I am  just wondering where romance fits into all this. I bet there are a lot of people who wonder. But I feel that I need someone to share my experiences with and to be there for and to turn to when I need someone etc. Is romance a worthy goal? Or is it a distraction from the goal of evolving, activating or growing spiritually or whatever it is we are trying to achieve?

Also I am wondering about children. With what I am vaguely aware of in the universe outside of the limited world that my eyes and ears have general access to, there is a lot going on. And I am choosing to advance myself spiritually, and activate myself etc. which I am not even 100 percent on what that means, but my daughters who are  sixteen and twenty years old have no idea about any of this and if I try to mention any of this to them, they ignore me and think I am crazy. So my point is that I am so connected to them and responsible for them, and I know that they could never function or be okay without me, how can I evolve in any way or do anything that would separate me from them?? If I have to choose between total freedom, or being here for them when they cannot move on, I would stay here and be here for them, I would give everything up for them no matter the price or how long the price lasts.

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Wholeness, Stacey! 

Here is my inner standing based on my personal experience:

There are many paths you can take. You may or may not find a companion to travel this road with. That's ok. Just be here. Bring your intention to your awareness. Why do you desire romance? What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Something to ponder.

If you intend to answer these questions, and then work out the answers, a person that compliments you will cross your path. He will not necessarily "complete" you because you will be at a place where you innerstand the Wholeness you're seeking is from an internal process not external, but I've found complimentary fellowship of any kind is elevating. If you're looking for someone to complete you, you will not find it.

When that person has become part of your life, you trust them, the relationship is healthy, and you've been practicing sexual alchemy (http://www.resistance2010.com/forum/topics/the-inner-alchemy-sexual...), the role of romance becomes more clear. Romance, I've found, is playful, joyful, uplifting, dynamic (which can reveal areas to work on in personal practice/study), and in union, becomes a connection to source energy. 

The bond between a mother and her children is inherent. Never on this path will you be asked to "leave your children behind". They are you. You do not have to feel guilty for pursing freedom. When you heal yourself, you heal others. It will be in your actions, not your words, that your message to your children will resonate. 

Hope this helps, siStar! 

Greetings Stacey,

Please know you are in good company with your question. I am sure there are many with the same as you.

First off, shunyata, nice reply! The practise of ascension is not to le. e and go anywhere. This is something that i myself have misunderstood for some time. It is actaully the exact oppsite. It is to be here and now. The freedom your seeking is the freedom of the ego, not the freedom of paying your bills. I agree with shunyata, you wont have to leave your kids to follow this path.

I know what you mean about those who will disregard things they cannot accept or things that just dont resonate with them. Thats not to say that they wont later in life. The average age for spiritualism to really develop is 30's for women and in the 40's for men. Yea the men are a little slower with this kind of thing, at least in the "average".

This practise will allow you to become accepting of now. The only thing that exists in the now is compassion & acceptance. The freedom cannot be taken. You must bring youself to a state of being in which you recieve. This now moment can only be recieved.

Just like in romance where you are in an open vulnerable state where you are so comfortable in the moment that you "accept" that which comes to you. You are in a state of recieveing. Hence the term "falling" in love. One falls from the mind/ego into the heart. So you see your internal quest for freedom is not much different than your external quest for the same thing. I commend you you have your heart and your mind pointed in the same direction. And hopefully since this become conscious its helps you in your endevor.

As far as the term wholeness goes around here, what might help also is, & forgive my terminolgy but you may start to hear things like this, going from 3d to 4d. You , stacy, your kids, your romantic partner, whomever else you meet in your life is all a part of you. These "lines" you think of now that seperate, will begin to diminish. Do not be sad in this way of thinking as you will start to become closer to all those you know. So it does not matter if you are with your kids or in a relationship, it is the quality of awareness you bring to that moment.

As for sharing this with others you love or wanting something for them, know in time we will all arrive at this destination, wether or not its thier time to walk the same path. To hold the light within, for youself and for whomever may need guidance, you need not speak words. For the light will speak for itself.

For all one must do is walk into a lit room too see it, no?

Wholeness Stacey. And which ever path you choose it does not matter, what matters is how you choose to be in that moment.

Wholeness Stacey. Romance is like the Little Pig that built his house made of straw...short-lived. Romance is for TV. That's why people who marry others based on the concept that he or she is "so romantic," usually falter in that relationship or wind up getting divorced. Don't buy into it because it is you trying to be happy based on someone on the outside of you doing a set of "wonderful things" to keep "you" smiling. The inner work that you continue to do on yourself will magnetize the right "reflection" (mate) for you, but guess what? That person will only be another mirror held up for you to see deeper into who you are. It is great that the Supreme Being (you) loves you so much to draw you to different manifestations of yourself so you can keep expanding. Now that is wonderful! I'm so glad my marriage is not built on romance. If I had relied on romance to keep me charged about my relationship, it would've ended in the first year (lol), and we've been enjoying each other's essences now for 17 years! :)

About your daughters...most children don't want anything to do with any phenomenon that's causing their parent to change all of a sudden. Don't push it on them. I wouldn't even speak to them about it. Just keep learning and adjusting into your new way of being/living. They will see your changes and may latch on...and even if they don't you have to look at what you're embarking upon as for the "greater good" of humanity, which is you anyway. So ultimately, they WILL benefit. If we see ALL as extensions of ourselves, we don't become so bogged down with trying to rescue certain individuals or a certain group.

Also, change doesn't appear how we want it to all the time. Part of your daughters' growth may actually include their resistance to what it is you are embarking upon. 

Hi Stacy,

This is so very important, I am still crossing this bridge.  I can only speak from what I've experienced, also having shared the same feelings as you.  Knowing that leaving our loved ones behind or in the dark is not an option, the conclusion I reached that is logical enough for me to live with is; moving on to what would be my comfort zone is knowing where I should be, this is leaving the door open for them when they choose to walk through it once they feel waking up is essential for their growth.  Staying on the same level they are on is not an option for me, nor is it good for their growth if we remain stagnant.  Don't worry they will catch up, curiosity allows them to grow, as we grow they will also.  I hope this helps.

All the opinions from the awakened Brothers and Sisters are phenomenal and to the point, I value each and every one of you. 


Tanya B



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