Wholeness family, I hope all is well. I decided to write this because a couple of nights ago I had a conversation with an estranged uncle of mine who knows very little about me and my personal spiritual path. He called me and at some point in time he said that I should make sure that my 1st born child, which is to be born in June, gets baptized. At that moment I had a conscious call and I decided to explain to him that I was no longer a Christian and that my child would not be baptized. Any of you who has had to have this conversation with anybody knows of the headache that it can bring. He told me that I should go pick up a King James Bible and I asked him if he knew who King James was. This questions was met with that silence that comes over people when they are dumbfounded by things they feel they should know, y'all know what I'm talking about. In any case, a few minutes after that I decided to end the call because I felt myself becoming angry by his attacks. After I got off the phone I began to think about my child's future. Surely she will be coerced by family members and the world at large to become a member of one of the major faiths. So I intend to educate her on these faiths at a significantly younger age than when I learned about the different religions sometime in my late teens. I would also like to begin educating her in spiritual/universal knowledge at a younger age. I was wondering if anybody knew of any educational tools for younger children to explain spiritual knowledge to them. I know that in excess this kind of knowledge can be detrimental to a child's development. But on the flip side, I believe being completely devoid of these types of concepts in your youth can make it harder for you to grasp universal concepts as an older person. Thanks for your time and consideration, WBV to you and yours.

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First of all, I'm sorry it took me so long to respond to your reply because it really touched me. I really feel for your situation because the things you are teaching your son are being denigrated by your son's father. I can't imagine how that must feel to be telling your son the truth to the best of your ability only to have his father tell him basically that you are lying to him. Stay grounded in truth and your son will follow. He already knows that they are lying to him in the church. I'd say the number one thing you have to watch out for is the residual guilt that is put on a child who goes to church. Coming up in the church, I only recently began to have a positive self image because I had been told that I was horrible for actually only being inquisitive. You're on a great path and so is your son. Wholeness Louise.

Wholeness, Love, Harmony, Joy and Prosperity to all until we meet on the other side.

Great discussion, I was raised in a very strict religious family, fourteen kids, seven girls, and seven boys, my dad the minister,  I continuously debated with my father because of all the different opinions each supposedly disciple had, as a child I couldn't innerstand, why?  If there was one God why were there so many different opinions, why was God jealous,

why did this God (Hate) Why weren't we allowed to question him, why was there so much bad in this book, so what I decided at the age of 12, was,  no matter what anyone said,  I would only take the good written in the book,  and apply that to my life as guideline to follow, because surely love is a pure energy, there is no hate, jealousy, fear, insecurity,etc, in love because they are all separate energies, for may years I tried, very hard to get others to see this, it never made sense to me when someone physically hurt another individual and said it was because they loved them so much.

What I did for my son is,  when he watched movies at a young age, when words spoken through the movies were blatant lies  I always, corrected what the actor said and made my son aware that what the actor said was a lie, not true, and that the director wrote it that way.. Example: In most movies, when ever someone secure millions or large sums of money and a girl or guy would come into the picture or their life in the movie, the individual would always, give the money up, or great job, or beautiful girl,or the lottery winnings, always giving up the better thing for sacrifice, when ever there was a discrepancy to what the real reality was I would always, inform my son, he hated it, his words ( Mom you always ruin the movie) my words, well I need you to know the truth, you can have be, and do what ever you want with your life, you can have the beautiful girl, the beautiful house, and the money, just be balanced with in.  I also took him out of traditional school, I don't know how I always instinctively knew that was really going on, I knew the school was shutting down the creative side of my son's brain. by repetitively telling him the same thing over and over, my son came home from school one day and ask me, mom why do they keep making me do the same problem over and over, and read the same book over and over, and write the same thing over and over, I already know this.  Also before I took him out of the school (system) when he had homework, he would finish, math, written assignments, etc in less than five minutes, and would head for the front door to go out and play, I would stop him, and ask? Did you finish your homework, and he replied yes, I would have to go and check because he finished it so quickly, I found out later that he has an IQ, over one hundred and fifty.

