Has anyone experimented with salvia at all?  I hear that the effects of it are similar to those of ayahuasca and other mind altering plants.  I'm curious because it is something that is still actually legal where I am and in some other states as well.

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hello, I can also comment on the going into the 2d realm, it is also illegal where im from and on vacation last week i bought some 40x and smoked it and i was pulled into a 2d reality it scared the hell out of me i was using all my will to pull myself out of the picture and back to 3d, and everyone in the picture (the people beside me awaiting their puff) kept calling me back to the picture it was pritty intence , but thats a god way to look at it i havent thought of it that way.. and your bird people i seen on mushrooms i took one gram and was walkin threw town walked by lots of people and came across these 4 people i just knew where bird people and they seen i saw them if that makes sence and scatterd off, pritty strange things happen when your eyes are open :)

Hi ya!

i was reading your experiences on salvia divinorum,and found it to be very interesting,i aslo had similar experiences,and am grateful to hear others perspectives,i was wondering if i could ask your opinion on my experience?when i took salvia,i felt pulled down with a strong gravitational force,everything was melting away,the house,furniture,me,absolutely everything on earth,i seen geometrical shapes swurling around me,but this reality was completely gone,i fet the pulling as if something wanted to take me completely away,i was disolving away and it was a fight to hang on to the last identifiers that were me,if am honest,i was to scared to let go of my ego,there was only a tiny fragment of me left before it subsided,did you go beyond that point?,as i was too terrified,and i new exactly what you ment about being grateful of the mundane things being a gift,i was so happy to be back,i aslo heard something saying,this life wasnt real,nothing here was real,it said everything was a game!just wondering what the beyond point was like,as i really felt i was going to die,and was scared to let go.


I have experimented with quite a few entheogens over the years and Salvia is my favorite. She needs to be respected and your space needs to be clear and quiet. She will give you amazing soulful insights and there is gentle on the body immediately after. No hangover. I can give you some tips on how to use if you want.

I did my best to be respectful,i had a strick diet,and tried to purifie myself to the best i could be,all issues up to that point were delt with,but there power of this plant completely took me by surprise,i did underestimate the power of this substance,and its only now after some time to reflect,after the initial fear that i can reflect on the experience,ave had dreams that never made sense until some time later in life,and feel its thecsame with salvia,i didn't understand it,as the truth it showed me was too deep for what i was ready for,to have the knowledge that everything is not real,like a computer simulation was mind blowing,i felt it,i experienced it,was too much for me at the time,its something else thinking it as a idea,but to have it as a experience of gnosis,was terrifying,i would love to here your personal experiences with plants,thanks for your reply,

angie x

They call her the shepherdess and it seems to me she shepherds us to the other side. I have had wonder-full experiences with a good set of headphones and soulful music. It seems she can speak through the music and it gives you a ground to this reality. You will hear the music like you are standing in the same room with the person and can experience their soul. Jimmy Hendrix Little Wing is a good one. So you can have some fun with it and it won't kill you, but it might dissolve some beliefs you have been taught about the nature of reality which can be scary. There is the possibility that your ancestors might be there with you which is a little crazy because I never took my grandmother for a Jimi Hendrix fan. What form did you take it? Strength of extract?

Funny enough,it was only x5 and i had a powerful experience,i smoked it in a water pipe,after meditation and music on,i did choose some rather tripped out music lol,and didn't th7nk it was strong enough to have that level of effect,i seen the atoms on my body break apart into the swirling mass of colours that was the only reality i could see,and with it memories of who i was,was disolving into this swirl of reality,

angie x

Interesting. I am not sure how accurate those extraction processes are. My first time I smoked an entire x5 and nothing happened and then had a small hit of x10 and it put me into another realm in a second. It has a reverse tolerance. You need less on the second time. On the bigger doses I get pinned to the ground and cant move and it takes me back to some distant memory from the fifth grade or getting birthed. You might try super small doses to get the flavor of the energy. In small doses it enhances meditation and prayer. A dose for me is about what would fit on lincoln's head on a penny. I am familiar with the swirl of color like helicopter blades but then they start to blend into the music. There are usually more voices, feelings and sounds than visions for me.

Yeah it should definitely be legal and found in certain corner stores or headshops. For me and others it was much like lcd where there was visible difference in my vision and feeling but the peak last for a short amount of time and depends on the potency it ranges from x20-x200 and the higher ones contain more vivid scenary

yep. Salvia Divinorum is a very intriguing substance...I have experienced it only through smoking and it has been YEARS. Like 10 to be exact, but I can still remember a few things. Laughing the one time I smoked with a friend, we shared a great belly laugh that seemed to last an hour, but it was only about 5 minutes in "real-time". I remember the sweaty feeling as well, my clothes felt very strange on my body. This was from a x20 via smoking.

One of my favorite experiences using Salvia was when I was able to hit the pipe three times (the onset of salvia is FAST with this method)..this was a x40 dosage and this time I definitely went inter-dimensional. I envisioned what would almost be like a movie theater filled with patrons and I was simultaneously on the screen and live, sort of like a Shady Acres 50's movie or something. Everything had a greenish hue to it and I remember that the "movie" I was in was sort of like a comedy and I tipped my hat and waved good bye to the audience to roaring applause and laughter...in reality my hand was on the door knob to go out of my room. It was pretty amazing on all the occasions that I experienced with Salvia, and the ride is short.

I have always had a respect towards all things, living or inanimate, but at this point in my life, I had just read a book that had begun to open my mind further...it sort of started my Awakening to these other sides of life and I am thankful to Salvia for expanding me at that perfect time...helping me set my ship on the right path. 

I have always been of the mindset that one should always be prepared for the unpreparable, but just go in knowing that it is a ride, and soon the ride will be over. I have never had any bad experiences personally...I think largely due to my inherant respect towards the substances and going in knowing things will be different for a while, eventually I'll be back and can let all the new knowledge simmer. 

As a side-note...if you are experienced with mind altering substances and confident, do it alone and in a dark place with some nice soothing music or something that is calming. Music is an option of course, but you could use it as an anchor point for you. Our consciousness is a remarkable thing, and one that I will never bore from exploring. As Ayahuasca has been on my peripheral recently (off and on for about a year, but lately seemingly everywhere) I think it is almost time for me to meet that spirit...there is a great lesson for me to learn.

At any rate, I give you and anyone who reads this post and is interested in Salvia my very best. 

Greetings, my first post.  I have two beautiful Salvia plants.  My larger girl has blessed me with three flowers this winter.  If I play my cards right, she will bear seeds.  How spectacular that will be!  If you are interested in shade dried leaves, contact me.   If it is legal in your state, happy to mail you some..  My girls bless me with so many leaves that I let them fall to the ground now.   I rarely partake.  There is an uncomfortable moment at the beginning that is filled with dread, and integrating back into the mundane is difficult.  Going back to work is unbearable for many, many days after a journey.  So I remain cautious.  She comes on fast and BOOM, your gone!  It's such a familiar place though, and there are beings there (although for me, they remain hidden behind the big swoopy thing, that envelopes me).   It's so cool.   Makes my forehead throb just thinking about it.  Happy to share my journeys if there is any interest.  They are just baby journeys, no extract. 


Just got involved with this site, but am interested in how your plants are doing. I am quite fascinated with the Salvia and have found a way to incorporate her into my Tai Chi practice. It seems so scary if you haven't done it for awhile but it is always a quick entry to the non-dual side.



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