The correct construction, uses and proper application of these devices has been a passion of mine. It is my opinion that they have a practical and relvent place and should be reintegrated into the ascension process and the conscious community as a whole. Q

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What information do you have now on these rods? Where can we research further?

namaste and hotep fam, i have jus joined this site and i want to ask you if you sell the rods, or if you teach how to make them, 

Study particle accelleraters. a copper rod and a crystal is a basic particle accellerator. Psyonics. The science of crystals. What quartz crystals really are and how they work. What is a crystal grid? how does it work? how should I use it?

 Wholeness Nu Year.. Q

This has come up in my inner healing as I complete the 2012 frequency shift this day... ..  i am in alignment with the work you have done to date... Truly it may be expanded upon now, that we are in the un limited aspects of achieving a greater inner standing of   WHOLENESS, Chi, Prana, and Awakening Kundalini, and even Energy,  as much of the dross of  concepts of the past, are being left behind, completed,  in spite of our belief we can hold on to them any longer...Natural Effervescant Effect of Remaining Present with the highest aspects of Wholeness.... Thanks for all your support long term brother,  in the study in this technology, the healing potentials are expanding...... Pure and clear, not mixed with concerns of power or any ulterior agenda's

NOW that is Newness......  

When the resistance group skype is on again, please join


Orgonite and crystal grids should be your first step in dealing with these magnificent tools of healing,restoration and harminization. First grid your sleeping area with orgonite of your choosing (dowsing helps be more precise), stone gridding of your sleeping quarters is paramount and helps to deter "piggy backers" during sleep and astral travel. Start there. Q

Wholeness Light Inside and Ron - You can get more information on the Ancient Egyptian Healing Rods from the links below:-


I purchased my pair of rods from Maat Foundation just over a year ago. I often use my rods for meditating in bed or whilst having a relaxing purification bath. I have also taken my rods to the sauna with me and I used them whilst having a sauna as well as holding them in my hands whilst exercising on my Zen Chi Relaxerciser at home.


I have noticed that since using my rods I feel less anxious or stressed about life in general. I am generally more able to live in the moment, more relaxed and confident in myself. I feel more motivated to do different things that I have never tried before. I no longer feel as much aches and pains in my body as I used to have. On the whole I would say I definitely now feel more spiritually aware than before.


Over the past few months I have been helping out at the shop where I purchased my rods and have seen and heard a number of customers giving feedback about their experience from their free 15 minutes taster session on the rods at the shop.



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