i can astralproject at will but i keep going to the lower astral plain why is this and what can i do about 

it i have met some very hart stopping things but i have stud my ground and they have disapered but why am i still going hear what can i do

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Greetings brother,

I ask the same question to Self when met head on with a tornado in Madison Alabama April 28th. As you frequent the Astral realm, how clean are your lens? Polluted lens can distort projection. Have you ever invested in an Internal body cleanse? If not, I would suggest that to be on the top of your list. Are you consuming meat? Processed foods? Alcohol? Sugar? Also, I found that decades of nightmarish blockbuster hits also adds to distortion of the minds eye. Last brother, how often do you mediate? I found that meditation/Whole body breathing centers the mind, body and allows focus for projections.


Thank you high vibrations I don't eat red meat and I have cut right back on chicken and fish I do drink kumbucha and use alovera colon cleanse but I also know that this is not enough and I need to do a cleanse the right way and yes I was brought up on scary movies I don't eat processed foods and I do drink but not regularly and I do meditate but I find it hard to fit in with my time what do you mean by distorted view can you learn any thing from the lower Astral plain.

Thank you for the advice high vibrations

Although what you eat may affect your vibrational frequency but it has to be cultivated with other practices!!  Food alone is not a panacea   Cultivation of the self in this incarnation through various methodologies may give you results, however, you may have to consider what all your other incarnations are doing in their respective time frames to get and idea of  Jamesdeeboyce's present.  Time is not linear.  In fact there is no time.  You, Jamesdeeboyce,  are where you are suppose to be at this segment in time.  Generally speaking this incarnation, which is one of many, in this segment of what we call time,  is where you are suppose to be.  If i spoke of the astral planes it would only further confuse you.    

Why is it that one in any segment of time could be considered a mystic and in another ,  lower on the scale?

You may also consider taking a look at your belief systems.


Perhaps you have to evaluate your 'agreements'. You could try a meditation questioning why you consent (consciously/unconsciously) to the repeated lower plains experience. Ask what does this relationship mean/what is it showing/teaching/mirroring? If it's a food vibration perhaps you may start craving a shift in your diet. If it's hollywood, perhaps you like that sort of adventure still somewhere inside or are just really familiar with it and end up matching that vibration - could be a brain map since movies put us into alpha brainwaves and maybe that's your predominant brainwave when projecting. Just saying there's probably a frequency match of some kind. You have Your answer within, seek it. If you don't know how to ask Yourself questions, then that's a great place to start - ask Yourself "How can i ask myself questions and get answers i can understand?" it can never hurt, and the results might surprise you. Actually it can be a lot of fun.



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