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Alien_Interview "BOOK"

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Animal Cymatics and Simularities (BOOK)

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Animals, Gods And Humans (BOOK)

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The Story of the Constellations (BOOK)

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Flying Serpents and Dragons (BOOK)

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Identifying Marine Spirits (BOOK)

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Names and Identification of Sea Spirits and Entities (BOOK)

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Negative Entity Research SSRF (BOOK)

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Comment by Derek Elias on January 21, 2015 at 12:44am

The alien interview was very deep, and it did help to confirm other books and audios in connection with certain truths that brought to light more confirmations that there are other species. Also on how the reincarnation process takes place with the forgetfulness of our past life, and lights that the soul can be attracted to and caught and placed into the planet or matrix. 

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