They also tried to put him on Ritalin, me being a concern mom was told that was the best thing for him, I did it for five days, OMG, my son was a zombie, he sat around listless, he plucked his eyelashes out, no energy, in a trance, it was awful,

I took him off Ritalin, and immediately took him out the school, and home schooled him, his physical Ed was the beach, the parks, walks in the mountain, playing on the slides, soccer in the park, rollerblading , skates, his history was museums, studies about his true ancestors, his uncles, great, great grandma and grandpa, what my life was like, grandma, his family, we barbequed, had picnics, saw educational films, special festival, about other culture's.  My son had a great organic life and he was allowed to be the boy he was supposed to be. He also didn't take most of the shots, has never had the measles, chickenpox, and what ever other disease they made up to destroy our bodies.

All I am  trying to say is I never believed in religion, I knew it was to keep others depressed, emotional slaves, guilty, fearful, feel unworthy, and less than. Boy I tried to explain this to others and was attacked, Texas and their religious beliefs,very rigid. So I left and moved to San Diego Ca, in 1978 right after college.

 Thanks for letting me share, I should write a book, it fits perfectly with the Astral Quest experience, I am having right now.  I experience many strange things,  growing up in a (pentecostal church) strange things were the norm.

Balance, Wholeness, Love, Harmony, Joy and Prosperity in this Life and the After.

Hello Pattie, thank you so much for your response. You hit on alot of different topics that I often wonder about dealing with parenthood. Things such as medication and school are weighing on my mind quite often these days. We definitley are dealing with a society that would like to minimalize our children's greatness. When I look to my past I can see where this happened to me. My parents don't want to hear about my spiritual discoveries and they are in their 50's. Perfectly content to let Jesus handle their issues for the rest of their lives. I love them all the same but when it comes to my child I will have to protect her from certain aspects of them. Again, thank you for sharing and you're right, you should consider writing a book. I often tell myself that I should, and I've actually started but the finishing part is the hard part for me haha. You obviously have alot to say and all I'm saying is don't let the depth of a project like writing a book deter you. I make music and every time I start a new project I'm like, wow this is gonna take forever, and then time passes and I look again and I have like an album worth of material. Its corny but there really is nothing to it but to do it haha. Wholeness and continue sharing your experiences with others.

Hello. Although my children are grown, I am rich in grandchildren. My own children have gone through all my stages of eclectic search for TRUTH.
Currently, my grandbaby goes to church with her other grandparents.
I share this concern, and would be interested in something of this nature.
Thank you for sharing.
Wholeness Will! I am wondering how things have been flowing for you since you posted this. I'd live to hear your experiences as I too homeschool my children and am constantly making sure that it am teaching them the truth but in ways that are developmentally true for their young ages. Thought I'd reach out and see how you were doing since I can so relate to this post. Thanks!

Hi Jackie, sorry it took so long to get back to you, but this planning for my daughter's birth in June is time consuming haha. I have recieved more and more information from the Resistance community and  I have also been doing alot of studying on my own. In these past few months I have been trying to stay grounded in the knowledge and wisdom that i have attained. I'm not a monetarily wealthy person and the approaching birth of my child has made me question this path that I have taken in my moments of weakness. But these moments are becoming far less frequent the more confident I become in the person I've created for myself to be.Thank you for reaching out, I truly appreciate it. I hope all is well and I thank you for teaching your children the truth as I intend to do. It is this next generation that I have so much hope for.

Hi Oazis, that is a really good point that you made about Noah, I had never really thought about it like that but it's absolutely true. Thank you for sharing that. I checked out the video link that you sent me and that was pretty awesome. I look forward to learning more about the Glenn Doman method. Thank you for your help and I hope all is well in your youniverse.

C'mon man...If you can't teach her " spiritual/universal " knowledge who else can? I was gonna ask you Mr. Answers Man! I guess you're one of us after all...lol Seriously though, they're called "daddy's girl" for a reason and if she's anything like my daughter, you're going to have to slow her down if anything....WBV



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