What's going on family? I hope all is well and this world is not convincing you that you are not where you are supposed to be. I just wanted to take a minute out to talk about how thankful I was when Sevan got into the disappearance of empathy on his latest podcast. I had started to be concerned recently about my reactions to things that I had previously been very emotional about upon learning. I was concerned that I had withdrawn from so much of the world that my compassion was disappearing. Hearing Sevan's last podcast really made me sit down and think about the difference between empathy and compassion. I had always kinda seen the two as being synonymous with each other, but upon investigating it I realized that I had been wrong in that assumption. Sevan had warned the listeners of the podcast that it might sound somewhat outlandish to think that empathy was an emotion that wasn't necessarily needed. At first I was taken aback when he first said it, as I'm sure many others were, but after my initial emotional response, I began to dissect what he had just said. Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. While understanding the feelings of others is something that I can get with at all times, sharing the feelings of others is a potentially dangerous situation for those of us who seek higher vibrations and consciousness every day. We on this spiritual path are not easily rocked by news of terrorism and war. We who understand, overstand and innerstand the consequences of divisions know why there is such pain and turmoil in this world. Sometimes we look rather crazy in the eyes of those who have not learned about the ways in which division manifests itself on the physical plane. Be mindful of the emotions of those who surround you. When you find yourself being affected by lower vibratory frequency, do not be afraid of separating yourself from the situation to regain your higher frequency. Lose empathy, retain compassion, and stay grounded in Truth. Stay beautiful y'all. Wholeness.

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Just a quick question -- do you think our interaction with electric media makes an unnatural demand on or sense of empathy? Before electronic media, we really only had awareness of the people in our immediate lives, family members and a few neighbors, much easier to feel empathy for than the million s or even billions we now have awareness of through the electronic media -- radio, tv, etc. Maybe this cuses a kind of overload where our natuaral sense of empathy shuts down, if not necessarily individually, then definitely collectively. This creates a very tricky situation where we need to find the right balance between what is good for the individual and so ial responsibility, though often they might be the same thing. Does any of that make sense? Haha!

That actually makes complete sense to me haha. After I got done writing the post I continued thinking about the subject and the next day I had a conversation with somebody about empathy and I realized that I had somewhat gone dualistic in my post. Everything requires balance, including empathy. The complete irradication of empathy is not responsible because without our empathic sentiments, communites like the Resistance would be impossible. We must be able to feel each other in order for our collective consciousness to continue to grow. I do believe that electronic media has played a part in many people's lack of an ability to discern whether or not empathy is required in a particular situation. The negative aspect of empathy plays a huge part in our entertainment industry, definitely in professional sports. So I agree with you, electronic media does seem to retard our ability to balance our empathic feelings.

Thank you brother Will for this post. I can very much resonate with your message. Especially dince I am teaching my young ones, I did a lot of thinking after Sevans words and I Totally get it now and it is so very true. Thank you for reaching out! Much love and Wholeness!

Thanks for checking the post out. I am about to have a child myself and I've been thinking about how dangerous it might be to be unstably empathetic with a child. If your empathy is out of balance, a child can cause a grown person to act in the mind of a child. Putting ourselves in a place where we cannot be swayed by another's negative emotions seems to be the way to go. Wholeness family.

Thank you for this expanded reverberation.  

Thank you for reading Sara. I hope it could help you out in some way, shape or form.

I 8 that transmission like the super food it represented! Brother, much appreciated and wholeness!

I'm glad you could eat off of that haha. I'm here to nourish. Wholeness family.

A lot of food for a lot of thoughtful discerning; to commiserate without getting tangled in up in blue (as Dylan would say). 

Thank you Will...Wholeness to you and your family. Your post, another petal of expansion in this flower of innerstanding so resonated with me as well. Found myself as well very emotional-less in the eyes of pure observation of so much. Beautiful father already. WBV family!!

Hey Randy, sorry it took me so long to get back to your reply on my post, I've been having some technical difficulties. I'm glad you could take something from my post and it has also helped me a great deal to know that other people have experienced that sense of emotional-lessness. Not because I want people to experience that feeling of numbness, but because it has shown me that it isn't emotional-lessness at all. We're simply learning what it is to find emotional balance. Sort of like how the body reacts to true nutrition after a lifetime of "partying" as Sevan puts it. I'm excited to see the ramifications of this knowledge on my unborn daughter, I believe it will definitely make me a better father. Wholeness my brother.

Wholeness Balance Vibrations Will !!!



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