitely going to be a gradual process.

One inexpensive dietary change I'd like to make is to incorporate more fresh herbs into my diet, by making salads with them and by drinking their juice. I've been taking a half-tablespoon of baking soda in water 1 or 2 times a day, but there was a lapse in that process when I ran out of toothpaste to use before taking the baking soda, to disguise the taste. I feel I need to use toothpaste because the baking soda tastes so bad! I've also stopped eating meat, drinking alcohol, and drinking tap water: I stopped eating meat almost a year ago, stopped drinking alcohol about 6 months ago, and have not been drinking tap water for about 6 months as well, using water from the water-cooler at my workplace instead.

I've also tried the whole-body breathing techniques, and I found what seems to work best for me is lying flat on my back with a tension band tied around my feet to keep them straight, placing a couple of heavy books on my diaphragm, and watching them rise and fall as I breathe. I do this for 20 minutes, and then I sit up and keep up the deep breathing for another 10 minutes. The first time I did this, my body immediately felt more energized and even my sense of smell seemed to dramatically improve, so I know this is a technique to continue and keep working with.

I'd be happy to hear about others' progress on similar journeys, any other substances or techniques that might be helpful on such a journey (especially inexpensive ones :) ), stories of experiences while on such a cleanse, or anything else that anyone would like to contribute.

Thanks in advance for your support and advice! :)

~ Cheryl     

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I would like to add to this post a brief biographical comment pertaining to spirituality, as a way of introducing myself to the group:

My relevant interest began between the ages of 10 and 14, when I was writing spiritually- and religiously-themed poetry and fiction, and parables about Christianity. I took a more specific interest in Catholicism between the ages of 12 and 14: During that period, I was very interested in the New Testament, the Catholic missal, and the lives of the saints; I remember, when I was in high school, writing a story for a creative writing class about two young orphans’ engagement with the stories of the saints’ lives. However, during high school my interest in these areas gradually fizzled out, and by the time I entered college I was more interested in secular humanism, which was reflected in taking classes about the relationship between science and religion and about evolutionary biology, and in my interest in Darwinism.

Throughout college and most of graduate school, apart from some on-and-off practice of hatha yoga and meditation, and a vague interest in their philosophy followed up with a little reading, I had no interest in spirituality at all until I came across a series of interviews with the British journalist and (if I may call him so) psychedelic activist Graham Hancock on a podcast called London Real, concerning his experiences with such psychoactive substances as ayahuasca and ibogaine. Those interviews, along with other material about psychedelic substances and their effects, inspired me, in December 2013, to go to Iquitos, Peru to experience ayahuasca. Shortly after that trip, I also experienced the cactus-derived substance known as San Pedro and orally-ingested marijuana. In the few years since ayahuasca, I have also had a few experiences of what I can only call “altered states of consciousness,” some of which were not apparently induced by ingesting any psychoactive substance. These experiences were the only inkling of a connection that I had to spirituality between the winter of 2013 to 2014 and the fall of 2016.

After I graduated (fall of 2016), my interest in spirituality was sharpened by listening to podcasts by people such as the self-improvement specialist Steve Pavlina and the relationship coach “Zo” Williams. Their programs constantly, if sometimes only tangentially, touched on topics like the relationship between religion and spirituality, what it really means to be “spiritual,” the essence of the Buddhist perspective, the hidden history of the Bible, and — especially in Williams’s shows — many other areas of esoteric knowledge, too numerous to name here. While listening to these programs and following the trail of “recommended for you” videos on YouTube, I eventually stumbled across Sevan Bomar’s work in late February of this year and have been following it ever since. Not long after that discovery, I joined The Resistance 2010 and Secret Energy communities to keep learning, get connected, and keep progressing.

And so there you have it — that’s my brief spiritual biography.

Talk to you all again soon…

~ Cheryl

Wholeness my sister and welcome to the Astral Quest, Innerstanding, Innerversity, Resistance and Secret Energy family! Congratulations on making the most conscious decision and succession in ones life by awakening the Supreme Being within and becoming Whole again!

Cleansing is truly the first step at ridding the vessel of unwanted intruders that accumulate over time from backed up old decaying fecal matter (mucoid plaque) that clog the intestines, which in turns slows digestion and blocks the maximum adsorption of minerals and nutrients, to all the environmental/ household/ water contaminants, pollutants and toxins we come into contact with on a daily basis! So if this is your first time cleansing, I would recommend first doing the complimentary Colon Cleanse that comes with the Complete Internal Cleanse kit to help the body become acclimated to going without or with very little comsumption. Plus the Colon being the correspondence to the Root Chakra makes it the best place to start because it's the foundation of your being and one doesn't want to begin the building of self on an infested, overran and unstable platform! Also cleansing during the waxing phase into the full moon is also recommended because this is the phase for producing and the best time for planting seeds on fertile ground in order to have a healthy harvest when reaping what we sow!

Now the first few days of the cleanse are the toughest, but once you get over that hump, it's nothing but smooth sailing from there! You will feel like you're floating and won't want to come down! You're innerG will be raised along with your vibratory frequency becoming higher! Throughout the cleanse one should meditate because it's easier to go within and to quote The Late Great ~DR. DELBERT BLAIR~ "When one can't go without (comsumption), one can't go within and when one can go within, one can go without"!

Through my experience I have found that eating a healthy organic vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle is technically cheaper than omnivorous DIEating! All we truly need to sustain is by eating high nutrient rich based foods like fruits, herbs, greens, nuts/ seeds and super grains like quinoa. The key is light comsumption to satisfy and to not over consume and be full (fool)!

Your YouTube "recommended for you" was spot on with Synchronicity when it connected you to The Great Advisor, Brother and Mentor Sevan and the collective minds involved and because there's truly no such thing as a coincidence, I'm very confident in stating that this meeting is not by chance and WeMe will assist you on the path and with any questions you may have!

With Much Compassion Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations!



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