Has anyone experimented with salvia at all?  I hear that the effects of it are similar to those of ayahuasca and other mind altering plants.  I'm curious because it is something that is still actually legal where I am and in some other states as well.

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It is legal, but the native people from Oaxaca believe that you should eat it fresh and grow or find your own fresh..usually its sold dry at smoke shops here in california and people smoke it. This is disrespectful to smoke but people do it and is very potent....

Yeah, I would never smoke it.  I would rather have it as a tea or chew it.  I'm not looking for a cheap high or escape from life.  I would use it only to expand my consciousness if I used it.  People abuse so many things that could instead be used to reach another level

Personally it feels like the Intention is what matters when using these substances, but  if it its calling you it will be a life altering experience 

I used the kind you smoke, several times when I found out about it a few years ago. in this form, i can confirm that it is very intense, almost unstable but sure to reveal states of consciousness that will transform your view of reality. i would say definitely hold out for the naturally grown kind you can ingest by eating, although, i have not had the honor of taking it in this way yet. as for smoking it, each time was very different. sometimes there were reoccurring experiences. other times were completely unique to that voyage. each one was so profound i don't know where to begin other than warning all who are interested that it is a fire that will vaporize your ego. it pretty much instantly buts you into a super deep dream/sleep. pins and needles on the way in and out are standard. i often wanted to nap afterwards. the stress that comes from the collapse of time-space can be harsh and will affect the journey so definitely give yourself plenty of time and the proper environment in order to be able to truly relax for even than it may be a rough ride. be warned. depending on how deep you go, time-space crumbles into a strange realm if not completely into a void and as a result so do all the grand plans and worries that lead you to that moment. i've seen the entire reality pierced by countless streaking energy beam tail trails of beings that looked exactly like the way american-indians depict animals on their totem poles. thinking is literally gone for a moment and so is everything you thought you were. you just "are" (I am), floating in a void. than "motion" or "intent" can start to stir again (if you let it) and you feel how everything starts winding back up again. than you launch through any number of strange dimensions and planes as all the energy circles and spirals you are attached to start to resume.  several journeys felt like i was falling or climbing into an infinite void so fast and far that if I hadn't applied great effort of intention into turning around i would have lost track of where my body was in time-space and would have actually died to this world yet been reborn in the realm I was headed. it can literally scare the hell out of you or your ego i should say. a common occurrence was feeling like the "strings","poles", or "wire frames" that prop up the 3D reality were instantly yanked out and everything falls flat onto a 2D plane but everything is still there and has its place so it is all stretched flat in strange ways. everything almost feels more connected because the illusion of topography that greatly limits the distant we can view is gone. . it's like how a computer texture map looks kind of weird and stretched out, almost out of proportion because it has not been laid over the digital framework it was designed for yet but was created to look "normal" once it is. everything being spread out on a flat 2D plane also allows your attention to instantly connect with what ever you focus on and than you instantly zoom towards each other. my "skin" flowed into everything else's "skin". it reminds me of the way they describe astral travel in the book "A WRINKLE IN TIME." something like taking the two ends of a string that is spread out and just bringing them together to touch one another. There's often the feeling of other beings watching and directing my presence. not always pleasant. some felt like super sentient parrot-like bird beings telepathically squawking at me to peel myself up from the 2D plane I came in on and get to work. it felt like i intruded in their realm and they were going to trap me there. other times i felt like i was one of countless souls all bound together as an endless wall. the wall seemed to wrap around like a sphere with some type of super entity in the center projecting energy out towards all of us while flying energy beings that some might call angels were traveling back and forth between this entity at the center and all our souls bound to this wall exchanging the messages of our intent for what this super-entity was providing based on our previous request. a ping-ponging of spiritual energy messages of sorts. much information about what this wall really is was also received. on another session, i went into a "parallel-timeline" that was so real it made me think where I had been before the session started was actually the false "parallel-timeline" and that the last 3 years of my life at that time had been a dream. when i realized i could recall nothing about this other universe which was actually my "real life", a powerful since of fear kicked in that started to unravel this "new parallel timeline" universe and the life i had just come from faded back in. all these experiences shared one thing; humble my ego to the point were the mundane aspects of this reality suddenly became extraordinary. it made me fully appreciate the miracle of being able to breathe in a body. it literally felt like being dead or dying every time which made coming back alive something to be especially grateful for.

All I can say is woooooooooooooow.  Thank you so much for sharing your experience!  It's interesting you mentioned "A Wrinkle in Time."  I was just thinking about that book a few days ago. My elementary school teacher had us read it a long time ago, but I'm going to go back and reread it. It should be very interesting to read after all this time and from a different perspective.

what is the benefit in taking hallucinogens? thanks :).
Hey audrey! There is much to learn from these powerplants and substances.in the united states we classify some of these as hallucinogens and usually have negative connotation because of our laws and beliefs created by our society. Yet in othert cultures psychedelics serve as medicine, purification of mind body and soul, spiritual technology in order to contact other dimensions/beings and bring back knowledge that is unlocked due to the help of the spirit of the plant of substance. Remember psyche means soul and delic means "to bring forth therefore psychedelic means "to bring forth the soul" psychedelics helped me reanalyze everything and help ed me to get on the path to ascend let go of false existences.yet its not for all and don't tits needed as drums help achieve higher states of conciousness also.try it yourself ans see for youself:-)
I've been thinking of this (not that im ready to do this quite yet) and I'm just wondering it was advised to do this at a time where you are at leisure because it is exhausting. would you suggest someone be there too. is the myth true about some people going so far as to commit suicide in these altered states of consciousness due to unawareness of their realities at that given time? it effects us in different ways, yes?
Personally I feel It all depends on the person and the lifestyle they have. You won't kill yourself unless you do something stupid on accident, that's why its recommended to do some deep breathing exercises to ground yourself, and if your really fearful have someone you can trust to be around.remember the setting and circumstances matter so be comfortable. If you love yourself your not gonna kill yourself, besides most suicides aren't under the influence of psychedelics. If anything psychedelics should make you appreciate life more

ok i understand, somehow i guess i'm confusing psychedelics with narcotics that are harmful. i need to do more reading so i have a better understanding and not just my assumptions. thanks for the resp. Cee. 

These psychedelics have healing properties as found in many scientific journals and is perhaps why this one remains legal for therapeutic kind of like incense if one was not to inhale it. but like many psychelics I believe its good for the soul as you see the world outside your perspective and come back with answers :)




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