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Anyone who is assuming all frequencies are inside the lightbeam to your consciousness, from its source, is assuming the matrix holds everything. I am suggesting not all are inside the current (and quite limited) matrix, perhaps the original blueprint certainly but not the limited current matrix of language/culture/manifestation that humanity is contained within. Our supposed pressure cooker to encourage jumps of enlightement, turned into little more than a childs toybox.

Ego aside, this should mean, if we can amplify a signal through the astral as I have before it can breach the current matrix. I am currently blocked on the astral so cannot continue it, but even using the physical tools such as crystal patterns amplified with frequencies should help this situation. This should allow a hole to be punched into the grid, much like when you enter a bliss experience and raise your frequency too high for the grid, or enter into an irregular pattern that the matrix cannot cope with (as it needs to be self replicated from a limited framework of language/emotion/imagery to sustain the illusion). Again a bliss field isn't dangerous to humanity as it's divine love (clarity), but to the current social order its a gradual upliftling mechanism, because once you let in divine love in, it enters the field (global consciousness) and thus raises the frequency of all humanity.

So to cut a long explanation short, what crystals focus frequency/energy/light best in your opinion? What frequency should we be pumping into these crystals? Of course they will need to be isolated from regular electro static and the usual nonesense vibrations and fields that most people have to deal with on a daily basis. So we need a fractal location that is largely naturally most likely. I had thought to view maps for this but I have no idea how to measure magnetics over a large area or even where to start on that angle. - Geologists or anyone fluent in physics might be very welcome to comment here, and add pieces I lack.

I am however suggesting that puncturing the matrix is possible with crystals and frequency alone. Possibly adding your own chi to the experience if you can move it. I have my own experience with frequencies and crystals to go on, but this requires other aspects to function correctly.

Thoughts, Comments, Ideas?

NB Many of you know me now, however this wouldn't breach the original construct that we came here to be within,  as that contains all, your divinity, but this would breach the fake shell that is still there for the multitude of people on the planet. My ego wants to leave no doubt, but first I think we need a fair look at what we came here to be within, if you can help please do.

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hi there mark,

the crystal can be programmed to vibrate you own frequency. research by the Gariaeve group proves that the DNA can be programmed by sound and light or frequencies/resonance and electromagnetic waves. yes our bodies are basically electromagnetic and the the 30 billion genomes of the 33 billion responds to spoken language/acoustics. 

all you have to do is vibrate the schumann resonance at the 50th octave which is 432 hrz and let the crystal record its oscillations (the crystal shall carry the sound to your astral body). this can be done in brainwave entrainment. the problem is we are restrained by the prevailing electromagnetic pollution (HAARP, electronic devices, microwave devices, transmission lines, mind control devices, psychotronic weapons and malevolent ethereal acoustics) this may be the reason why our meditative faculties are somehow stagnated. i think crystals with the adequate will/know how can channel a sort of solitonic waves so that entrainment or just plain meditation can have its desired efficacy.

I am convinced that the high circulation of psychic force within a person will greatly effect the environments around them.(if it is a strong charge) EVen in a super ultra hot climate where i live in Utah.. it is still possible to effect things like rain just through energy conductance into the environmental field.  When energy peaks,a sort of internal weather becomes manifest which effects the environment externally.  When i work with the water type energy, actual drops come down from above, or are attracted to the field i generate.  Sparks of water, even streams can be felt in the body.  Im sure this can be channeled through crystals and organized sacred geometrical designs such as pyramids(purchased one last month).  BUT.. WE are the greatest crystal or jewel of all neathe the many layers of dust.  A certain brushing away of the dust is required to render ourselves back to highly powerful emitter/recievers.  Not to say ive even mastered such a thing, but it is a common fact to me, through experience, how amazing and endless our energetic capacaties can be.

Essentially what i mean is thus.  The diamond requires the laser as well as the converse, but we in truth are both.


have you read the research of Prof. William Tiller, the founder of the science of Psychoenergetics in Stranford U. he has a extensive research on how human intention affect subtle energy particularly on devices and I think this includes crystals. Energies in crystals are subtle energy in classification.  However, since subtle energy cannot be measured, it cannot be applied. but if it can be " transduced" it can be brought to application. Rercently, a company by the name of Transphase has made advances to this. I think some of your questions will be answered by Psychoenergetics.



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