Post-cleanse, I have been mindfully adjusting my diet (which is basically veggies, fruit, nuts, fish, occasionally sprouted grains, and full fat coconut milk + supplements & plant-based protein powder). Movements are small but frequent and occasionally... Um... Cause for concern.

Exploring ways to sustain the expansion process in a biodynamic way. Found this this morning. :) the video goes into depth the physical process.

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Wholeness Shunyata,

Part of the solution is: water, water, water! , but it should be the "good" water, al least 6 glasses a day.

Complementary: walk, dance, gym...keep your body moving.

The hidden problem: parasites!, they are everywere - in the food- . You can target them with specific herbs (dr. Clarck parasite cleanse) and using frequencies (zapper).

There is a lot of work to get our bodies back to work in "tune" with nature's rythm,

Hope this helps,

Wish you a great day!

Marcela - do you use a frequency zapper? I just learned of this device and it fascinates me. Can you vouch that it works? I'm having a hard time finding any reviews online other than the countless models and types available.

Have you looked into the BLOOD TYPE DIET?



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