•My Spiritual Awakening•
Created By: Troy Patrick Parker
(2013) )O( (2014) and still rising

My name is Troy Patrick Parker. At birth.with my first breath, a spiritual essence of purpose and this essence became a part of me and gave me life. At one of my lowest points in my life a Higher Divine Force intervened and had brought about into my Conscious Awareness that my spiritual essence had been lying dormant within me on a cellular level for all my life up to about a year ago in 2013 when this Life-Force-Energy hit me like a ton of f****** bricks.
~•~ My Journey Of Spiritual Awakening has begun.... There were times that the energies were so intense I started to convince my self that I was "Straight-Jacket-Material" LOL. After I had gained some control with what has been happening to me. I started to research everything and anything that had to do with life, metaphysics,quantum physics, Alchemy, ascension awakening. . This research had taught me how to surrender to these new frequencies in which I begin to approach this awakening with Pure Intent and Discipline to fully devote my life and
essence to learning Ancient Spiritual Practices in which i still am learning how to clear and cleanse my chakra system so i can start the "L-Chemical process and cleanse the pineal gland so i can raise my Kundalini "Life Force energy". If there is blockages in your chakras the kundalini energy cannot pass through the chakras which can be painful if this occurs you must do a cleansing of that chakra with energy work so the kundalini can pass through you more smoothly.. so I can embody these frequencies easier. "Resistance"only makes this process physically, emotionally mentally painful and straining. I'm currently still trying to balance the illusion of every day life with living my Devon propose. This process strips away all that doesn't resonate with me any more such as materialism or bad influences anything that might try to get in the way of my PurPoSE in life. Im in Practice of Spiritual Artistry of Self Realization and Self Mastery. As The Bio-Energetic Transformation Begins, I Then Will Start To Embody My Higher Self By Stripping The Many Layers Of The Ego Through The Ascension Process. The Co-Creation Of The Organic, Self Organizing Energies Consciousness Evolution.
We are all very powerful Beings.<^>We Are NoT Humans With a Spirit In Our Bodies<^>WE Are Spirits Incarnated Into
3rd Dimensional physical Embodiment-Having a human experience.
"We Do Not Die, We Transcend"
I possess a natural studious,concentrative, philosophical qualities to seek truth and the answers to the intriguing mysteries of life. During this time i find myself desiring to ponder life. My qualities portray the thinker, the theorist, and the writer. All the beauty of nature touches me deeply and, in my search for truth, i will find many answers to life reflected in the phenomena and rhythms of nature. It is important to me learn placidity of mind, and to take the time to contemplate and reflect upon the deeper aspects of life.
Within me is a strong, aggressive, active quality born to establish individuality of mind and strength of character. My purpose is to seek an understanding of the fundamental natural laws of life, to pioneer and explore new ideas, and to become a leader. Service to humanity is one of my goals. To start comprehending how the laws can be applied to understanding human mind.i hope my natural enthusiasm and initiative will motivate others to seek constructive change. Self-centredness and self-importance are challenges to be met with humility, patience and understanding.

Created By:Troy Patrick Parker

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Wholeness Troy!  It is a pleasure to connect with your Essence of Being.  You have grasped much innerstanding ~ there is not a 'race'....  there is not a time, so to speak to rush for.  In each, there is a momentum growing.  You are right at home here in the Resistance!  Your auric field is growing!

Thank you for sharing your experience and I commend you for seeking out truth and the spiritual path, Welcome and blessings to you!



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