peace n blessing... im new here and i have a question... when i explain this you will know my question... ok so when i was around 13 me and my moms where live in a two basement apartment my room was at the front of the house her's was right in back of mine she had a job as a barmaid and often i had to pick here up late night after her shift... one night i picked her up, got home tired and went right to sleep... now my room had two small windows and the light from the street lamps always came thru lil dim so my room was never really pitch black... but this night was different because i awoke feeling slighty strange just outta the blue so when my opened it was alil darker that normal but for some reason i looked over to my right and seen two figures that where like shadows looking down on me.. they had either white or silver eyes, i remember trying to yell and move but could not do either... i felt paralyzed and cold kinda numb and i can not recall how i went back to sleep.. i know it wasn't a dream because of how i felt trying to get up and yell and could not do either... can anyone give any insight on this... cause for years i would go to sleep and i would get that numb paralyzed feeling but no one or thing would be there when i wake up... i would have to wiggle my fingers n toes till the feeling was gone and i could move and speak again... i have been searching for a answer for so long it doesnt happen anymore but i wanna know who n what they are and why me??? 

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I cannot answer your question, however, I can identify with some aspects.
I sought medical advice after experiencing what you describe, and was told that I have 'vertigo'.

Nothing in my life, can compare to that experience of being unable to move,of being in a full body paralysis, apart from my eyes, I was able to move my eyes, and barely make a whisper.  No sound came from me, no matter how I tried, and I was unable to move or communicate in those times.
I as yet, have no explanation .. so, I too, would be interested in what people have to say - thankyou for bring this out into the open and sharing James.

Hi james,i aslo can relate to your experience,i think its quite common,as i have chatted to my friends,and many have similar experiences,one friend had the paralysis with a goblins stitting on her chest,mine was a shadow type being,for some reason i assumed he was a evil drug lord lol,it there was no way it was a dream,i could see my partner answer the door to our friend and let him in,he asked"angie getting up", my partner said no not just now she's shattered,i could see them and hear them and was shouting in my mind,"am awake",i looked up online and came across many explanations,the one i liked,maybe just because it soothed my anxiety about it was,sleep paralysis,its suggested that when you sleep,your body whilst dreaming paralyses its self so not to act out the dream,the things seen they say are still a small part still  dreaming,and the other part awake,thats why we see things,but are wake and paralysed,there a error in the waking up process,that explanation seems plausible,that just one idea,x

Hey brother several years ago the same experience you have been having happened to me aswell and its what led me on my quest to understand the inner realms. You were in the astral realm which is akin to the dream state and you were most likely half way out your body into your astral or mental body with some of your astral sight available. the entites could be a number of things generally they display a certain quality your connected to in waking state? its happening to you because your awakening to your own inner levels of yourself those same entities could be very present when your awake but you only perceive them as thoughts..... also negative abuse whether sexual or mental can damage your auric field also creating these seemingly uncontrolled experinces



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